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Found 8 results

  1. Here comes Brazilian Press thread !!
  2. MIKA has announced that he will be taking the Revelation Tour to Rio de Janeiro at the Circo Voador on Sunday, April 5th! Tickets are on sale now at queremos.com.br !
  3. http://www.papelpop.com/2018/06/o-que-o-mika-esta-fazendo-no-brasil-gente/ O que o Mika está fazendo no Brasil, gente? by Guilherme Araujo 26/06/2018 Quem acompanha o Mika nas redes sociais sabe que o cantor não para. Mas depois de se apresentar em meados deste mês em um concerto promovido pela rádio italiana RTL na Piazza D’Uomo ~um dos mais badalados pontos turísticos de Milão~ o cantor andava meio sumidinho… Ele chegou a fazer alguns stories no fim de semana enquanto pegava uma carona de moto em Paris e ainda relatou sua rotina frenética em aeroportos nos próximos dias. O que ninguém imaginava era que na tarde desta terça-feira (26) o cantor nos fizesse tomar um susto ao publicar uma sequência de imagens NO MUSEU DO AMANHÃ! Nas imagens, Mika aparece apreciando a paisagem e se divertindo ao filmar o companheiro de viagem, o estilista Christian Laboutin. Vem ver só: Ficamos aqui tentando descobrir a que se deve precisamente a vinda dele ao país, já que até onde se sabe a visita se trata de uma viagem a trabalho com duração de 4 dias. Mais que isso, descobriremos nos próximos dias. Será que ele veio gravar um dueto com a Anitta? Será que veio fazer vídeos para alguma campanha? Ou quem sabe arranjou um namorado brasileiro e só quer paz para curtir a cidade? De tudo isso, só uma coisa é certa: Nós te aclamamos, ícone libanês! English version from Google Translator: What is Mika doing in Brazil, people? by Guilherme Araujo 26/06/2018 Whoever accompanies Mika on social networks knows that the singer does not stop. But after performing in the middle of this month at a concert promoted by the Italian radio RTL in Piazza D'Uomo ~ one of the most popular sights in Milan ~ the singer was walking in a little sunshine ... He even made some stories over the weekend while taking a motorcycle ride in Paris and even reported his frantic routine at airports in the coming days. What no one imagined was that on the afternoon of this Tuesday (26) the singer made us take a fright by publishing a sequence of images IN THE MUSEUM OF TOMORROW! In the images, Mika appears enjoying the landscape and having fun filming his traveling companion, the designer Christian Laboutin. Come and see only: We stay here trying to find out what precisely is his coming to the country, since as far as we know the visit is a trip to work with duration of 4 days. More than that, we'll find out in the next few days. Did he come to record a duet with Anitta? Did you come to make videos for any campaign? Or maybe you got a Brazilian boyfriend and just want peace to enjoy the city? Of all this, only one thing is certain: We hail you, Lebanese icon!
  4. Hey everyone! Just starting this thread to introduce myself. I'm a member since the beginning of the month but I was heavily shy and trying to understand how the forum works. Now that I'm a little more comfortable I decided to say hi to you, because I find you guys very friendly ^^ My first contact with Mika was bcs a friend of mine showed me 'Live Your Life' while we were coming back from school. She said the song was made for me, and since that day in 2012 I'm totally in love with him. He helped to develop what I call-myself- today, I don't what I would do if his art and charisma weren't present in my life everyday. Even though, I always felt a lack of a community where I could meet and interact with people that shared my feelings for Mika. So after a long search I found you, and I'm really happy and relieved now ???? (Sorry if I wrote too much, I really didn't know what to say) -Please don't ignore me-????
