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Found 16 results

  1. TF1 https://www.tf1.fr/tmc/quotidien-avec-yann-barthes
  2. A short transaltion from the page: https://it.blastingnews.com/cultura-spettacoli/2014/03/sofar-sounds-musica-e-concerti-live-di-casa-anche-a-milano-0075873.html?fbclid=IwAR2KywbIo0KohMjLvoFLhDIutX8KnCgpH8Q4ckIeTtVBaZKrD7GT0t6sF9I Sofar Sounds, music and live concerts at 'home' also in Milan Sofar Sounds is a project born in London in March 2009 that soon developed also overseas in the US and then in Holland and in many other European cities. What is Sofar Sounds?Sofar is a movement that organizes live music events and concerts by emerging artists, with the particularity of making them in very special locations: in private homes and in great secrecy. Sofar Sounds, intimate concerts also in Milan The live show and the magical nature of an environment with a few hundred people make these concerts a unique event of its kind. If the Sofar Sounds project has intrigued you, why not try attending their live music concert? To find out where the upcoming events will take place, go to the official Sofar Sounds website and sign up for their newsletter. The day before you will be notified by email and you will discover locations and artists who will perform and you can spend an evening listening to live music, as if you were in your own home!
  3. RADIO [ VivaCité - RTBF : Quoi de neuf ? ]
  4. Here we go !! We are waiting for your posting ========== INSTAGRAM ========== mikainstagram Mika IG stories 2019.06.04 Mika IG story from Verona 2019.06.08 Mika IG stories In Verona Seat Music Awards 2019 on 4 June ========== PHOTO ========== ========== Fan Video ========== ========== REPORT ========== ========== Rai 1 VIDEO ========== RaiPlay ( 2:55:11 ) 2019/05/Seat-Music-Awards-2019 ( 512 x 288 : 1GB )Music_Awards/10619433_800.mp4 ( 928 x 522p : 2.3GB )Music_Awards/10619433_1800.mp4 VK The whole broadcast on 6th June SeatMusicAwards A part of Mika ( 720p ) Seat_Music_Awards_MIKA ========== PRESS ========== TG verona https://www.tgverona.it/pages/823740/spettacoli/i_seat_music_awards_da_fuori.html
  5. Chérie FM broadcast Ice Cream studio LIVE and an interview with Mika at 9AM, 3 June 2019. ( this program is recorded )
  6. Today at 6pm Mika sang live on Facebook page Pure Charts. Ice Cream, Grace Kelly and a cover She's Always a Woman. Then a short interview about new album.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzP0qkmoL_-/?igshid=1tl5hhus3ek2y
  8. Mika will be guest at RTL2 to show the new single Ice Cream the 31st of May.
  9. On 10 June 2019 Mika will be on [ La boîte à questions ( The question box ) ] Twitter Instagram story https://www.instagram.com/baqcanal/
  10. RTL at 9AM in the moring, Mika will be on with his new single and will talk about his new album expected in October. Laissez-vous tenter https://www.rtl.fr/emission/laissez-vous-tenter
  11. Mika as a guest of Boomerang of France Inter on 31 May 2019 at 9:00. https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/boomerang/boomerang-31-mai-2019?xtmc=mika&xtnp=1&xtcr=1 vendredi 31 mai 2019 par Augustin Trapenard Mika 33 minutes
  12. Rai1 TG1 TELEGIORNALE REPLAY ( a whole 30min ) https://www.raiplay.it/video/2019/05/TELEGIORNALE-83eb60e2-e267-473a-8fe0-4ae62df8fcd0.html A Part of Mika http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-e1c618fe-5f71-46b6-93aa-3d92b723b4e1-tg1.html
  13. No point to this, just that I really do prefer LOOKING more than tasting :wink:
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