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  1. Hello! My name is Ace and I’m a trans guy from the USA. I discovered Mika around 2012 due to my older cousin being a huge fan, but I’ve only just realized he has a pretty good sized fan base, so i decided I’d join it.
  2. Hello everyone! So, my name is Olivia (call me Liv though!) and I'm from the USA. I'll just start with how I figured out about Mika. I found him through the Voice France, actually 5 months ago, looking at some viral blind auditions and it so happened, I came across Kendji's. I thought he was super attractive and then it cut to Mika and I was like, "Who is this guy? I need to find out more about him." A couple of Internet searches later and I found out that he was English (I thought he was French lol) and that I actually had heard his songs before (Popular Song and Lollipop) when I was younger. Also, funny story, when I heard Lollipop for the first time ever, my brain connected "higher voice to female" so until 5 months ago, I thought that song was sung by a woman. Everyone makes mistakes. So, I discovered this website a while back, but I didn't really know if I should join it or not. But now, I think I'm ready to join this big Mika community because I don't know anyone around me who knows who he is. Of course, I'm a little nervous because I've never been part of one of these forums before, but I trust that all of you are cool! And I hope I'll be cool too! - Liv
  3. Greetings for all of you. I hope you're alright! You can call me Agustín or Austin, I leave it up to you. I'm posting this because I want to get people to know me a little bit. I've just discovered this website and I want to make friends from any place in the world. I speak English and Spanish. You can find more information about me on my profile Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it, and I would super appreciate answers <3 See you PS: Do you have any group chat in Telegram or WhatsApp? I'd love to be part of them
  4. Hello guys! My name is Pear (the same pear as a fruit). I’m 16 years old girl from Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. I decided to finally reveal myself and appear from the darkness and introducing myself here. I joined the MFC site just recently which also make me regret a lot to not discover this site sooner! I'm starting to know Mika first around 3 years ago while I was searching for a fan-made a video tribute to Peggy Carter one of the characters from the movie Captain America which the creator use the sing Happy Ending in it which make me fall into his voice and starting to follow all of his work. Sadly, I just begin my middle school year in that time and I have to focus myself on preparing to for high school which is a huge thing in Thailand because we have to keep the GPA high to be able to choose the study major in high school whether you choose the science program or the language program etc. which also effect my whole life in high school and also university so I did not catching up with his work as much which I want to go back in time and yelling ”Relax, take it easy!” to myself! Apparently, 2017 was my freshman year of being a high school still then and I choose a French study program which means that for my entire high school year I will major on French not sciences which people usually choose if they want to be a doctor or scientist or something. And here I am right now, studying French for a year now with DELFA1 level and still not understand what Mika said in the French media except an easily sentences. However, I also made a fan-made music video of "L’amour fait ce qu'il veut" with an English Subtitles which I transalate into English and in a middle of transalating "Je chante" for both educational purpose and for my love in Mika’s works. I will leave a link below if anyone interesting in watching it and I have to apologize for any mistake both in French and in English. Anyways, I’m really glad to be a part of Mika fan community so much and I hope that someday I could help the MFC subtitles team too but right now I will try to practice and learning French to be able to master it someday also there must be someday that I could be in some of his gigs too. I hope he will visit Asia often, I would book a ticket to Japan, China, Korean or any country that he went immediately including Europe too if I have a chance! It will also great if Mika ever come to Thailand maybe just for a Holliday that’s fine. To end this really long introduction that might could turn into an essay, thank you so much for all of the MFC mod, All member her who update and discuss and sharing his picture his gigs, his work, his music, fanart , the translator whether in the MFC subtitles team or a fansub an translator of his interview, subtitles of the voice france, x factor or of his gig or anything involves Mika well let’s just say, everyone,. A really big hug and appreciation from me to you! Thanks you so much for your hardship. You guys are rock! I'm very pleased to meet you all and sorry for a late introduction! Love you all so much!
  5. Tis I


    Hello, Tis I____ I can't wait to get to know everyone on here! I'm pretty new to this online form thing sooooo I hope I made a new thread right. (If not how do you make one?)
