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Found 8 results

  1. It's many months away, but you can chat about tickets, travel arrangements, hotels etc here. Please RSVP here:
  2. MIKA RETURNS TO LONDON !!! Setlist ======= REPORT ======= Before the Show Mika @ Palladium, London, UK -- 05 June 2016 POLL: Pre-Palladium Show Meet-up 5th June 2016 Blue Sky #8 #105 mellody #9 #28 dcdeb #11 #45 dcdeb transcript : the beginning of OMS #136 Soaring Simpson#12 tiibet #13 #50 CazGirl #17 jemmalee #29 Linam #33 silver #44 kath #56 #57 RAK1 #49 Arevol #58 mamiam #62 Mikasister #64 teenagedreamer98 #65 #125 tiibet Gig reviews: Mika @ The London Palladium Soaring Simpson #76 Ambroisette #79#111 enigma #84 sdememikafan #123 Mocha #124 RainbowGirl #131 Yuko_lyrubi #2118( in Japanese ) ======= PICS ======= Tillymilo via Lucrezia #5 Sephira Mika London Palladium, 05/06/2016 CazGirl #31 #37 Littlelady #55 tiibet Gig reviews: Mika @ The London Palladium / Photo galleries: London Palladium Melyssa #78 Agar85 #85 #86 #87 Nicou #88 Alexandre #99 #100 Ambroisette #112 #113 #114 #115 #119 carafon #130 valerria #134 ======= VIDS ======= Mika mikainstagram mikainstagram mikainstagram mikainstagram MFC MFC PARTY Mika Gets the 2015 MFC Yearbook Tillymilo via Lucrezia MFC - PARTY Talk About You Lollipop Happy Ending Little piece of WAG Over My Shoulder Ordinary Man Blue Sky Porcelain Big Girl Good Wife Origin of Love Grace Kelly Talk about You Staring at the Sun Relax Good guys Rain MIKA chats about Oliver MIKA chats about the selfies etc Over my shoulder with Alex Milla Ordinary Man Last Party Underwater Promiseland Happy Ending We are Golden Love Today Finale tiibet Promiseland Happy Ending Over My Shoulder Ordinary Man K'mille AC Big Girl Ordinary Man Graciosa Staring at The Sun Ambroisette Grace Kelly Good Wife Talk about you Over My Shoulder Staring at the sun in Royal Circle Relax (beginning piano) Relax End of Promiseland Love Today Confetti finale Love Today Flags Finale lyli21 Porcelain Origin of Love Happy ending a capella Over my shoulder Mocha MIKA - MIX - LONDON - PALLADIUM france7885 Medley Talk about you, Good Wife, Relax, We are Golden, Love Today Origin of Love Over My Shoulder with Alex Ordinary Man AmyWings LondonPalladium - 05.06.2016 Porcelain Big Girl Good Wife Grace Kelly Good Guys Happy Ending Ordinary Man iQiyi Live Streaming for China [HD] YouTube Concert London Palladium YouTube Palladium, London 2016 by Linda YouTube London Palladium YouTube London Palladium TuDou FULL concert TVDLCC FULL CONCERT CLIPS ======== MEDIA ======== The Upcoming #18 Flickr Mika, Palladium, June 2016 47 items E 都市 #47
  3. AmeliaJPond97

    A late 'Hello'

