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Found 16 results

  1. TF1 https://www.tf1.fr/tmc/quotidien-avec-yann-barthes
  2. A short transaltion from the page: https://it.blastingnews.com/cultura-spettacoli/2014/03/sofar-sounds-musica-e-concerti-live-di-casa-anche-a-milano-0075873.html?fbclid=IwAR2KywbIo0KohMjLvoFLhDIutX8KnCgpH8Q4ckIeTtVBaZKrD7GT0t6sF9I Sofar Sounds, music and live concerts at 'home' also in Milan Sofar Sounds is a project born in London in March 2009 that soon developed also overseas in the US and then in Holland and in many other European cities. What is Sofar Sounds?Sofar is a movement that organizes live music events and concerts by emerging arti
  3. RADIO [ VivaCité - RTBF : Quoi de neuf ? ]
  4. Here we go !! We are waiting for your posting ========== INSTAGRAM ========== mikainstagram Mika IG stories 2019.06.04 Mika IG story from Verona 2019.06.08 Mika IG stories In Verona Seat Music Awards 2019 on 4 June ========== PHOTO ========== ========== Fan Video ========== ========== REPORT ========== ========== Rai 1 VIDEO ========== RaiPlay ( 2:55:11 ) 2019/05/Seat-
  5. Chérie FM broadcast Ice Cream studio LIVE and an interview with Mika at 9AM, 3 June 2019. ( this program is recorded )
  6. Today at 6pm Mika sang live on Facebook page Pure Charts. Ice Cream, Grace Kelly and a cover She's Always a Woman. Then a short interview about new album.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzP0qkmoL_-/?igshid=1tl5hhus3ek2y
  8. Mika will be guest at RTL2 to show the new single Ice Cream the 31st of May.
  9. On 10 June 2019 Mika will be on [ La boîte à questions ( The question box ) ] Twitter Instagram story https://www.instagram.com/baqcanal/
  10. RTL at 9AM in the moring, Mika will be on with his new single and will talk about his new album expected in October. Laissez-vous tenter https://www.rtl.fr/emission/laissez-vous-tenter
  11. Mika as a guest of Boomerang of France Inter on 31 May 2019 at 9:00. https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/boomerang/boomerang-31-mai-2019?xtmc=mika&xtnp=1&xtcr=1 vendredi 31 mai 2019 par Augustin Trapenard Mika 33 minutes
  12. Rai1 TG1 TELEGIORNALE REPLAY ( a whole 30min ) https://www.raiplay.it/video/2019/05/TELEGIORNALE-83eb60e2-e267-473a-8fe0-4ae62df8fcd0.html A Part of Mika http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-e1c618fe-5f71-46b6-93aa-3d92b723b4e1-tg1.html
  13. No point to this, just that I really do prefer LOOKING more than tasting :wink:
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