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Found 11 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, je m'appelle Nathalie et je vis dans la région parisienne (à Puteaux, plus précisément). C'est la premiére fois que je m'inscrit à un forum de fan. En fait, je ne sais pas trop quoi dire pour me présenter. Je comprend un tout petit peu l'anglais mais j'utilise aussi beaucoup Google Translate 😀.
  2. leashy


    Hi, I'm new, can you help me and tell me what it's to be here?
  3. Hi everybody, Im from the uk and have loved Mika’s music my whole life but only recently discovered how much I love him as a person and began to binge watch everything he has ever done! I’m new to this site and at the moment have no idea what I’m doing but, it’s lovely to meet you all!
  4. Greetings from Poland everyone! My name is Dominika and I’m 23 y.o. student - I’m going to teach children at primary school or kindergarten in the future, hopefully. About myself hmm… well it is not much to say. I like read books, listen to music and watch TV series and movies. About Mika… I have to say that I quite recently became a fan of Mika and that happened accidentally. So this is my story… One day I opened youtube and in offered videos popped up Mika – Boum, boum, boum. I thought is this that man I remember or not? So I watched it and it was like a revelation to me! this is the same guy from psychedelic video with the storm of brown curls and high voice! It was just like a throwback to my years as a teenager. I started to remember Relax and Grace Kelly played on tv. It was such a good feeling and I couldn’t leave it like that so I started searching for his other stuff. And he bought me! That day in some sense I discovered him once again and since then I cannot live without his music. My adventure with Mika lasts for several months now but my friends don’t understand it. I hope to find people here with whom I can share my interest and talk about all the Mika stuff I guess that will be all. Wow that’s a huge message oh, and I apologize for any language mistakes. I learn English for many years but you know we’re only humans. Anyway I think I will stick around here and wait to hear some news from you guys
  5. Hello everybody! I have been following Mika for 3 years. I really discovered him in his first year on The Voice. Of course I knew Elle me dit, Love Today and Relax, take it easy. Actually not really... When I looked for him on YouTube and I listened to Relax and Love Today I recognized this songs a very very very little bit. I knew I heard this songs when I was a child but I don't know them... It was a very strange feeling. And about Elle me Dit I thought it was older than it is. Or maybe I confounded with another one... I don't really know... My name is Lucie, I'm 15. ? I'm French. I was born in October so maybe I have a year in more than you think ? I was born in 2001! I live near Bordeaux. I don't precise the place here but if you live near Bordeaux you can ask me more provisions! ? I knew Mika fan Club before and I think I signed up one day but I have never come back here... I'm not sure... But now I'm better in English and I'm very engaged to learn this language so it's a pleasure to talk here. I saw Mika 3 times: 06/08/15 Rochefort 03/10/15 Bordeaux 19/07/16 Carcassonne I talked to him in Bordeaux, I told him he was my birthday gift (but I'm not sure if he heard that ??) he turned around to me and I said "because it's my birthday today" . I think he didn't really understand why I said that like this because he had not heard the beginning so he was a little surprised I think. He just gave me a smile and a "okay ??" ? but all the message was in his looks! ?? really! And in Carcassonne, I was dancing the Boum Boum Boum dance with 2 friends and he invited us to join him on stage. And the next day we saw him leaving his hotel with a hotel's car. We know that he will take his own car out of the city so we follow him (lol) running with flip-flops ?? no it's not true, at first we walked, after we began to run but we kept some meters between the car and us: we didn't want to be ridiculous ? we had sneekers and sandals. We lost the car. On the right there was a car park, we didn't see well. And on the left there was a street where there was a tall man (like mika) with sunglasses (like mika) a blue cap (like Mika) a blue tee-shirt (like Mika) close to a beige car (like the hotel's car) so I chose to go on the left. My friend screamt me "he had a dark blue cap and a light blue tee-shirt not a light blue cap and a dark blue tee-shirt!! " (or the opposite... ?) but I didn't listen to her, I didn't even heard her... And she was right because a woman with a stroller and a baby arrived close to the man. And the man wasn't Mika... So we came back to the car park and we saw the black Range Rover and Mika inside leaving... ????????????? I was soooooooooooooo angry to me!!!!!!!!!! That is my Mikadventures! ? I like Mikadventures especially when they are funny ???? so I can't wait to read yours! I don't know what can I say in more. Maybe I will edit my post later! Bye Lucie! ?
  6. i decided to make a topic dedicated to all the reasons we love and adore Mika, i thought this would be a nice way for us to chat about how and why he makes us happy, laugh and cry.
