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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the KIWI thread!! I just thought that the MFC forum was in need of a KIWI thread seen as our Neighbors AUSTRALIA has their very own! This is the place where us kiwis can discuss anything! including our mr mika! I also EXTEND welcome our friends (whänau) from the rest of the world to join us! COME In and say kia ora (HI!) Now how about we call ourselves the MikaFerns (other suggestions welcome!) LETS MAKE SURE MIKA REMEMBERS NEW ZEALAND!! 'tuku tätou mahi tika MIKA mahara Aotearoa' MIKAFERNS #1-RosinaKiwi #2-twinkleztar #3-mnm142 #4-Tael #5-Grace Ally - polish KiwiFern #6-1kiwiabroad #7-Lolliepop_girl #8-Jamakkronic - French Kiwifern #9-Sarah4mika #10-nikoulini #11-Humphrey #12-elanorelle - honourary KIWI #13-whitegirl #14-babuccia #15-racinghorse83 #16-mika-fan1001 #17-Emily B #18-Randumb #19-Nique #20-nationalhouseofpancakes
  2. We are in our joint ventures and we are helping others get their cut. but we seem to have been missed out. after going to the sydney gig I realised as a country new zealand needs to be louder, were too small to be quiet! So us kiwis have come up with a few things that should help, if you could join in and help a neighbour our that would be amazing! WE have a facebook group: (ive forgotten the link ill post it here later) a twitter page: and dont forget to vote rain on the radiostations! The Mika's book about new zealand. its blank at the moment, but the plan is for a handwritten scrap book that will involve as many people as possible! The idea is that It can also reach out to those who wouldnt/couldnt usually be a part of MFC because its online, or because theyre too shy to say "I LIKE MIKA" many new zealanders list mika as a guilty pleasure, but I want to change that and make it more open, only when mika and co see that there are enough of us, and we are loud about it will he think its acutally worth it! Its amazing, when I was in sydney Joanie (his mum) told me he wanted to come here. so If we're loud enough, he has to realise he has enough fans to make it worth a show or two!