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Found 3 results

  1. foryoublue


    I'm semi-new suppose I should introduce myself so no one thinks that I'm a weird stranger! The first time I heard of Mika was probably "Love Today" in a commercial a few years ago. I thought the song bit was catchy, but never bothered to check it out (I'm stupid, I know!) My second "run in" with a Mika song was in 2008 on American Idol. One of the contestants trying out, Josiah Lemming (I find it odd that I can even remember his name) sang "Grace Kelly" and I thought "WOW I NEED TO KNOW WHO SINGS THAT SONG!!!" Once again, didn't (I know, I know! I'm ashamed!) So, this year-I believe it was Thanksgiving night-I came home from seeing my friend who lives rather far away & her newborn daughter (pretty cute!) and found myself bored and in the need of music. I don't recall the exact details, but I went to youtube and searched for that contestant's audition video to find that magical song that I once heard. And since then there's been NO TURNING BACK. I listened to a bunch of songs and did some research (whenever I find something new that I like, I need to know as much as I can about that subject! haha). I stumbled upon an interview and guess whose name came out of Mika's mouth? Harry Nilsson. Wowowow! So, that pretty much sealed the deal of my love for this incredible uplifting music. So far I've been recruiting friends & family into Mikadom, some more willingly than others. After finding myself on this site a few times (okay....MORE than a few times!) I decided to make a name for myself and possibly join in the fun if you let me! Other than my new found love for this musical greatness-I like some other stuff too (believe it or not!): Drawing, music, painting, going to as many shows as possible, collecting vinyl, chocolate, attempting exercise, staring at pictures of Adam Lambert and spending an INSANE amount of time online. Well, that's all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading my mini story on me. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death-if not, congrats for living through my ramblings! <3 Tara
  2. ......... carried over from Here ---------- carry on peeps---------------------- I am working right now
  3. I stole this idea from anoher forum, but I liked it and I don't think anyone here is on that forum too, so.... What do you want to do with you'r future? Do you have any plans? Career? Marriage? Children? My world was torn apart a few months ago and i havent been able to fix it. I wanted to be child psychologist but over the summer i had to read Equus and it made me question things. I dont think i believe in sanity/insanity. and if I had to help a child with a reletive's death i dont think i could because i am very cold and uncaring on the topic of death. so i was thinking social worker, but i dont know. then i realized that im a senior in high school: 1) I have no job 2) I have no car 3) I don't have my liscens 4) I hate living in this house 5) I don't know where my life is going and i'm sure there are many things i havent listed.