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Pedro Marques (you can call me just Marques or Ledin), I'm a 16-yr old brazilian guy who has just discovered what MIKA is. A few days, actually. Logically, I'm no MIKA-nerd (even though I've spent some good time into reading about him/fan experiences on the internet), so I'm gonna be a bit of a quiet member, but I'm looking forward to meet nice people! I have always heard his name, but only after a friend in Belgium showed me a little more material I fell in love with the man. Still, MIKA is not my favorite artist. I practically live for ABBA, and have a strong connection to Supertramp beyond music. I enjoy collecting music a lot. CDs, vinyl, tapes, whatever plays songs. I'm an avid ABBA collector and I'm curious to see how's collecting in the MIKA fanbase. Well, I guess the important stuff about me is said =)
  6. We just found out Mika gave an interview to a magazine the day after the gig in São Paulo (not a very well known mag...). Hope it's not too of, since it's been translated to portuguese with a lot of regional expressions Did my best to try figuring out what he might've actually said Blue parts are for the interviewer __________________________________________________________________ It took four years, two albums and dozens of hits for Mika to finally come to Brazil. It was worth waiting. Responsible for the best show of Planeta Terra Festival edition 2010, the singer had the ocean fans that attended the festival sounding loud and transformed the park into a mere extension of his playful and multicolored stage. Owner of a voice capable of putting down the dance floor divas in tribal house remixes (everyone knows Peter Rauhofer right?) and author of lyrics that inspire adolescents in their natural age crises, Mika is the Freddie Mercury of the millennial generation. With no flag raisings, exercises tolerance and at the same time amuses even those who do not care for the sexuality spell. In the cab on my way here, I was thinking about what would be my first question and thought it would be better to start by sharing something- which already gives the tone to this interview. Your first album is very special to me. At that time, 2006/2007, I was living in France and going through a period of many discoveries when for the first time I found natural being gay. It was the first time I was proud instead of ashamed of who I am. It’s good to start of like this. It’s wonderful to hear that. It’s almost the reason for an album like mine. Like it was made for this. It’s funny, ‘cause I’ve heard other people, that at the time were in their twenties, say the same thing. They’d say they were going through a tough moment and by listening to the album ended up changing, felling more.... ...strong? It’s not actually strength. It’s like a little bird that pulled them by the shirt’s sleeve and changed their direction . A little push. I think the main reason I agree with that is for the fact that I wrote this songs for the same reason. I write to feel better about aspects of my own life. My songs seem to tell stories about other people, but deep inside they’re about me. I only imagine characters so that people can identify more easily. If it works for me, even when everything is lousy, maybe it will have the same effect on other people. Tell us how it was before music... I look at you and see a kid in his room making loads of creative stuff....does that make sense? My room was a workshop, but not always I did things that creative. I liked to built, made scenarios and environments with my toys. I also made clothes and listened to a lot of music. I was a child that enjoyed building worlds. My mom thought I was a bit autistic ‘cause she’d catch me cleaning the walls with a little brush. I wanted them perfectly white. As time went by, she started to worry. These fantasies are common around seven year olds, and fade away till the age of thirteen. But to me it got worse. By the time I was fifteen I was doing that even more. She decided I should pick something out of all that to work with. I ended up being expelled from school ‘cause I’d stay too much in my own world, so she made me study music. I had really tough lessons with a Russian teacher. Hours of practice. I hated it. But I got good really fast so soon jobs on theaters and opera houses started appearing. Then I started dividing my time, one semester I’d go to school, the other I worked. At school things were still horrible. I was socially rejected and suffered homophobic attacks. How were these experiences in school? Horrible. It wasn’t easy dealing with this growing up thing. Those who disagree with or try to make this bullying and homophobia problems small is talking bull. I think I’ve found a way to bounce back by being good at something. I chose music. I believed that like this I’d win some freedom and would respond to the attacks in a strong way, but not needing to directly confront my aggressors. I wanted to pulverize them. You managed to do that quite well... I was obsessed with it. I kindda formulated something by accident in my head. Today I look back and understand what I was doing. I always suffered a lot with the labels throwed at me, so I decided to