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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone I'm new here, just spent the whole day going through all the amazing material here, thanks especially to the amazing translating team, you guys deserve the world for your contributions! I was watching the Mobistar concert where he forgot the lyrics to "Lola" and then tried to get someone to look up the lyrics then seemed kinda pissed when they didn't find it. I thought it was hilarious but also wondered what other singers do when they forget their lyrics? Do they also get the audience to help or just change songs? And then I wondered why didn't Mika have the lyrics printed out? He seems to have these papers on the top of his piano. And he said whoever gave him the lyrics could sit on the stage for the rest of the gig but I didn't see that. Sorry if this topic has already been covered.
  2. Tonight, July 5th, at Ollesummer, Estonia, Mika sang Lola for the first time... Thanks to a few MFCers (especially Tiibet for this video), we get to hear it [YOUTUBE]IqjprYPu4Z0[/YOUTUBE] EDIT: Here's a 45 second clip of the recorded version: Lyrics anyone? Lola People always make me crazy Love me lots, don’t love me maybe What’s the point in singing silly love songs? Who do they think they are to tell us? Make me sad and make me jealous Don’t believe a word 'cause they are so wrong Lola, Lola Oh sex and lies and mystery They don't bring out the best in me Keep jumping from one lover to another Thank you for the time you've taken Cleanin' up the mess I'm makin' Make the same mistake over and over Lola, I’ve made up my mind I’m not gonna fall in love this time (x2) Lola Why pretend to be so jaded It's so easy just to hate it Anyone can love you for a dollar But when you find your love's for real You'll beg and borrow, cheat and steal Trying to get the money just to call her Lola, I’ve made up my mind I’m not gonna fall in love this time (x2) Like a fish out of water It picks you up and spits you out Why do we even bother When there’s only one way out And we both know it, lover Lola, I’ve made up my mind I’m not gonna fall in love this time (x2) You can't stop it if you try Love makes you laugh, it makes you cry The oldest game in history, repeated. (x2) Lola Lola babe it’s just another love song (x2) Lola, I’ve made up my mind Lola babe it’s just another love song (x2) (Lola, lololollala lalala) Lola babe, it’s just another love song…