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Found 7 results

  1. Imagine for Margo I think "Imagine for Margo" should have own thread. Their event is worth to do. 2014 30-31 May Google+ B2 2015 10-11 May Google+ Facebook
  2. 2006 November Little Noise Sessions here 2007 December Mika attends the GOSH Christmas party ( Great Ormond Street Hospitals )here 2008 April Gold Disc of LICM for Télévie (a charity event organized in Francophone Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It helps to raise funds to help scientific research in the fight against cancer and leukemia in children and in adults. ) here 2009 November RAH for Children in Need here Little Noise Settions here December The Royal Variety Performance here Cesvi and Trio Medusa's Charity Stars auction here 2010 January Auction of picture done by Mika to Los 40 principales here February Helping Haiti project here Mika met Tom after the concert of Liévin #72 MFC threads Haiti Charity Single Oxfam Launches Celebrity Charity Auction For Haiti Helping Haiti Doc and Single Mika unhappy with 'Everybody Hurts' vocal Mika Coke : Happiness Bottle: here July Mika supports the 3 French journalists hostages in Afghanistan here October Flowers and donation for Paloma here 3 December in Milano, Italy Mika brings gifts to the chlidren of San Raffaele here 2011 February Comic Relief Photoshoot here 2012 January Oxfam Launches Celebrity Charity Auction For Haiti here The AMAZING Golden Ticket! here February Epilepsy Action : Doodle by Mika here November MIKA Donates Scarf to LOOSEN UP Charity Auction for Male Cancer here December "Téléthon" on France 2 here 2013 January Les enfoirés here 8 February National Doodle Day here March MIKA Donates Tickets to Le Poisson Rouge + Meet & Greet to Music for Newtown here May MIKA supports Marriage Equality at Paris here December Signed Limited Edition Swatch Auctioned for Charity here 2014 May Imagine for Margo : Children without Cancer Google+ B2 MFC thread here August ALS ice bucket challenge here October L'abilità Onlus Charity #18 #39 November the Life Lebanon foundation in London here December French artists and sports support MSF against Ebola here MIKA's Christmas Cards here All proceeds from the sale of the medley Good Guys/Happy Endling go to 2015 May Imagine for Margo : Children without Cancer here / here June The Hubert Tuor Foundation here July L'abilità Onlus Charity auction#34 Make a Wish#40 October Prévenir le harcèlement scolaire here December Téléthon 2015 Mika on Telethon night show Dec 5th 2016 May the Life Lebanon foundation in London 44 Rock in Rio Lisboa #55 July Charity auction for LILA Milano ONLUS #62 Make-A-Wish Italia Onlus #63 Charity auction ( M&G in Rome ) for LILA Milano ONLUS #70 / #71 Lia's dream came true by TEMPO #69 December Tickets for Mika's New Year's Eve Concert in Florence Charity auction for Cesvi Onlus #73 2017 May Assosiation Reves France here June Association reves Suisse November Mika high profile supporter UHNCR in Milan Un Rêve Un Sourire here December Association Rafael Lorraine here
  3. Mika continues his commitment as Uhncr's high profile testimonial. The charity event will take place in Milan on 9 November
  4. Mika, along with Zazie, Kendji and M. Pokora in charge of organizing Saturday evening shows for the Téléthon on December 5th 2015. More details here in French, the Mika related parts are translated into English under the quote in French. LA GRANDE FÊTE DU TÉLÉTHON. À partir de 20 h 50 samedi sur France 2. Présenté par Sophie Davant et Nagui, avec Marc Lavoine, sous la bulle du Champ-de-Mars à Paris. Pour la première fois dans le Téléthon, des artistes se sont mobilisés pour proposer 4 grands shows au 4 familles ambassadrices. Carte blanche à Mika, Kendji, M. Pokora et Zazie qui vont enflammer le plateau. Danseurs, percussionnistes, effets pyrotechniques : ce soir, ils seront les chefs d’orchestre de ces créations spécialement conçues pour le Téléthon. Marc Lavoine, avec ses amis artistes, a préparé des duos et des inédits pour cette fête. Parrain très engagé, il témoignera de son expérience auprès des familles qui livreront des moments de leurs histoires personnelles, des combats gagnés et surtout de l’urgence de faire émerger de nouveaux traitements. Des scientifiques viendront parler d’une grande première mondiale dans le domaine de la cardiologie grâce aux cellules souches. Des recherches et des moyens rendus possibles grâce à la générosité sans faille depuis vingt-neuf ans des Français. In English: THE BIG