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Found 9 results

  1. Mika-in-Asian-Press-2016 Let's post any NEWS, PICS, REVIEWS to here !!! Mika will do Asian Tour in 2020, it is pleasing for Asian people.
  2. The Second day of China Tour 2016 !! Shenzhen ! 深圳 ! ======== REPORT ======== tiibet ======== VIDEO ======== MFCer Zel youtuber tanzzl shared these videos. rachelstyles My Interpretation Grace Kelly Boum Boum Boum Happy Ending + acapella at the end Relax, Take It Easy Good Guys We Are Golden Underwater Talk About You Origin of Love Elle Me Dit Big Girl Lollipop tiibet Mika - Boum Boum Boum @ A8 Live in Shenzhen, China ======== PHOTO ======== tiibet ======== MEDIA ======== Official photos #17 Split Works #12
  3. Since the Asia tour is getting closer, let's post Asian Press here: Video Interview on Iweekly China: Mika & Karen Mok duetting in Milan: Mika duets with Karen Mok @ her show in Milan, 1st May 2016
  4. So far I know there're three inteviews MIKA has taken in China Mainland, and hopefully there will be more in a few years. So I thought maybe I can open a new thread to collect them all. The first one The second one The whole interview begins at 8:30 And a third one that I found today.. begins at 8:00 I particularly like this one, when MIKA said he's afraid of exams Eriko recorded it and post it on youtube:
  5. Mika will be guest for Karen Mok's concert in Milano
  6. He visited the restaurant with Karen Mok a few days after his last gig in Asia. (2016) It seems that he had a really good time there ~ XD There are loads of photos with autographs on the wall of the restaurant, and tbh I am a little bit jealous. Thanks to the restaurant owner for sharing the original copy of that pic with bicycle from his phone. Btw this is the first time for me staring a thread on MFC. LOL Hope it works.
  7. It's The Last Show of Asia Tour 2016 tonight !! ======== REPORT ======== ======== VIDEO ======== tiibet ======== PHOTO ======== tiibet OFFICIAL photos #3 Flickr Official MIKA 2016 China Tour ======== MEDIA ======== Reviews, Interviews and News on Mika in Asian Press 2016
  8. 香港 !! Hong Kong !! The First Gig of China tour 2016. We are looking forward to hearing from you !! ======= REPORT ======= Zel #8 tiibet #10 and the blog DongDong #25 JInlovesMIKA #32 #33 ======= VIDEO ======= MyEtoileMk Porcelain & My interpretation Relax, take it easy A cappella happy ending Lollipop Une partie de Love Today Zel Instagram clips #13 ======= PHOTO ======= DongDong #25 tiibet Official photos YourMum presents: MIKA, Live in Hong Kong 22/2 #21 ======= MEDIA ======= Review China Direct #7 文匯報 / Wen Wei Po #22 #28 Yahoo News #23 星日日報 #27 TV NEWS 港台:英国歌手米卡开唱 自弹自唱歌迷陶醉DEVILROBOTS SIS #24
  9. pretty long interview, i find it especially interesting what he has to say about style and his collaboration with valentino!