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Found 25 results

  1. If you wish to discuss the live stream concert in a lot more detail with a full review please use this space to do so! 😃 Here's mine. 😊 As I said before it's quite long 😅 I would have logged in straight after the concert but I got so many notifications on twitter afterwards that I spent a while there and then went to bed (I was very tempted to watch the whole thing again and probably will later), starting to feel PMD now 😅. Anyway consider this my first concert review! It's quite long and took me over an hour to write! First of all my bud
  2. Are you ready for Mika Fan Club's 3rd Facebook Watch Party? We think we are! Not sure what a Facebook Watch Party is? It's pretty straightforward, really. We can gather as a group at a designated time on Mika Fan Club's Facebook page, and then all watch the same video at the same time. A live chat runs alongside the video, so we can share our thoughts and comments on the video and just generally hang out together. It's just another way for us fans to socialize virtually, since we can't really do much in Real Life these days! We've done a few Watch Parties already, and t
  3. In October 2019 theFrench radio RFM invited its listeners to send SMS every time they hear Mika's song on the radio. One prize was set - a private Mika concert at home with only 10 people . Of course the winner had to have enough space to let the whole team in. As many of French fans was involded we were dreaming that one of them would be the lucky winner and others would come for the concert. But no. The lucky winner was Franck. His son is a huge Mika fan and Franck wanted to win the prize for him. They already bought tickets for the concert in Caen.
  4. HEYY GUYYS I've been in the concert of Mika last week-end and a photograph shot me and my gf, I'd like to know how to get this pictures please help meeeeeeee thanks !!!
  5. Hellooo everyone! Trying to get a sense of how many people would join us for a drink/snacks/meal before the London show on 10th November. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a meet & greet with Mika. He could obviously come if he wants to, as long as he lets me know in advance. This is simply a chance for all of us to get together for a drink and maybe meal. We need a rough idea of how many people are interested before we start planning anything. Please reply to this poll ASAP if you are planning to come! Thanks!
  6. Hey does anyone know if any of the shows following the Brooklyn one are being filmed as well?
  7. Hi everyone! Who is going to Verbier Impulse in Switzerland on the 16th of April? We could meet! Have a happy New Year! Mathilde
  8. Hi! I'm a new member! (Uh, Happy New year too????) I'm Italian, so forgive me and my "perfect" english ???? I was at Mika's concert at the Opera di Firenze on the 30th of December 2016. People who were with me know that Mika wrote a monologue about dreams and he read it with the sounds of the Orchestra. I loved this monologue, it reminds me so many important things. I would really like to find the speech. Anyway, what did you think of it? Did you like it? Do you agree with what he said? For me it was just fantastic. Hope you write soon! ❤ - Marty
  9. OK, this is IT! The start of the new tour! Come on and show us what you've got, Rennes! We're dying to see/hear! According to French Deb, this was the set list: Opened with No Place in Heaven, Big Girl, Good Wife, Grace Kelly, Boum Boum Boum, Good Guys, Talk About You, Origin of Love, PROMISELAND!!! , Relax, Staring at the Sun, Rain, Underwater, L'amour, Elle Me Dit, Happy Ending, J'ai Pas Envie, Billy Brown, We Are Golden, Lollipop, Love Today, Last Party. 22 songs! ========== REPORTS ========== French Deb ========== PICS ========== ==========
  10. Mika will play in Tokyo, Japan on 18 February 2016 at the NHK Hall. Fan pre-sale will be held 21st November (tickets can be purchased in Japan only). Details coming soon! General Sale 19th December! GOING TO THIS EVENT? RSVP HERE: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/900-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events
  11. Mika will play in Osaka, Japan on 16 February 2016 at the Grand Cube. Fan pre-sale will be held 21st November (tickets can be purchased in Japan only). Details coming soon! General Sale 19th December! GOING TO THIS EVENT? RSVP HERE: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/901-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events
  12. I was thinking it would be cool if we all came up with a sort of tour list by each choosing your favorite Mika song (Yes, only one, I'm sorry don't hurt me and try to avoid choosing one that has already been chosen), your country and an awesome venue (can be as weird as you like) near you and together we can compile a song list and venue list - the dream tour! I could put the dates down for each gig as well so if you can't make a real gig you can just pretend you're at one and dance insanely in your room (with a more-or-less reason for once) Je pensais que ce serait cool si nous sommes to
