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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone:) I was just thinking the other day about how Mika is mostly involved in France and Italy these days. I am from Canada and am a really big fan of Mika...I wish he received the notoriety he deserves. I have never understood why he isn't popular in the U.S. His music is amazing and of course he is very handsome and a lovely person. I am always shocked that not many people here in Canada talk about him or know his music (I am not from Quebec though). I saw a commenter say he should try the USA/UK audience again and I agree! His music is too amazing to go unnoticed by these countries. So how is Mika perceived in your country?
  2. : ( I've developed sort of a fear of "losing" Mika to fame. I have a feeling he is getting so famous he will reach a point when it's not really about the fans anymore. As sweet, generous, and thankful he is to all of us, one day there will be way too many to handle. I feel guilty of "wanting", or wishing, for Mika to stay away from extreme fame because I think it's incredible that awareness of his music is universally spread, he deserves every bit of recognition he gets. And in the end, it's not really about us, it's about him and how his music makes HIM feel, that's why he started writing songs in the first place, to experience different emotions, we all know that! I want to know, what do you guys feel? Are you also scared that Mika will become "too famous" ? Will we forever have to say goodbye to meet-and-greets? What would happen to the extreme-devoted fans? Will they become just another face in a crowd of millions? Or am I the only lonely one afraid of this incredibly talented, independent musician becoming "pop's next superstar" ?
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