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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! My name is Camila and I´m from Costa Rica. I´m a srudent. I speak spanish, english and i´m learning french. I discovered Mika by watching videos from The Voice France and in that moment I fell in love. I´m so excited to be here and meeting new people around the world that share the same feeling for Mika.
  2. Yes, I'm cool enough to have my own goodbye thread. Well, I'm going to Costa Rica. In ... 27 hours. As I should have already made blatantly obvious to anyone who'll listen/can see my signature Yay! Woo! I'm going to be in Costa Rica for a month and then Los Angeles for a day, Sydney for 3 days and Melbourne for 6 days, with highly limited internet access basically the whole time Oh yes, so if I didn't already brag to you in detail about it - for my first two weeks I'm doing a volunteer project in Golfo Dulce (that's in Costa Rica ) with dolphins and poison dart frogs (with NO internet and NO hot showers D: ), and for the second two weeks I'm doing an adventure tour thing around the country (the whole trip is through this "International Student Volunteers" company). And then in Sydney/Melbourne I am seeing THE KOOKS with Tegan/Tanya Anyway! If you want to contact me or keep me updated on MFC/Mika happenings (please, pretty please?), then I've come up with an intricate and brilliant scheme Because I'll probably only have a little bit of time on the internet at various points. And when that happens I will probably have my friend looking over my shoulder most of the time, and she reeaally thinks the MFC is crazy/stupid. So I probably wont come on MFC most of the time I do have internet access. SO: If you have something important/random/that you want me to see, then send me an email or myspace/facebook comment/message. If you have something Mika/MFC related that is non-urgent (tour/album news = extremely urgent and email worthy) then send me a PM or profile comment or reply in this thread. And there is absolutely nooo way I am ever going to read back on a month and a half of aussie thread, so I'm honestly never going to see anything you say in there! It's going to be awesome! But I am sooooo going to miss you guys/Ambrose!
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