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Found 6 results

  1. The fiction 'La compagnia del cigno' is the new collaboration between Mika and Ivan Cotroneo after two seasons of Stasera Casa Mika, from 7th of January on RAI 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-cigno-Extra-Sigla La sigla La sigla de "La Compagnia del Cigno" è stata composta da MIKA. The thema The theme of "La Compagnia del Cigno" was composed by MIKA. DIRECT MP4 VK Sound Of An Orchestra ( 11.3 MB ) [HQ] 6.8 MB Title sequence : Sound Of An Orchestra (18 MB) St 1 Ep 1 2018 L'arrivo di Matteo RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E1-L-arrivo-di-Matteo Direct MP4 (660 MB ) : La_compagnia_del_cigno/9910928_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.07 LCdC St1 Ep1 L'arrivo di Matteo St 1 Ep 2 2018 Nascita della compagnia RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E2-Nascita-della-Compagnia Direct MP4 (706 MB) La_compagnia_del_cigno/9911008_1800.mp4 VK   2019.01.07 LCdC St1 Ep2 Birth of the company St 1 Ep 3 2018 Il primo concerto RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E3-Il-primo-concerto Direct MP4 (590 MB) VK 2019.01.08 LCdC St1 Ep3 The First Concert St 1 Ep 4 2018 La scelta di Barbara RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E4-La-scelta-di-Barbara Direct MP4 (789 MB) VK 2019.01.08 LCdC St1 Ep4 The Choice Of Barbara  St 1 Ep 5 2019 L'orgoglio di Sara RaiPlay La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E5-L-orgoglio-di-Sara Direct MP4 ( 698 MB ) La_compagnia_del_cigno/9942877_1800.mp4 VK 2019.01.14 LCdC St1 Ep5 Sara's Choice St 1 Ep 6 2018 Un'altra possibilità RaiPlay Direct MP4 ( 756 MB ) VK 2019.01.14 LCdC St1 Ep6 Another possibility St 1 Ep 7 2019 Insieme RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E7-Insieme Direct MP4 ( 649 MB ) VK 2019.01.21 LCdC St1 Ep7 Ensemble  St 1 Ep 8 2019 La notte di Matteo RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E8-La-notte-di-Matteo Direct MP4 VK 2019.01.21 LCdC St1 Ep8 The night of Matteo St 1 Ep 9 2019 Scoperte RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E9-Scoperte Direct MP4 (713 MB) Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno VK 2019.01.28 LCdC St1 Ep8 Scoprte St 1 Ep 10 2019 Rinascere RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E10-Rinascere Direct MP4 (721 MB) Fiction/La_compagnia_del_cigno.mp4 VK 2019.01.28 LCdC St1 Ep9 Rinascere  St 1 Ep 11 2019 Un padre RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E11-Un-padre DIRECT MP4 : La_compagnia_del_cigno/10042612_1800.mp4 VK 2019.02.04 LCdC St1 Ep11 Un padre ( A father ) St 1 Ep 12 2019 Il nostro futuro RaiPlay 2019/01/La-Compagnia-del-Cigno-S1E12-Il-nostro-futuro DIRECT MP4 : La_compagnia_del_cigno/10042622_1800.mp4 VK 2019.02.04 LCdC St1 Ep12 Il nostro futuro ( Our future )
  2. An article from Mexico 🌵 Danna Paola hará colaboración con el cantante Mika Así fue como lo anunció. La vida de Danna Paola se encuentra en el ojo del huracán, aunque no todo es malo, pues luego de todo lo que pasó en La Academia, ahora solo buenas noticias invaden a la cantante. Y es que a través de sus redes sociales la intérprete de “Oye Pablo” anunció que está de lo más emocionada por su nueva colaboración con el cantante Mika, junto a la gran noticia publicó una fotografía de los dos juntos, la cual acompañó de un texto que decía: “Cuando la música te sorprende con amigos y gente mágica”. Pero no solo eso, pues demostraron tener una gran química y un increíble sentido del humor cuando la mexicana y el intérprete hablaron en español en un divertido video. Mika es un cantante Líbano, quien, después de un tiempo, ha regresado a la música y lo ha hecho con un par de conciertos en nuestro país. Ahora está de vuelta en tierras aztecas, pero para colaborar con la mexicana quien sin duda el año pasado y este ha dado mucho de qué hablar y sus canciones se han posicionado en el gusto del público. Translation