    Hi, I am already a member since February and try to be more active here now. However, I just recognised that I never introduced myself and so, finally, here is my introduction: I am 19 years old and from north Germany, but I live (until July 2017) near London and work as an aupair. The first time I heard music by Mika was probably around 2007. It was the time as "Relax take it easy" were everywhere and I remember that we heard it sometimes in the bus on our way to school. But I never knew who sang it and, for my defence, I was in elementary school and hadn't any interest in music at that point. Therefore it's quite unusual for me to remember a specific song, yet for any reason it sticked in my mind. Than I came across him in the internet in autumn 2014, as I googled...somebody else with the same name... I saw some concert and music videos, some interviews, did a lot of research et cetera et cetera, because I liked him and his music. That's how my obsession started and now I am really addicted to his music. By the way: I read about the planning for the 10th anniversary, I mean the poll, but the thread was already closed as I spotted it and I can't find a new one. Is there a new one? If there is something in London, I' d really like to try to join it, even though I am just a member since February. AmeliaJPond97
  4. Hellooo everyone! Trying to get a sense of how many people would join us for a drink/snacks before the London show on 5th June. Getting close now! PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a meet & greet with Mika. He could obviously come if he wants to, as long as he lets me know in advance. This is simply a chance for all of us to get together for a drink and maybe a light bite to eat before the show. We need a rough idea of how many people there -- I have two potential locations, but where we end up will be determined by the number of attendees we're going to have. Please reply to this poll ASAP if you are planning to come! Thanks!
  5. Can't wait to hear from all of you Reports Report by Kasia_xxx Short report by Tiibet Report by Silver Short report by Jonc Report by Littlelady Report by *Vv* Report by Mysti1990 Report by Jasminority Report by LaraMay Report by Mellody Videos Videos by Lilo Lollipop: Over My Shoulder Happy Ending without mic: Underwater Mika - Lollipop part 2 Mika - Relax, 2015/10/18, London Mika - Origin Of Love, London (the beginning) Mika - Grace Kelly, 2015/10/18, London Mika - Origin Of Love, London the beginning Mika - Boum Boum Boum, 2015/10/18, London Mika - Big Girl, 2015 October 18, London Mika - Talk About You, 2015/10/18, London Mika - Good Wife, 2015 October 18, London Mika - No Place In Heaven 2015 October 18 London Videos by Tiibet Hurts Boum Boum Boum Videos by Melyssa OMS Hurts Happy Ending Videos by Zel Promiseland Happy Ending Good Guys Prelude to Grace Kelly Origin of Love Lollipop Relax Videos in a playlist by luvin mika 4eva Videos by Mellody No Place in Heaven Bit of Talk About You with houses and stars Talk and Lollipop Talk and OMS Hurts Finale & flags Photos Pics by Anne-Marie Forker Pics by Tina78 Pics by Blue Eyes Pics by LaraMay Pics by Vixenbbw And there are more so I'll update
  6. Trying to get a sense of how many people would join us for a drink before the London show on 18th October. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a meet & greet with Mika. He will not be here, he is not even invited! This is simply a chance for all of us to get together for a drink and maybe some snacks before the show. We need a rough idea of how many people there will be so we can look for a suitable spot. Turns out this day is also the day of the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals, which will be filling a lot of the local pubs and may make our get-together rather difficult to plan. Please reply to this poll ASAP if you are planning to come! Thanks!
  7. Dreamerxd

    London, London, London!

    Hey hey heeey! Yeah, this thread is about.. LONDON BABY! As i couldn't find a thread about it, i thought i would make one! So, the point of this is, I'm going to London in about 1½ month and.. Where should i stay? (Cheap is well prefered!!) What should i go see? Which bars/pubs should i visit? (Vintage is a plus!!!!!) Anything else i should know? Hope you all wanna help me as i may be travelling alone!
  8. Hey Mika fans, you are the first to hear this (it will be officially released on friday 28th) Mika is doing an intimate gig at popstarz in London on Fri 11th Sep '09!!! On friday 11th September the legend that is Mika will take to the stage in a special show at London Club 'Popstarz'. Tickets are just £10 in advance! This is Mika's second appearance at the club and will feature a full 45 min set of tunes from his new LP "The Boy Who Knew Too Much' AND his debut LP "Life In Cartoon Motion". On top of this you get three rooms of popstarz club action, the indie room, pop rom and RnB plus smoking garden in the glamourous setting of The Scala venue, in Kings Cross London. This is MIKA's second appearance at the famous London club, which is usually held at 'THE DEN' but has moved back to the Scala for one night only for this special event. More info and ticket purchasing details is available on this facebook event page or at enjoy!!!