  6. Hello guys & girls !!! I'm surfing on the MFC site for a little month now, and I always find it like a "labyrinth" !!!! I'm 41, living in France near Paris and I'm a Mika fan only since 2017 !!! But it's never too late isn't it ?!!! I appreciate this site because it's full of informations about Mika and on all subjects ! It's very pleasant !! I discovered Mika overall on The Voice ! I matched with his clever argumentation and his sense of humor and his joyfulness !!! Anyway.. He's the best and I love him so much Here it snows in Paris !! It's so cold but so beautiful at the same time !!! Mikaaaaaaaaaa... ! I need your hat now, to protect my hairs from the snow !!!!! Could you lend it to me please...?!!! Well, it was a short introduction !! So I hope I will meet a lot of nice & cool fans here and there !!! Don't hesitate to guide me in the MFC, ok ?!!! Cause I'm quite lost yet !!! Have a nice day everybody and see you very soon !! Kisses and hugs ! Celine
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm Michael Tulus from Indonesia How I become Mika fan: There was this one day, when my mom come home with a flashdisk full of song so I can listen to something other than political or sad song (too lazy and miser to buy other album. Those were my father's). One of the random album (okay, it's just 6 songs from the album) in there was "The boy who knew too much", where somehow I manage to reach among 50+ album through shuffle. Intrigued at the first song in the list (blame it on the girl. we are golden were put last there), I listened to the whole album, and finally, for the first time in my life, there's a whole album that managed to fit my taste. Other than the last halves of The Boy who knew too much, at most there's 1 song each album that I don't instantly like, and those will take 3-5 times too grow on me. Honestly, Mika is the only person I can honestly say I'm a fan of.
  8. Hi everybody, Im from the uk and have loved Mika’s music my whole life but only recently discovered how much I love him as a person and began to binge watch everything he has ever done! I’m new to this site and at the moment have no idea what I’m doing but, it’s lovely to meet you all!
  9. Hello! I'm really new to fanclubs and forums, please forgive me x__x Anyways, my name's Vireo or Dallon! I go by a third name but only close friends can call me that. I'm a trans kid from Spain (not specifiying where because I lived in almost all the country). Before I talk about how I discovered Mika and stuff, I'll say some basic stuff about me: - I'm a minor, perhaps the youngest member in here? I haven't seen anyone my age in here, hahah... I'm not telling anyone my age, sorry lads! - I draw and I play bass. I really want to be a graphic designer or make a pop punk/alternative rock band somewhere... My biggest inspirations (apart from Mika!) are Fall Out Boy, Owl City, Panic! At The Disco (saw them once, almost fainted when Dallon Weekes winked at me ) and Twenty One Pilots. - I really love languages! I can speak 3 (Spanish, English and Catalan) and I (kind of) understand 6 (Those 3, Italian, Portuguese and Galician). - I have other social media! Here's my Tumblr, DeviantART and YouTube! (YouTube is... a cringey page for me... It brings back memories) - I'm really sensitive to some topics like bullying or death. I suffered bullying for 3 years straight and I've lost a lot of close people so please, be careful. Now about Mika! I know him since 2010 (more or less), I heard Lollipop on the radio once and fell in love! Of course, I heard Relax, Take It Easy and Grace Kelly too. Years later (by that I mean January 2017), I randomly remembered that song and looked him up. Guess what? I immediatly fell in love with him! He's pretty much really important for me. He's helping me in a lot of things, specially with self-discovering (is that a thing?) and recovering from trauma. I'm a lonely boy so please, you can talk to me whenever you want! Anyways, Vireo out!
