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Found 5 results

  1. I love to listen to Mika's version of another artist's songs He sings them in completely different way, but we can still follow the conception of a song. And this makes them sound like something new, just invented by Mika. And I love to observe the transformation of a song. So, I decided to gather here all other singers songs covered by Mika and also put an original version wherever it's possible. It would be amazing to do this with your help, guys! If this kind of Thread already exists, please tell me. Because I found only thread, discussing how people covered Mika's song, but not how Mika did this by himself. Ok, let's begin with some of my favorite Mika's covers Original version:
  2. Shiina Ringo Tribute album featuring MIKA Utada Hikaru, AI, LiSA, Kaela Kimura and more out in May 2018 marks the year Shiina Ringo‘s illustrious career hits its big TWO ZERO. In tribute to the legendary artist, 13 prominent artists have provided covers of Ringo songs covering her entire catalog. The album comes out on May 23 and is entitled “Adam to Eve no Ringo“. Mika covers her song "Sido and Daydream" MIKA C’est Quoi Ce Bonheur Credit www.e-onkyo.com MIKA[MainArtist], Jonathan Quarmby[Producer], Jonathan Quarmby[AssociatedPerformer], Jonathan Quarmby[Piano], MIKA[AssociatedPerformer], MIKA[Vocals], Mark Shez Sheridan[AssociatedPerformer], Mark Shez Sheridan[Guitar], Robin Mullarkey[AssociatedPerformer], Robin Mullarkey[Bass Guitar], Alex Torjussen[AssociatedPerformer], Alex Torjussen[Drums], Miles Bould[AssociatedPerformer], Miles Bould[Percussion], Wes Maebe[StudioPersonnel], Wes Maebe[Recording Engineer], Jeremy Wheatley[StudioPersonnel], Jeremy Wheatley[Mix Engineer], Sheena Ringo[ComposerLyricist] Lyrics https://www.uta-net.com/song/249489/ 椎名林檎・フランス語詞 ( lyrics in French ):MIKA・Doriand C'est Quoi Ce Bonheur Qu'est ce que j'ai fait pour meriter ca Du bonheur en veux-tu, en voila Des oiseaux qui chantent Qui ne font que ca, me parler de toi Des etoiles filantes Et dire qu'avant toi, j'aimais pas, j'aimais pas Qu'est ce que j'ai fait pour meriter ca Tant d'amour, ca ne se refuse pas On s'habitue a tout A ce coeur qui bat, qui fait Pa Pa Pa! Meme a des mots tout doux Et dire qu'avant toi j'aimais pas... C'est quoi ce bonheur qui s'acharne sur nous C'est quoi ce soleil sur nos joues Ah si on m'avait dit Que ca valait le coup L'amour, toi et moi C'est quoi ce bonheur qui s'acharne sur nous C'est quoi cette envie d'etre fous C'est pas complique Pas plus complique Qu'un bisou comme ca Qu'est c'que j'ai fait pour meriter ca J'en sais rien, mais j'veux bien qu'ca change pas J'oublierai les coup bas J'oublierai les soirs ou J'etais si seul Anjourd'hui c'est bizarre Je ne sais meme plus faire la gueule C'est quoi ce bonheur qui s'acharne sur nous C'est quoi ce soleil sur nos joues Ah si on m'avait dit Que ca valait le coup L'amour, toi et moi C'est quoi ce bonheur qui s'acharne sur nous C'est quoi cette envie d'etre fous C'est pas complique Pas plus complique Qu'un bisou comme ca AMAZON.jp https://www.amazon.co.jp/アダムとイヴの林檎-ヴァリアス/dp/B07B57G7PY Song list theウラシマ’S 「正しい街」(1999.2.24発売Al『無罪モラトリアム』収録曲) 宇多田ヒカル&小袋成彬 「丸ノ内サディスティック」(1999.2.24発売Al『無罪モラトリアム』収録曲) レキシ 「幸福論」(1998.5.27発売Sg.