always reject any kind of label. It’s rather different attitude from someone who struggled for political rights in the 60’s in the United States, for example. It’s the opposite of that. I was young and lived in a different context, that’s why I focused on expanding the borders of tolerance. I always say that tolerance is much more important. Labels are important to people who depend on them to live and make politics. Once I was on tour through north Africa, in a country notoriously known for having an oppressive and anti gay political system, and during my show I sang “Billy Brown”. Around 46 thousand people singing a song like that is tolerance, not politics and it has nothing to do with labels. I research theatre and am very inspired by Michael Hutchtence (INXS). He was a very important person for male physicality in pop culture. He would, for example, move his shoulders like a woman, but in a masculine way. When I go on stage and dance in a more feminine way I also make a call for tolerance. If you do something similar on the street or a bar perhaps someone will approach you. I can do it on stage no matter if the audience is straight, gay or something else. And they end up reacting the same way. Theatricality is very important to me. It’s my approach. Each person can have their own. But of course sexuality is something that goes through my albums. I talk about that more than any other pop artist in the world, but I do it in a way that deceives people who might never bring it up. There’s no politics in my music. It’s almost an ambush. But political involvement is important for achieving legal rights. Little by little I’m getting more involved on the political aspect, as I’m getting older. Recently I’ve wrote to a column for the Italian journal La Repubblica in which I respond to a recent homophobic comment from Berlusconi (referring to the Italian prime minister’s declaration that answered to accusation of having harassed a Moroccan under aged girl saying that it’s “better to be passionate about girls that being gay”). What do you say on the article? It’s not out yet, but basically I say that in any other developed country in the world a political leader makes such comment and get nothing but taps in the back instead of negative repercussion. It’s not funny. He and everyone who supports him should be ashamed. It’s stupid. And I write that in a moment where my album is on the top in various segments of the Italian market. We never get to know anything about you. How do you keep yourself far from the midia harassment? I’m a mystery. I have a lot of secrets, some are good and others that embarrass me since I was young. “The Boy Who Knew too Much” is a reference to the youngster who’d pretend to go to sleep and climb out the window to throw himself at clubs till 5 a.m. I’m not that perfect. And what do you do for fun? Same as everybody. I go out, but to places where there are no photographers. I drink, do stuff...you know...like everyone. But no one reads about it. I don’t give it all. I put everything in my songs and not on interviews. I think it’s important to wake up in the morning and be able to do a show, write a song, do my job and not fell like I’ve sold every aspect f my life. And that helped me a lot. The tour of my second album was three times bigger than the first one’s. I think that only happens because I’ve kept myself relatively focused. Maybe one day that will change, but for now I’m pretty happy the way it is. What can we expect from the third album? It’s going to be ultra pop. Way more than the second, but way different from the first. It’s not about childhood nor adolescence. There’ll be different stories. You’ll be able to fit it in the whole of my carrier, but at the same time will see new things. There’s something about my music that is hard to explain. I don’t consider myself cool or uncool, fashionable or out of fashion. I’m kindda anything. My music is not pop, or indie, or electronic. It remains there in a weird place among all of that. It’s like a bubble. And I know that when I do something good is really hard not to get involved. A song like “Happy Ending”, for instance, simply works and that’s it. I want it to be like that, full of melody and not fitting in any genre. You’ll see. Do you watch Glee? Yes. My next album is super “Glee”. They should have a Mika special episode. I’m not as famous in the U.S. as you think. I’ll suggest it to Fox.
  7. The South American spring will be blessed by the arrival of Mika this year following the confirmation of two shows on the continent today. He will first head to Buenos Aires in Argentina for the Personal Festival on November 19, head to http://www.tuentrada.com to get your tickets. The very next day, Novermber 20, Mika will be in Sao Paolo, Brazil for the Planeta Terra Festival - click here to purchase your tickets. See you soon South America! from mikasounds.com
  8. I know it's not confirmed by Mika ou Mikasounds.com but it's confirmed on the Festival website http://musica.terra.com.br/planetaterra/2010/noticias/0,,OI4603831-EI16842,00-Mika+e+Passion+Pit+estao+no+Planeta+Terra+Festival.html :woot_jump: I hope it's true. OH MY F*CKING GOD
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