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Found 4 results

  1. We're trying to determine the whereabouts of all the members of Mika Fan Club, and we need your help! When you register for the MFC, you are now required to include your location, but previously it was not a required field. Many of you long-time members may not have entered your country, or perhaps you added a "fantasy" location, like "In Mika World"... Unfortunately that doesn't help us when we're trying to figure out where all of our members are from! So we're asking you to do two things. 1) Take a minute and look at the poll included with this thread. Tick the box for the country you live in. Check only one box, please, and please just check the country you presently are living in. If, for example, you are originally from France, but now live in London, please check United Kingdom. If the country you live in is not listed, please tick the box marked "Other" and then tell us where you are here in the thread. 2) If you haven't already, please update your profile with the country you live in. Thanks so much -- this will help us in a variety of ways, from helping us organize meet & greets and other potential events, to prize giveaways, and other fun stuff.
  2. Hi everyone:) I was just thinking the other day about how Mika is mostly involved in France and Italy these days. I am from Canada and am a really big fan of Mika...I wish he received the notoriety he deserves. I have never understood why he isn't popular in the U.S. His music is amazing and of course he is very handsome and a lovely person. I am always shocked that not many people here in Canada talk about him or know his music (I am not from Quebec though). I saw a commenter say he should try the USA/UK audience again and I agree! His music is too amazing to go unnoticed by these countries. So how is Mika perceived in your country?
  3. Rainbow sky came up with a great idea and we've decided to launch it ... The fan club is gaining more and more members every day. I feel it would be good to have a certain person who can be contacted by anyone in their country so they can find out information… I guess sort of like a team leader. For example, a newbie may have just joined and they don’t know much about how things work on the forum. This rep can ensure that people from their country are introduced to other people in that country so that they can fit in and make friends (particularly good for those that only speak one language and very limited English). The rep can also report on Mika goings-on in their country, whether it be gigs, fan club get togethers, Mika on the tv... basically right down to just making sure everyone is included in what is happening on the forum. If you would like to be involved please post in here MFC WORLD REPRESENTATIVES Denmark- Kata Switzerland- violetsky Austria- ircazo Hungary- suzie AUSTRALIA: nico_collard NEW ZEALAND: Rosina Kiwi CANADA: Western: elanorelle Central: Suzy Eastern: Cassiopée FRANCE: Pamette FINLAND: satu ISRAEL: Sivan SPAIN: Queenie ITALY: Robertina WALES: Mikafish ENGLAND: cazgirl - Due to personal commitments daisylou will replace hunnyangel BELGIUM: niki27 USA: HollyD LittleTechieShelina ARGENTINA: sofi_89 NETHERLANDS: Diana POLAND: Grace Ally JAPAN: Blue Sky MIKA MANIA GERMANY: Mellody LUXEMBOURG: cath85 PORTUGAL: Mary TRINIDAD: Kavi ROMANIA: Vanessa SCOTLAND: Kath EGYPT: Lilly IRELAND: Shaza! BRAZIL: sweet MEXICO: ~Ana~ LATVIA: sesil17aa SERBIA: missgaga SLOVAKIA: REBEKA ESTONIA: -Lollipopgirl- HONG KONG: hayley.m CZECH REPUBLIC: Barunka INDIA: pam SOUTH KOREA: Inhye812 CENTRAL AMERICA:[/b] Valelia NORWAY: Savage Beauty
  4. Hi everyone! Well, I have to admit, I have two favorite singers: Mika and Taylor Swift. I've been her fan for two years, is it? Something like that. And I feel so identified with her music, her lyrics. What she says in her songs is similar to what I sometimes feel and she knows exactly how to put it in a song. Who else is a fan of her music?
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