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Found 9 results

  1. Have you encountered MIKA in person? What is he like around fans and when he's off camera? Any memorable or accidental encounter? If you have met our golden boy, whether it was planned or by some fortunate coincidence, please share your fan account.
  2. Hy everybody from Dori, from romania!
  3. Hey you! I'm Nalitus, more known as Naius. You may notice that my English is not perfect. This is why I am not native speaker! I am Brazilian and I have little knowledge in English. I beg to congratulate us because we love the sound of an artist sensational! This is Mica Penimann, better known as Mika! Hugs to you all and everything good for us!
  4. Hello =) My name is Viktoria I am from Iceland. I first became a Mika fan a bit after I heard his second album. I had heard his first album and loved it absolutely but one album isn't enough to get me into fan-mode so I waited for his second and lo' and behold it's my favorite album yet. Big girl you are beautiful is for me the most memorable song I've heard in a long time. Thank you Mika =) I'm also a Muse fan, Lily Allen and more. Can't wait to start posting.
  5. Are you an MFC World Representative? Then reply to this thread and I'll add ur name and country to the list!
  6. Guest

    MIKA in Australia on MFC

    Gday! MIKA in Australia have now got a MFC account! So we will now be posting Australian info about Mika on the MFC Forums too! If you have any queries, please email us at mika_oz@live.com. Cheers!
  7. I would really like to know Mika's address so that I can get an autograph or something of the sort PLZ Help Im 11 yrs old xx
  8. Well, it's my first time. Hey fellow Mika fans, it's Lucy and I'm possibly the biggest fan within a 50km radius. Not really gonna go out on a whim and say I'm THE biggest fan coz I'm sure many would debate that. Mika is very well loved. Particularly by me. Apart from Mika I like singing, dancing, acting and reading. So basically when the world descends into famine or some other disaster, I'm practically useless. Sorry, everyone. Feel free to have a chat, I like people. And also feel free to myspace me. Happy Mika-ing! xxx. <33
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