収録曲) MIKA「シドと白昼夢」(1999.2.24発売Al『無罪モラトリアム』収録曲) 藤原さくら 「茜さす帰路照らされど・・」(1999.2.24発売Al『無罪モラトリアム』収録曲) 田島貴男(ORIGINAL LOVE) 「都合のいい身体」(2009.6.24発売Al『三文ゴシップ』収録曲) 木村カエラ 「ここでキスして。」(1999.1.20発売Sg. & 1999.2.24発売Al『無罪モラトリアム』収録曲) 三浦大知 「すべりだい」(1999.1.20発売Sg c/w. & 2008.7.2発売Al『私と放電』収録曲) RHYMESTER 「本能」(1999.10.27発売Sg. & 2000.3.31発売Al『勝訴ストリップ』収録曲) AI 「罪と罰」(2000.1.26発売Sg. & 2000.3.31発売Al『勝訴ストリップ』収録曲) 井上陽水 「カーネーション」(2011.11.2発売Sg. & 2014.11.5発売Al『日出処』収録曲) 私立恵比寿中学 「自由へ道連れ」(2014.11.5発売Al『日出処』収録曲) LiSA 「NIPPON」(2014.6.11発売Sg. & 2014.11.5発売Al『日出処』収録曲) 松たか子 「ありきたりな女」(2014.11.5発売Al『日出処』収録曲) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the Urashima 'S "Right city" (released 1999.2.24 Al "Innocent Moratorium" tracks included) Utada Hikaru & Koaku Akira "Marunouchi sadistic" (released on 1999.2.24 Al "Innocent Moratorium" included track) Lexi "Happiness theory" (released on 1998.5.27 Sg. Recorded tracks) MIKA "Sido and daydream" (released 1999.2.24 Al "Innocent Moratorium" track included) Sakura Fujiwara "Akaneousu return home illuminated ..." (released 1999.2.24 Al "Innocent Moratorium" tracks included) TAJIMA Takao (ORIGINAL LOVE) "Convenient body" (released on June 26, 2009 Al "Sanshin Gossip" included songs) Kimura Kaera "Kiss me here" (1999.1.20 released Sg. & 1999.2.24 released Al "Innocent Moratorium" track included) Miura Daichi "Sliding" (released 1999.1.20 Sg c / w. & 2008.7.2 release Al track "I and the discharge" track) RHYMESTER "instinct" (1999.10.27 released Sg. & 2000.3.31 released Al "winning strip" track included) AI "Sin and Punishment" (2000.1.26 released Sg. & 2000.3.31 released Al "Success Strip" track included) Inoue Yosui "Carnation" (released on Sep. 2011. Sg. & 2014.11.5 released Al "Sun Deals" included tracks) Private Ebisu Junior High School "Fellowship for Freedom" (released in 2014.11.5 Al "Sun Duel") LiSA "NIPPON" (released on 2014.6.11 Sg. & 2014.11.5 released Al "Sun Sorrow" tracks) Matsu Takako "A living woman" (released in 2014.11.5 Al "Sun Deals")
  3. HELLO all! I just found this site tonight and I am SO glad I did! I've been a fan of Mika since 2007 when I saw a performance BBC America. I got his album as soon as it came out and listed to it probably a thousand times. It was really awesome because I left for Argentina for a few years and while living down there I got to participate in the Mika craze that is in The Patagonia. He was EVERYWHERE there was a TV or radio. It was so fun because people would constantly ask me if I could tell them what his lyrics meant and all that. I've been home for 3 year, but I love love love those memories. A little bit about myself: I'm a musician, I love to sing, and I get compared to Mika a lot when I perform, not because I am trying to rip him off or do a poor impression of him, I think that he's just left his mark on me artistically, and I really love that. I really hope to share what I am making with all of you and celebrate how amazing Mika is. This really seems like a cool place full of lovely folks! Here's my take on "Grace Kelly," the song that launched me into Mika craze. COME TALK TO ME. I don't know anyone yet. So, say hi to me like I was the guy standing against the wall during a dance with no friends.