  10. Greetings from Poland everyone! My name is Dominika and I’m 23 y.o. student - I’m going to teach children at primary school or kindergarten in the future, hopefully. About myself hmm… well it is not much to say. I like read books, listen to music and watch TV series and movies. About Mika… I have to say that I quite recently became a fan of Mika and that happened accidentally. So this is my story… One day I opened youtube and in offered videos popped up Mika – Boum, boum, boum. I thought is this that man I remember or not? So I watched it and it was like a revelation to me! this is the same guy from psychedelic video with the storm of brown curls and high voice! It was just like a throwback to my years as a teenager. I started to remember Relax and Grace Kelly played on tv. It was such a good feeling and I couldn’t leave it like that so I started searching for his other stuff. And he bought me! That day in some sense I discovered him once again and since then I cannot live without his music. My adventure with Mika lasts for several months now but my friends don’t understand it. I hope to find people here with whom I can share my interest and talk about all the Mika stuff I guess that will be all. Wow that’s a huge message oh, and I apologize for any language mistakes. I learn English for many years but you know we’re only humans. Anyway I think I will stick around here and wait to hear some news from you guys
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Laura, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Colombia. I've been listening to Mika for about ten years, ever since Grace Kelly came out. I love his energy and how creative he is. I hope to have a blast here
  12. Hello there ~ My name's Roselyne, I'm a 17 years old girl from Belgium and, well, I love Mika x) (Surprising, uh?) But how did I discover this amazing person and artist? Well, the first time I really got into one of his songs was back when I was like 11 or 12. The "tradition" at my little village school was to prepare a big show for the end of every year, anyone could participate. On that year, I decided I'd dance with the other girls. To my pleasure, we were going to do it on Mika's song, "Elle me dit". (By the way I'm from the French-speaking part of Belgium so this explains that~) God knows I loved it. I remember jumping like a mad cuckoo clock on a trampoline (That's the only comparison I could think of) on stage in front of my (probably ashamed) mother xD But then, I forgot about Mika... Of course when someone mentioned him I was like "ah yeah that guy" but I wasn't going to listen to any of his songs again anytime soon... BUT THEN The Voice (France) came in. It must've been in 2014 or 2015. And I began to love his personality and well, his cuteness when he makes mistakes in his sentences x) And then, when The Voice was over, I forgot him again xD (I'm awful, I know). BUT THEN 2017 arrived. The new season of The Voice was gonna begin and I told myself "Hey, why not watch last year's season? There's Mika and Garou in it" Thank god I did that. I realised (again x2) how oblivious I had been to his awesomeness. And then, finally, I listened to his songs. Good lord are they amazing! Of course it didn't stop there. Just last night I couldn't sleep because I had so many videos of him to watch x) I mean, really, he's cute! (I love his dogs btw) I also love hearing him speak in a bunch of different languages ~ I mean, I love languages in general so yeah ^^ And uh, here I am! I swear I won't forget him again. Twice was enough x) I hope we'll all have a good time together ~ Don't hesitate to contact me even if it's just to make a bit of conversation, I'll be pleased to meet you =3 I speak French and English so either will be good ~ Have a good day, love yourself~!
  13. Hi, I am already a member since February and try to be more active here now. However, I just recognised that I never introduced myself and so, finally, here is my introduction: I am 19 years old and from north Germany, but I live (until July 2017) near London and work as an aupair. The first time I heard music by Mika was probably around 2007. It was the time as "Relax take it easy" were everywhere and I remember that we heard it sometimes in the bus on our way to school. But I never knew who sang it and, for my defence, I was in elementary school and hadn't any interest in music at that point. Therefore it's quite unusual for me to remember a specific song, yet for any reason it sticked in my mind. Than I came across him in the internet in autumn 2014, as I googled...somebody else with the same name... I saw some concert and music videos, some interviews, did a lot of research et cetera et cetera, because I liked him and his music. That's how my obsession started and now I am really addicted to his music. By the way: I read about the planning for the 10th anniversary, I mean the poll, but the thread was already closed as I spotted it and I can't find a new one. Is there a new one? If there is something in London, I' d really like to try to join it, even though I am just a member since February. AmeliaJPond97
  14. Hey everyone! Just starting this thread to introduce myself. I'm a member since the beginning of the month but I was heavily shy and trying to understand how the forum works. Now that I'm a little more comfortable I decided to say hi to you, because I find you guys very friendly ^^ My first contact with Mika was bcs a friend of mine showed me 'Live Your Life' while we were coming back from school. She said the song was made for me, and since that day in 2012 I'm totally in love with him. He helped to develop what I call-myself- today, I don't what I would do if his art and charisma weren't present in my life everyday. Even though, I always felt a lack of a community where I could meet and interact with people that shared my feelings for Mika. So after a long search I found you, and I'm really happy and relieved now ???? (Sorry if I wrote too much, I really didn't know what to say) -Please don't ignore me-????
  15. Hi. My name is Emna. "Hi" is my favorite greeting word (not sure how that info can be useful) I'm 16 and I'm from Tunisia. I've been in love with Mika's version of Pokerface for years, and I've known (and loved) some of his songs before, but I've only become obsessed recently. More useless info about me: my hair is, atm, curly and about the same length and color as Mika's in 2007-2008. except it's messier (yeah, that's possible) I don't know the difference between food and cute people Good Guys is probably my fave Mika song Mika is cute HIS VOICE uuuh I'm thesadchicken's little sister
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Serena, I live in Greece and I've been a fan of Mika and his music ever since "Life In Cartoon Motion". Yes, I'm one of those who were late to discover MFC! I love art, music and writing. It's so nice to meet you all!
