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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! My name is Camila and I´m from Costa Rica. I´m a srudent. I speak spanish, english and i´m learning french. I discovered Mika by watching videos from The Voice France and in that moment I fell in love. I´m so excited to be here and meeting new people around the world that share the same feeling for Mika.
  2. Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well:) I am new here but I have a question about Mika's Accent. This question is especially for those living in the UK. I am from Canada so I am not too familiar with the accents in the UK, but I know there are a lot. I like learning about accents. I learned that social class has a lot to do with accent with is very strange to me and my Canadian friends! To those from the UK, how would you describe Mika's accent? I hear a little bit of an American accent in his voice. Am I the only one who thinks this? It doesn't sound very much like Prince Charles...but I know the Prince has a very posh accent of course! Would you say Mika has the "Received Pronunciation" accent, or something else? If you could tell me what you think that would be great:) Thank you!
  3. Hope I did this thread in a right place. so, this is my english project about London:naughty: (some of mfcers knew i was making this) and i want to ask you all, is it good, or what should I add HELP!
  4. Well, this is a game wich i don't know if you know. It's called "palabras encadenadas"(Chained words in english) I start saying a word (Ex: horse) and you have to tell a word wich starts with the last 2 letters (Ex: senior) and again and again... The rules are that you can't tell any person or places name OK? I start: Fan
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