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Found 7 results

  1. Are there any Rufus Wainwright fans here? I have been a huge fan of his for many years and am really looking forward to buying his record this week! I am sure it will be fantastic just like all of the rest have been. I also found out last night that he is, indeed, going to be touring in my home state, so I am so happy about that! I got into Rufus right when my boyfriend and I began dating, so his music is special to us. We're excited at the idea of finally getting to see him perform his songs live. So anyone else? Favorite record? Or favorite song? Discuss! I must say I
  2. I have been doing this for months now. He's almost finished excluding the clothes, so I thought he finally deserves his own thread! I posted this on Facebook earlier today: At first I went to eBay and bought a cheap Ken doll whose face shape reminded me of Mika and chopped his head off. You can see he didn't have much hair. I had to do my first re-root. It was partial, but I really had to remove most of the doll's original hair 'cause it was too short. Ken got a nice new curly hairdo and a new hairline on his forehead! You can't see the original hairline here since I didn't take a
  3. Hello! Ok. It's time we had this thread. Here, you can post ANYTHING that is chicken related that will give us all a good laugh. Eg: (I didn't actually edit that!! ) Why did the chicken cross the basketball court ? He heard the referee calling fowls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCtAAF40Awg Etc! Chat away!
  4. ok i dont know if it cool for me to do this but keep it up all you golden chikens:naughty: all welcome ChickenFM was created by Kaitlin (toygirl) as we all know M didn't get played enough on radio or tv music channels so came the birth of the our own Mika Radio Station!! ChickenFM is now an imaginaryradio station (no it doesn't really play on air) ChickenFM ishere to bring youMika music, provides you with Mika news and facts, chickeny videos and picutres, countdowns, contests, quizzes, polls and much much more!!!! ChickenFM has a few "hosts" that will write on here. On Chicken
  5. . . . . . So memories n e v e r fade into the dark corners of our minds, till we can no longer recall the place nor the time. Or what we saw and how it felt. I want to always remember that first moment I felt my heart truly melt. Melting away like butter on hot toast - it is Rufus Wainwright I will always remember the most. * * ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - In November cheeseygoodness and I embarked on an adventure of momumental proportions *and that is even an understatement*
  6. Ha ha made you look but do you think he should make a Christmas song, maybe it's too late for this year but there is always NEXT year lol and we really DO need some new ones I like the old ones but I bet Mika could write an awesome Christmas hit.
  7. i just found these & though you guys may like them?
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