  17. Hello everyone! My name is Selma, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Tunisia. I've been wanting to join this website for about a week now; I can't wait to meet other Mika fans! I found out about the MikaFanClub via a tumblr blog. I asked about a good place to interact with other fans and this website was recommended to me I found out about Mika way back in 2008, when his first songs were on the radio all the time in my country. I must confess that at the time I didn't pay much attention to anything beyond the chorus of Relax Since then, though, I've always liked him. From afar. A few weeks ago, I was on youtube and I thought "hey, why don't I listen to that Mika fellow?" and BAM. I've been obsessed ever since. Other than my love from Mika and his music, I'm also a huge Michael Jackson fan, and I've been so for many years. I like to point out the little things Mika does that are inspired by Michael; it makes me smile and squeal and flail uncontrollably x) I'm a massive nerd, and a loyal Star Trek fan. Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres, but I like just about any good movie (speaking of movies: I'm a film student.) I have an undying love for Sherlock Holmes, be it the books, the movies or any other media. I've got blue hair and I like chocolate a lot. I think that's just about all! Feel free to ask me questions though Have a nice day!
  18. Hello everyone! I'm a big Mika fan from the Netherlands (Sorry if my English is bad!) and I joined this club today! I've been a big fan of him since I first heard his songs in 2007 when I was 15 years old and I followed him ever since. Got all his albums and I went to his Heaven Tour on 22 September, wich was the first time I was able to see him live and it was so amazing! I just love Mika and his music so much, it's a miracle my cd's are still alive! I hope we all can be friends!
  19. [English] (I wrote this text with some help!) Hello everyone there! I’m Julieta, I’m from Argentina and I’ve been a Mika’s fan since 2007, when I saw “Grace Kelly” for the first time on TV. After that, I searched information on The Internet and I immediately registered on MFC to take part into the “Argentinean Thread”. In that moment I was 13 years old and we were just a few fans in the thread who started what later became a huge fans group. In time, more people took part till I wasn’t able to remember each one. Later I left, I don’t remember why. Anyway I often tried to log in the MFC to read some news. Sometimes months passed before I logged in again and I even forgot my password. I recovered it thanks to someone from the forum (Thank you! ). I have to mention that an important moment in my life as a Mika’s fan was when I had the chance to meet him in the only show he gave in Argentina. I got on stage and I danced “Lollipop” (I will never forget this). Now, this is one of those times I’m logging in MFC again. Unfortunately the “Argentinean Thread” is inactive. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try to my basic English and introduce myself. Thanks whoever reads all this. Hope you have a nice day!. -------------- [italian] (Farò il tentativo di scrivere in italiano, visto che la mia famiglia ha origini italiane.) (Sono riuscita a scrivere, anche con l'aiuto di una mia amica italiana) Ciao tutti! Mi chiamo Julieta (Giulietta). Sono Argentina e sono fan di Mika dal 2007, quando ho visto “Grace Kelly” in Tv. Così ho fatto delle ricerche su internet e mi sono registrata nel MFC. Avevo 13 anni e nel “Argentinean Thread” eravamo poche ragazze, poi pian piano siamo diventate un grande gruppo di fanatiche. Con il passare del tempo si sono registrate più persone e per me non era possibile ricordare tutti. Più tardi ho smesso di entrare nel MFC, non ricordo perchè, anche se ogni tanto venivo a leggere qualche notizia. Con il passare del tempo ho dimenticato la password, ma sono riuscita a recuperarla, grazie all'aiuto di qualcuno del MFC. (Grazie ancora). Voglio anche condividere con voi un momento molto importante della mia vita come fan di Mika. Ho avuto la possibilità di conoscerlo nello show in Argentina. Sono stata sul palco con lui e ho ballato “Lollipop”, (non dimenticherò mai quel momento). Visto che sono entrata di nuovo nel MFC, ho avuto l'idea di provare a scrivere qualcosa con il mio povero inglese (e italiano) per introdurmi perchè nel "Argentinean Thread" non c'è mai nessuno . Grazie per aver letto. Spero che abbiate una bella giornata. -------------- [spanish] (Escribir en español se me hará más fácil) Hola a todos! Me llamo Julieta soy de Argentina y soy fan de Mika desde el 2007, cuando vi por primera vez Grace Kelly en la televisión. Luego de eso busqué inmediatamente información en internet y enseguida me estaba registrando en el MFC para integrarme al “Argentinean Thread”. En ese entonces tenía tan solo 13 años y éramos algunas pocas en el hilo, quienes dimos comienzo a un gran grupo de fans. Con el tiempo, más personas se fueron integrando hasta el punto en el que no podía recordar quién era cada uno. Más tarde dejé el foro, no recuerdo el por qué. De todas maneras me mantuve ingresando cada tanto para leer alguna que otra novedad. A veces pasaban muchos meses y hasta llegué a olvidar mi contraseña que luego recuperé gracias a alguien del foro (Gracias). Debo mencionar, como acontecimiento importante en mi vida como fan, que se me dio la oportunidad de conocer a Mika en su único show en Argentina. Subí al escenario y bailé “Lollipop” (Momento que nunca olvidaré). Actualmente, esta es una de esas tantas veces que ingreso al foro, aunque desafortunadamente, el thread argentino está inactivo. Por eso pensé que sería una buena oportunidad para intentar presentarme con mi inglés básico. Gracias a quienes hayan leído todo esto. Que tengan un buen día!.
