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Found 5 results

  1. I love to listen to Mika's version of another artist's songs He sings them in completely different way, but we can still follow the conception of a song. And this makes them sound like something new, just invented by Mika. And I love to observe the transformation of a song. So, I decided to gather here all other singers songs covered by Mika and also put an original version wherever it's possible. It would be amazing to do this with your help, guys! If this kind of Thread already exists, please tell me. Because I found only thread, discussing how people covered Mika's s
  2. Shiina Ringo Tribute album featuring MIKA Utada Hikaru, AI, LiSA, Kaela Kimura and more out in May 2018 marks the year Shiina Ringo‘s illustrious career hits its big TWO ZERO. In tribute to the legendary artist, 13 prominent artists have provided covers of Ringo songs covering her entire catalog. The album comes out on May 23 and is entitled “Adam to Eve no Ringo“. Mika covers her song "Sido and Daydream" MIKA C’est Quoi Ce Bonheur Credit www.e-onkyo.com MIKA[MainArtist], Jonathan Quarmby[Producer], Jonathan Quarmby[Associate
  3. HELLO all! I just found this site tonight and I am SO glad I did! I've been a fan of Mika since 2007 when I saw a performance BBC America. I got his album as soon as it came out and listed to it probably a thousand times. It was really awesome because I left for Argentina for a few years and while living down there I got to participate in the Mika craze that is in The Patagonia. He was EVERYWHERE there was a TV or radio. It was so fun because people would constantly ask me if I could tell them what his lyrics meant and all that. I've been home for 3 year, but I love love love those me
  4. As there are several threads on what other artists you like, I thought it might be a good idea to collect Mika’s favourite music / musicians on one thread in case you want to check out any names unknown to you. (It would be similar to the A-list MFC thread, so additional names are welcome, these are only names that first came to my mind) Rules: only 'documented mentions’ count I., Main influences: popular music: The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Prince, Harry Nilsson, Kurt Weill, Bob Dylan, Elton John, David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Joan Baez, The Who, Beck classical music: W.A.Mozart
  5. Hey guys. Here are some of my Mika piano covers!!! I hope you enjoy them!!! If you want to hear more go to www.zakbowen.com My Interpretation We Are Golden Grace Kelly Happy Ending Any Other World Relax (Take It Easy)
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