  7. Hi, I am already a member since February and try to be more active here now. However, I just recognised that I never introduced myself and so, finally, here is my introduction: I am 19 years old and from north Germany, but I live (until July 2017) near London and work as an aupair. The first time I heard music by Mika was probably around 2007. It was the time as "Relax take it easy" were everywhere and I remember that we heard it sometimes in the bus on our way to school. But I never knew who sang it and, for my defence, I was in elementary school and hadn't any interest in music at that point. Therefore it's quite unusual for me to remember a specific song, yet for any reason it sticked in my mind. Than I came across him in the internet in autumn 2014, as I googled...somebody else with the same name... I saw some concert and music videos, some interviews, did a lot of research et cetera et cetera, because I liked him and his music. That's how my obsession started and now I am really addicted to his music. By the way: I read about the planning for the 10th anniversary, I mean the poll, but the thread was already closed as I spotted it and I can't find a new one. Is there a new one? If there is something in London, I' d really like to try to join it, even though I am just a member since February. AmeliaJPond97
  8. Hi. My name is Emna. "Hi" is my favorite greeting word (not sure how that info can be useful) I'm 16 and I'm from Tunisia. I've been in love with Mika's version of Pokerface for years, and I've known (and loved) some of his songs before, but I've only become obsessed recently. More useless info about me: my hair is, atm, curly and about the same length and color as Mika's in 2007-2008. except it's messier (yeah, that's possible) I don't know the difference between food and cute people Good Guys is probably my fave Mika song Mika is cute HIS VOICE uuuh I'm thesadchicken's little sister
  9. Hi everyone!! I just joined yesterday. I'm a new member from the Philippines! My name is Jefferson. I've known Mika since 2013. I discovered him through Popular Song and Stardust (Omg these were my all time fave tracks back then). I got attracted to him and his songs overtime. One time, I was playing the music video for Popular Song and my big brother passed by and I told him the title of the song and after that, I randomly told him "Kuya (brother), he's just like me!" and I remember that he just smiled and he was like "Oh really?" and you know I was just like: . That's the moment when I realized that this thing I'm feeling for him is something more. I listened to his earlier singles and realized that some of those were familiar to me such as "We Are Golden" and "Lollipop'" This love I have for him got even larger last year. I felt that I'm becoming more and more of a fan for him and that this appreciation I have for him as an artist is surreal. He never had a show here in the PH and I'm really hoping that I can spread his name here in my country and let our numbers grow cause I really want him to visit the Philippines and have a show here and I'd love to meet him!!! I'm actually nervous while typing through all of this cause I'm new to this thing haha. I'm not really good at forums and stuff. I hope to learn more about Mika through here and I hope to be friends with all of you. Once again, HI!!!
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Selma, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Tunisia. I've been wanting to join this website for about a week now; I can't wait to meet other Mika fans! I found out about the MikaFanClub via a tumblr blog. I asked about a good place to interact with other fans and this website was recommended to me I found out about Mika way back in 2008, when his first songs were on the radio all the time in my country. I must confess that at the time I didn't pay much attention to anything beyond the chorus of Relax Since then, though, I've always liked him. From afar. A few weeks ago, I was on youtube and I thought "hey, why don't I listen to that Mika fellow?" and BAM. I've been obsessed ever since. Other than my love from Mika and his music, I'm also a huge Michael Jackson fan, and I've been so for many years. I like to point out the little things Mika does that are inspired by Michael; it makes me smile and squeal and flail uncontrollably x) I'm a massive nerd, and a loyal Star Trek fan. Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres, but I like just about any good movie (speaking of movies: I'm a film student.) I have an undying love for Sherlock Holmes, be it the books, the movies or any other media. I've got blue hair and I like chocolate a lot. I think that's just about all! Feel free to ask me questions though Have a nice day!
  11. Hello there I am from New Zealand obviously I sort of have a blurred history of when I became a fan of Mika because looking back now, I realise he has always been there in some way.... The story starts in 2007 when I first became aware of Mika when I was around 8 yeas old because my 4 year old cousin was obsessed with "Grace Kelly" so whenever I was at her house, we would dance in her bedroom to the song. Later that same year my best friend at school came got Life In Cartoon Motion for her birthday and was obsessed with "Lollipop" therefore we danced to that song a lot. Fast forward a couple of years to when I was about 11 and my mum went to see some friends in Australia and I got some music given to me which I put on my iPod. "Big Girls", "Grace Kelly"and "Love Today" were all on them but I never eally paid attention to them because I didn't really know Mika. When I was 13 and my best friend at college was obsessed with the song "Love Today" and would play it all the time, and because I had it on my iPod, she would make me listen to it as well. I then lost my iPod and got a new one, therefore losing all my Mika music. Around 2013, Popular Song started to play on the radio and the music video was shown a lot on TV. That's when I started to take an interest in Mika and started to listen to his music. I looked him up and it all started from there. Recently though I found out he wrote a song for Eros Ramazzotti and my mum listened to him all the time when I was younger. So I also grew up listening to the song Mika wrote. There's more to the story but I'm leaving it there because I've written heaps. But if anyone wants to chat or say "Hi" that's cool
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