  4. As there are several threads on what other artists you like, I thought it might be a good idea to collect Mika’s favourite music / musicians on one thread in case you want to check out any names unknown to you. (It would be similar to the A-list MFC thread, so additional names are welcome, these are only names that first came to my mind) Rules: only 'documented mentions’ count I., Main influences: popular music: The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, Prince, Harry Nilsson, Kurt Weill, Bob Dylan, Elton John, David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Joan Baez, The Who, Beck classical music: W.A.Mozart, Rossini, Schubert, Kurt Weill, Igor Stravinsky II., Other musicans he likes: Adele, Amy Whinehouse, Annie Lennox, Arcade Fire, Asha Bhosle, Barbara, Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Beirut,Beth Ditto, Bodies Without Organs, Blondie, Bronski Beat, Calvin Harris, Communards, David Usher, Depeche Mode, Disney Soundtracks from the 1930s, Dolly Parton, Duffy, Eartha Kitt - except her disco period, Fairuz, Feist, Final Fantasy, Flaming Lips, Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, France Gall, Frank Sinatra, George Michael, Gwen Stefani, Imogen Heap, INXS, Jacques Brel, Jane Birkin, King's Singers, Kylie Minogue, Lady GaGa, La Roux, Lily Allen, Littleboots, Madonna, Madeleine Peyroux, Marlene Dietrich singing Kurt Weil, Moloko, Muse, Nellie McKay, Nina Simone, Nirvana, Of Montreal, Paolo Conte, Paolo Nuitini, Patrick Wolf, Pet Shop Boys, Pink Floyd, Robyn, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters, Shiina Ringo, Selma Tegan and Sara, The Cribs, The Mama's and the Papa's, The National, The Postal Service, The Stone Roses, Tiga, Ting Tings, Tino Rossi, Tiny Dancers Wouter Hamel Yaz, Yelle, Yoshida Kyodai III., Songs he has ever picked as favourites (from artists not mentioned above) Ace of Base The Sign Andrew Bird Oh No Barry Manilow: Copacabana Bonde Do Role Solta O Frango Blur: Country House Beyonce Single Ladies Britney Spears: Toxic Chris Garneau - Dirty Night Clowns Death Cab For Cutie Marching Bands Of Manhattan Eartha Kitt My Heart Belongs to Daddy Edith Piaf: Milord Elvis Presley: Wooden Heart Estelle American Boy Faithless: God Is a DJ Feist:My Moon My Man Fiona Apple: Paper Bag Fleetwood Mac: Everywhere Grace Jones: Pull Up To The Bumper Groove Armada Gwen Guthrie: Ain't nothing Going On But the Rent Infadels: Love Like Semtex Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire Justice D.A.N.C.E Jungle Book Soundtrack: Bare Necessities Kate Nash: Pumpkin soup Kid Creole and the Coconuts: Annie I'm not your daddy Kings Of Leon On Call Little Mermaid Soundtrack: Under the Sea Lonely Drifter Karen: True Desire Maroon 5: Sunday Morning Michael Sembello: Maniac (Flashdance soundtrack ) MGMT: Kids Missy Elliott Work It Nelli Furtado: Maneater Pulp Disco 2000 Remi Nicole Go With The Flow (Pull Tiger Tail Remix) Simian Mobile Disco Hot Dog The Fratellis Henrietta The Knife We Share Our Mothers Health The Lollipop Guild + Optimistics Voices from Wizard of Oz Soundtrack The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) The Slits I Heard It Through The Grapevine Vera Lyn: As Time Goes By Yael Naim: New Soul Yazzoo: Only You IV.,Cover versions he has done: Ain’t Got No / I Got Life (Nina Simone) – tv show Can’t Stand Losing You (The Police) – officially released Comment te dire adieu (Françoise Hardy) - tv show Don't Stop Believing (Journey) - radio Everybody’s Talking (Harry Nilsson) - tv show + officially released version Faith (George Michael) - concert I Want You Back (The Jackson 5) - concert I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John's ) - radio show Get Down (Groove Armada) - concert Hips Don’t Lie (Shakira) – radio show Just Can’t Get Enough (Depeche Mode) - concert La solitude (Babara) Les Champs Elysées (Joe Dassin) Let It Snow (Dean Martin) - concert and radio Missionary Man (The Eurythmics) - concert Poker Face (Lady Gaga) - radio + will be released officially with Rain single Same Jeans (The View) with Cornershop’ Brimful of Asha and Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis in the middle - radio show Satellite ( Dave Matthews Band) – officially released Standing in the way of Control (The Gossip) – concert + officially released Sweet Dreams (The Eurythmics) - concert Teardrop (Massive Attack) – radio show Une belle histoire (Michel Fugain) When Doves Cry (Prince) - concert You Got the Love (Candy Station) - concert V., No real cover versions, just singing a couple of lines for the sake of fun (or because he was asked and was unable to decline ..) Macarena (Los del Rio) Killer Queen (Queen) I Want To Break Free -mixed with Underpressure (Queen) with Randy the Rat La Donna e Mobile (from Rigoletto) Die Forelle (Schubert) Fernando (Abba) La Boheme (Charles Aznavour) Laisse Tomber les Filles (France Gall)
  5. Hey guys. Here are some of my Mika piano covers!!! I hope you enjoy them!!! If you want to hear more go to www.zakbowen.com My Interpretation We Are Golden Grace Kelly Happy Ending Any Other World Relax (Take It Easy)
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