CELEBRATION OF THE TELETHON. Starting on Saturday 5th, 2015 at 20:50 PM on France 2. Hosted by Sophie Davant and Nagui, with Marc Lavoine, under the bubble of the Champ-de-mars in Paris. For the first time since the téléthon was created, artists got involved into organizing four big shows to the four representatives families that will be there . Mika, Kendji, M. Pokora and Zazie were totally free to create shows and set the set on fire. Dancers, percussionists, fireworks: on that night they will be the conductors of those creations that were created exclusively for the Téléthon. Marc Lavoine with his artists and friends, prepared duets and brand new surprises for this celebration. He is a very much involved godfather, and he will talk about his experience with the families who will tell about some particular moments of their lives, about the fights that have been won and what's the most important which is how urgent it is to find new meds. Scientists will be there to tell about a new treatment for heart deseases using stem sells for the very first time in the world. Such discoveries thanks to the funds that French people have been generously and steadily giving, ever since the Téléthon started twenty nine years ago. More details about the four families here (translation under the text) QUATRE FAMILLES POUR UN COMBAT. De 14 heures à 15 h 20 samedi sur France 2. Animé par Sophie Davant et Laura Tenoudji. Ils s’appellent Marie, Nicolas et Benoît, Léo, Florence et Denis, Séthi et Azizah. Ils sont les visages de ce 29e Téléthon et nous invitent à leurs côtés, en toute intimité. FOUR FAMILIES FOR A FIGHT. From 2 PM to 3:20 PM on Saturday on France 2. Hosted by Sophie Davant and Laura Tenoudji. Their names are Marie , Nicolas and Benoît, Léo, Florence and Denis, Séthi and Azizah. They are the faces of this 29th Téléthon and they invite us to get to know them , in an intimate way. Thanks a lot to Eriko who told me about that news
  5. Mika has donated a SIGNED LIMITED EDITION Swatch watch to the Cesvi and Trio Medusa's Charity Stars auction, to raise money to combat AIDS. The auction is open to fans internationally and ends at midnight on 13th December (this Friday)! For more details or to bid on this Swatch, visit the link below:
  6. is this already been posted?? Mika brings gifts to the chlidren of San Raffaele December 3rd Mika comes back to Milan, not for a concert or to promote his album but for a very important beneficent initiative. The pop star visited the University Scientific Institute of San Raffaele to spend a private afternoon along with the little patients of the Mother Child Department and the young donators of the Blood Donation Center. During the first part of the afternoon he visited the Transfusion and Blood Donation Center, directed by Doctor Silvano Rossini: those who found “the surprise” were the young donators from 18 to 25 years old, and in his turn, donated blood. Asked the boys to continue the solidary gesture of donating and to suggest it to their acquaintances – then remained for pics and autographs. The rest of the day was spent at the Unit of Pediatrics and Neonatology, directed by Professor Giuseppe Chiumello. Mika brought personalized gifts for the kids and with them, had fun opening the packages and playing.
  7. -XdJUI1Y5bM Tonight during the grand finale of X Factor Italia, Mika will take the stage at Forum di Assago for a very special performance with the finalists from this year, and will present for the first time a song from his new album (coming in Spring 2015) as part of a medley with one of his biggest hits! Immediately after the performance, the tune will be available for download in all Italian digital stores. Mika and Universal Music will donate the proceeds from the sales of this single to UNICEF to support their #‎impresastraordinaria‬ campaign. Please share the news! MIKA – Good Guys / Happy Ending On iTunes Italia Listen on Spotify ‪‬ ------------------- Mika salirà sul palco del Forum di Assago per una performance molto speciale con i finalisti di quest'anno e presenterà in anteprima mondiale un brano del suo nuovo album (in uscita nella primavera 2015) come parte di un medley con uno dei suoi più grandi successi ! Subito dopo la performance , il brano sarà disponibile in download su tuttigli store digitali italiani . Mika e Universal Music doneranno proventi in beneficenza a UNICEF a sostegno della campagna ‪#‎impresastraordinaria‬ Quindi cosa aspetti? Condividi la notizia e rimani sintonizzato per avere il link al download ! ‪‬