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Found 13 results

  1. If you wish to discuss the live stream concert in a lot more detail with a full review please use this space to do so! 😃 Here's mine. 😊 As I said before it's quite long 😅 I would have logged in straight after the concert but I got so many notifications on twitter afterwards that I spent a while there and then went to bed (I was very tempted to watch the whole thing again and probably will later), starting to feel PMD now 😅. Anyway consider this my first concert review! It's quite long and took me over an hour to write! First of all my bud
  2. MIKA will be performing in Locarno, Switzerland, in the Piazza Grande on 21 June, 2020. Tickets are on sale now from ticketcorner.ch or https://memberplus.raiffeisen.ch/de/konzerte-events/mika
  3. Hey does anyone know if any of the shows following the Brooklyn one are being filmed as well?
  4. Will Mika have any live performances in 2018? Does anyone know anything about that? Would travel anywhere to hear him live. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone I'm new here, just spent the whole day going through all the amazing material here, thanks especially to the amazing translating team, you guys deserve the world for your contributions! I was watching the Mobistar concert where he forgot the lyrics to "Lola" and then tried to get someone to look up the lyrics then seemed kinda pissed when they didn't find it. I thought it was hilarious but also wondered what other singers do when they forget their lyrics? Do they also get the audience to help or just change songs? And then I wondered why didn't Mika have the lyrics printed out? He
  6. OK, this is IT! The start of the new tour! Come on and show us what you've got, Rennes! We're dying to see/hear! According to French Deb, this was the set list: Opened with No Place in Heaven, Big Girl, Good Wife, Grace Kelly, Boum Boum Boum, Good Guys, Talk About You, Origin of Love, PROMISELAND!!! , Relax, Staring at the Sun, Rain, Underwater, L'amour, Elle Me Dit, Happy Ending, J'ai Pas Envie, Billy Brown, We Are Golden, Lollipop, Love Today, Last Party. 22 songs! ========== REPORTS ========== French Deb ========== PICS ========== ==========
  7. Mika will play in Osaka, Japan on 16 February 2016 at the Grand Cube. Fan pre-sale will be held 21st November (tickets can be purchased in Japan only). Details coming soon! General Sale 19th December! GOING TO THIS EVENT? RSVP HERE: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/901-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events
  8. Toulouse !! "HURTS" is first staged !!! ======== REPORTS ======== #18 by valerie-emma #20 by Claire! #22 by Melyssa ======== PICS ======== mikainstagram #2 Claire! #20 Melyssa#22 #34 #35 #36 ====== VIDEOS ====== Sixtine MIKA - Hurts live ( @ Phare , Tournefeuille ) - 11/10/2015 MIKA - Staring at The Sun ( @ Phare , Tournefeuille) _ 11/10/2015 K'mille AC Mika @ Toulouse Le Phare - "Hurts" - 11/10/15 - Mika @ Zénith de Nancy - "Love Today" - 09/10/15 ======== MEDIA ======== Thorium Magazine #16 FaceBook #32
  9. Was anyone at the free FNAC Festival in Paris 18th July? Please share! ========== REPORTS ========== Emlyne's report Daeni's report ========== PICS ========== Sephira's pics Emlyne's pics Daeni28's pics ========== VIDEOS ========== ENTIRE SHOW ON VK Lollipop
  10. I saw this on Twitter, but not posted here anywhere. Looks like Rolling Stone in Italy will have an exclusive video of Mika performing Last Party live with the OSM -- it will be released on 8 May. Here's the story: http://www.rollingstone.it/musica/news-musica/mika-last-party-esclusiva/2015-05-06/
  11. The thought just came to me that Mika should do a live internet chat where fans can ask him questions - I've seen some artists do this before and it was really awesome to see them live and hear answers to fans questions (which are always better ) Maybe someone could suggest this to him on twitter? I don't have an account.
  12. French web TV Arte will show all of Mika's live concert in Baden Baden tonight! Watch it on internet tonight 8 PM (French time) Don't miss it! The link is here http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Mika_en_direct_de_Baden-Baden/ Evénement : Mika en direct de Baden-Baden sur ARTE Live Web A l'occasion de son passage à Baden-Baden, ARTE Live Web retransmet en direct (et en direct seulement) le concert de Mika, en partenariat avec SWR3. En direct ce soir, à partir de 20h00 sur ARTE Live Web http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/Mika_en_direct_de_Baden-Baden/ --------------------------
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