  13. Was anyone at the free FNAC Festival in Paris 18th July? Please share! ========== REPORTS ========== Emlyne's report Daeni's report ========== PICS ========== Sephira's pics Emlyne's pics Daeni28's pics ========== VIDEOS ========== ENTIRE SHOW ON VK Lollipop
  14. MIKA has added a second date 5 July in Montreal to his tour! Tickets go on sale today, Monday 11 May, at 1200 EST. French-language ticket link http://bit.ly/1H9LJpt English-language ticket link http://bit.ly/1JBXDbW You can RSVP to this gig by visiting the calendar link below: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/772-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events
  15. Hi guys! I never had a chance to go to Mika's concert yet, so I thought all of you who had been there could write how it is... How was it like? How was the show? How did he sing?... It's my biggest wish to see him live and I can't wait untill his next tour. Have nice time and thanks!!!
  16. Am I the only one here that likes them? Usually there would be a thread for them if someone else liked them... Well anyway. I'm going to my very first concert in about 9 months. September 10th, they'll be performing at my local fair. The oldest fair in America, actually. I of course, really wish my very first concert was a Mika one , but... Hey. Whatcha gonna do?
  17. Hi, I don't know if this is already a thread because I'm kind of still new to the MFC (and didn't even know where to put this one) I'm an Aussie fan awaiting Mika's Arrival in Adelaide, South Australia (if he ever comes ) and in my attempt to see which friends I could even go to my first concert with, I wish to know how much the tickets would cost. I know that it may very well vary from venue to venue, but does anybody know an approximate ticket price? Or even how much Mika concert tickets usually sell for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch, Sharna (:
  18. Hey guys... I got access to a live stream of Planeta Terra in Brazil and Mika is performing in it today.. it starts at 1PM and there's a couple of other bands there like Smashing Pumpkins, Girl Talk, Pavement and others... I don't want to be the only Mika fan there, so join me please http://en.terra.com/music/news/smashing_pumpkins_phoenix_and_more_amazing_acts_streaming_live_here_this_saturday/oci42476
  19. even though im going i dont know where to find the tickets? can somebody help me?
  20. How long would you guess a MIKA concert is and when does they usually begin? I can't find any times and without knowing, my mother never will let me buy tickets! And I really want to be there. If I go, I'll go in Copenhagen March 15th. Anyone who could help?
  21. Hello, yall! My name is Amanda, but I go by Mandaa usually. I was introduced to this amazing man by my sister. I enjoy everything about him. My sister and I then went to his concert, which happened to be the day after my boyfriend and I broke up after six months. Mika brought me to a place that made me get over him, and I did! When he played Happy Ending, I cried out of joy and pain. The concert was amazing! I got my sexy tee with his beautiful shirt on it. <3 It's a day I will never forget. So now whenever I need energy or am feeling down, I put in some Mika and dance like no
  22. French web TV Arte will show all of Mika's live concert in Baden Baden tonight! Watch it on internet tonight 8 PM (French time) Don't miss it! The link is here http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Mika_en_direct_de_Baden-Baden/ Evénement : Mika en direct de Baden-Baden sur ARTE Live Web A l'occasion de son passage à Baden-Baden, ARTE Live Web retransmet en direct (et en direct seulement) le concert de Mika, en partenariat avec SWR3. En direct ce soir, à partir de 20h00 sur ARTE Live Web http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Mika_en_direct_de_Baden-Baden/ --------------------------
  23. I'm going to my first Mika concert in a couple of months and I absolutely LOVE his music. It's at the Hollywood Palladium and it can hold up too 4,000 standing people. so... I was just wondering How early should I arrive? Does Mika greet his fans before? afterwards? is there other stuff I should know? thanks!
  24. Clearly going to be the MOST amazing weekend of our lives... thus far..... An Epic journey that is about to unfold -- *what will he DO with the Magical Chocolate Lollipop*
  25. jov08

    why hello!

    Hey guys! I am excited to be part of the Mika fan club! I've liked Mika for a long time. The first time i heard of him is whenever i was in the car with my friends (lily, robin, josh) and it was on their CD. I fell in love with him and got his album Life in Cartoon Motion. Now I plan on covering one of his songs (not sure which one) at my school's final choir concert as a soloist.
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