  20. Oh hi! Zoe here. I am an engineering student who lives mostly on Tumblr and it's my first time on this form of forum (formulated forms of forums X 3 super fast, I dare you ). I've been told I'm energy, giggles, and cuddles given human form but I typically get struggles instead of snuggles so it's debatable. I'm new to the fan club but definitely not a new fan. In my youth my mum, sister, and I stumbled across the original release of "Relax, Take It Easy", thought it was awesome, and then promptly forgot about it until Life in Cartoon Motion came out. I had the honor of seeing Mika perform live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia in what I think was '08 (it might have been '09, I'm not sure) which, obviously, was awesome. Being one of the only artists we can all agree on, his music has serenaded many a rode trip, although we almost always sing louder than the radio. I am 2% serious, 10% math, 10% food, 30% coffee, 40% fangirl, and 8% wtf and would love to be your friend. p.s. my Tumblr is buffalorolls.tumblr.com and it would be my utmost pleasure to follow you
  21. Hello! I've been a Mika fan since "Grace Kelly" was released and I was struck by his music Now I'm older and I've changed but that never changed. I've recently joined you because I am a newbie to concerts (sigh) and now that I can finally attend them I am desperate for news about Mika's shows! This was my reason in the first place, but since I've joined I've spent hours on MFC reading your brilliant threads and laughing so hard (sometimes gushing actually )! So many nice people here, you made me want to introduce myself. I'm an extremely introvert person and it just got me a while Forgive my awkward English, I am not a native English speaker X
  22. HEY! I'm new here! About me and my addiction: When I was little, when I saw Mika on TMF, which is like the Dutch MTV. I would listen to Relax all day. Back then, I only knew the songs Relax, Grace Kelly, Big Girl, Kick Ass and We are Golden, but I can't really caal myself a 'fan' back then. Through the years I kinda forgot about Mika. And this summer while I was on YouTube, I saw Popular Song in the suggestions. I was like, 'hey it's that curly guy Mika! But wait... he's less curly...'. Then I watched his videos over and over again, and before I knew it I was a MikaFreak. Since that day I have listened to his music every day. Sorry if you see any mistakes, english isn't my first language. See you later, Manon
  23. Okay so ummm... hi. I'm Courtney from Florida (USA) and I haven't been a fan of Mika for a long time like most everybody has but I feel like I have been! So I really like Mika (obviously) and One Direction and just most music in general. I discovered Mika from Just Dance 3. I was dancing to Lolipop and was thinking "who the heck sings this?" and so I looked it up and it all went downhill from there... So um yeah. I was really late at doing this so I already know some people but I'm always to meet new MikaFreaks so just PM me anytime you want or whatever. Oh! I'm also in chat a lot so I'm there too.
  24. Hi everyone! I'm Giulia and I'm 19 years old. I live in Vercelli, Italy and I'm studying foreign languages in Turin by now My contact with Mika and his music happened in 2008 when I heard for the first time "Grace Kelly". From that moment I've never give up following him and his music! XxX Giulia.
  25. I am new MFC member, but following Mika since more than 3 years. Some of you already see me at gigs, I am always close to the nice Lena Machu hope to meet you at next gig
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