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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone.. My name is Bayu adi, Call me Bayu, from indonesia Back in 2008 i had my first crush to Mika’s work “Lollipop”. I didnt know Him before. and i was like, dang! This guy has something to offer.. he has pop, rock, glam, and this quirkiness in each and everytime he performs, which (to be honest) suit me and my personality. Haha.. The lyric is playfull and has a story. Next thing i know i fell in love with the lyrics. It’s like listening to my mom’s bed time story but with rhyme and music. He brought imagination to the song, like a Christmas reindeer hopping around with magic powder hypnotizing everyone who sees to join the quirky happiness with it. Well thats where i started to adore him. Lollipop, love today, toy boy, billy brown, grace kelly, popular song, live your live, stardust, elle me dit, celebrate, big girl (you are beautiful), relax take it easy, rain, underwater, boum boum boum etc i love them all. Mika came to Indonesia on 2013, it was his first concert. Unfortunately i missed it i was in a hospital. i was so devastated. I wish he will have another concert around south east asia anytime soon. Well, it has been 4 years. and when i found out he released his latest work this October, i was so overwhelming.. and i found this MFC which is doubled my happiness! i havent found any significant Indonesian Mika Fan Base forum. At least now i can share my happiness to y’all..!! Best regards from Indonesia. cheers Bayu
  2. hello!!!!! is a pleasure stay here!!!!...i follow mika from i study in the college of arts, and a friend of mine say me: "look in youtube to be a boy than sing like freddy mercury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" jajajajajajaja...i come to youtube inmediatly!!!!!!!!!...and see "grace kelly". in the first time, i dont like it!!!!...but one day in the dinner we watch tv and stay "love today" in the tv...and i say...hummmm.....this song i like it!!!!! last i make me very fan of mika, i buy the cds and one dvd,etcs...i dont know very much fans of mika in latinoamerica...the people dont know him...ok...(excuse me if dont speak very well the english!!!!!!!!))))))...i am an artist amateur i make fine arts, multimedia arts and others, but than i like so much is the MUSIC and this time i havent money to follow with my study...i have experience in chats too, like moderator and play music..etcs...well, i hope make very good friends here!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin2:kisses of all and God Bless You!!!!(IS MY FIRST POST IN ENGLISH......i hope stay good!!!!!):blink:
  3. I'm going to my first Mika concert in a couple of months and I absolutely LOVE his music. It's at the Hollywood Palladium and it can hold up too 4,000 standing people. so... I was just wondering How early should I arrive? Does Mika greet his fans before? afterwards? is there other stuff I should know? thanks!
  4. : ( I've developed sort of a fear of "losing" Mika to fame. I have a feeling he is getting so famous he will reach a point when it's not really about the fans anymore. As sweet, generous, and thankful he is to all of us, one day there will be way too many to handle. I feel guilty of "wanting", or wishing, for Mika to stay away from extreme fame because I think it's incredible that awareness of his music is universally spread, he deserves every bit of recognition he gets. And in the end, it's not really about us, it's about him and how his music makes HIM feel, that's why he started writing songs in the first place, to experience different emotions, we all know that! I want to know, what do you guys feel? Are you also scared that Mika will become "too famous" ? Will we forever have to say goodbye to meet-and-greets? What would happen to the extreme-devoted fans? Will they become just another face in a crowd of millions? Or am I the only lonely one afraid of this incredibly talented, independent musician becoming "pop's next superstar" ?
  5. Hi Mika Fans! My name is Tereza. I'm from Prague (capital city of the Czech Republic). I'm 15 years old and I'm very big Mika fan (Mikaholic:D). I have never seen Mika live - but I want so much! It's my dream... Mika is famous all the world but not too much in the Czech Republic but I think that he's got a a lot of fans there (for a gig)...Unfortunately he's got a lot of haters there - but it's normal isn't it? So, is there any possibility that he's going to visit the Czech Republic? What do you think? Do you know the Czech Republic? Prague - nice capital city:)? Mika has got many gigs in Paris etc...I think that the Czech Republic is not too far for him...Maybe later? How many years we have to wait for Mika? Thanks a lot in advance for your answers... P.S.: Excuse me please, my English isn't perfect O:-)