  3. This is NOT an official company's release. An article from So, we should wait and see. pilot célèbre ses 100 ans avec mika Pour célébrer son centenaire, la marque japonaise d’instruments d’écriture a demandé au chanteur Mika de revisiter ses produits stars. Dès le 1er janvier 2018, les consommateurs pourront découvrir des V5, G2 et Frixion au design coloré, dans le style « rétro-pop » de l’artiste. Il existe six motifs pour chaque modèle. Ce nouvel ambassadeur apporte avec lui un univers joyeux, qui sera décliné sur les outils PLV de la collection.Des innovations accessibles Depuis son lancement en 1918, la maison Pilot a su s’imposer comme leader mondial de l’instrument d’écriture. La marque a suscité la fidélité des consommateurs grâce à des produits pensés pour eux, innovants et accessibles. Pour incarner cet esprit créatif, trois stylos emblématiques ont été choisis : le V5, premier roller à encre liquide ; le G2, le roller à encre gel le plus vendu au monde ; le roller thermosensible FriXion, qui a fêté ses 10 ans en 2017. Cette édition limitée à l’année 2018 sera relayée dans des campagnes publicitaires télévisées, en particulier au moment de la rentrée des classes. De nombreuses opérations devraient également être organisées sur les réseaux sociaux et en magasins.
  4. Mika like co-author and co-producer for the song 'House On Fire' of LP. The new album 'Heart to Mouth' coming out the 7th of December 2018.
  5. Thanks to eusounds on Twitter for the info! It's been announced on Lozza's facebook page that their new spokesperson is Mika! They're a company who make glasses and sunglasses. Their last spokesperson was singer Marco Mengoni, an X Factor contestant in 2009 and very popular in Italy. So soon we'll be seeing Mika wearing some very nahce glasses in adverts for the company! Their website's here, they still have images of Marco though
  6. From Mika's FB page: Mika has been asked to collaborate with Swatch on their fantastic 30th birthday celebrations! We all know and admire Mika's unique sense of creativity, Swatch do too. And there is another very special connection… 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic Swiss watch maker and this year Mika will be 30 too! And so a partnership begins… They want Mika to bring his quirky and colourful sense of fun to the brand. You may have noticed that in his video for 'Popular,' Mika is wearing a Swatch watch, the Touch Blue. The meeting of the 2 then comes again with 'Underwater' soundtracking the adverts for the new 'Scuba Libre' design, launched on 1st June. For the second time in May 2013, Swatch is the partner of the 55th International Art Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia and Mika will be there! The 'Swatch Faces' concept, an incredible multi-media exhibition and installation, will be shown at one of the two principle spaces of the Biennale. It features a wall of portraits of 30 people who will be 30 years old in 2013, to celebrate 30 years of Swatch! The watch brand is a long-time supporter of The Arts and Mika is thrilled to be an 'ambassador' of the project. The multi-media collaboration between Swatch and Mika will further evolve later this year when Mika brings his inimitable creative flair to a special watch design!! We'll keep you posted on all the details on the watch itself… Of the collaboration, Mika says, 'Swatch is such an iconic brand. I have always admired their creativity - from their classic and pure designs, to their exciting and wacky collaborations with artists. It's a design brand that has been able to reflect every decade since it launched, while remaining incredibly consistent with its unique design principles. I grew up with Swatch and have been a fan for years, so to be one of the 30 people chosen to represent the brand at their 30th anniversary is brilliant! I look forward to seeing what the next 30 years will hold, too.'