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Found 14 results

  1. I found a very interesting video about him from the Oprah show, telling the history of his begining as designer etc. Thought it would be nice to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b3g_SMTpnU Another interesting video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WyEZyu8eFs
  2. Please tell me if this should be posted somewhere else, but it seems like alot of people havent seen this!! Thanks SO MUCH karla for the link and translation!!! It was published on April 14, 2010 http://seidimoda.repubblica.it/dettaglio/larte-di-tar/68530 Hot spot L'arte di Tar di Simone Marchetti Debutta il nuovo numero di Tar, rivista dedicata all'arte, alla moda e a tutto ciò che è cultura estetica. Ecco le immagini di un'intervista inconsueta voluta dal magazine: quella tra il musicista Mika e il creatore di scarpe Christian Louboutin GUARDA: Le immagini di Mika e Loubutin Si scrive Tar, ma si legge Art. In inglese significherebbe "catrame", ma l'anagramma è più forte del significato. È un magazine dedicato alla cultura estetica in tutte le sue sfumature: dalla moda al design, dall'arte contemporanea alla musica (l'editore è TarSIZ Publishing Inc.). Fino a qui tutto normale. Tranne per il fatto che le copertine vengono sempre firmate da artisti famosissimi (questa da Maurizio Cattelan; le precedenti da Damien Hirst e Julian Schnabel); che il direttore sia niente meno che il critico e curatore Francesco Bonami; e che nella redazione siedano due tra le più blasonate socialite italiane: Martina Mondadori e Coco Brandolini D'Adda. Insomma, un misto di ricchezza, fama e creatività da far rabbrividire. Al numero attuale (il terzo, in ordine cronologico, festeggiato con un party, pieno di celebrity, alla vigilia del Salone del Mobile milanese) hanno collaborato, tra gli altri, personalità come lo stilista Stefano Gabbana, l'artista Francesco Vezzoli e il fotografo Wolgang Tillmans. Ma la ciliegina sulla torta è l'intervista a un duo davvero speciale: il cantante e compositore Mika con il designer di scarpe più snob del mondo, Christian Louboutin. Una vera chicca per fashion victim come noi, di cui vi mostriamo in anteprima le immagini realizzate da Thomas Haywood. Tra le altre cose, si viene a conoscenza del vero amore di Louboutin: le case. Il creatore, infatti, possiede appartamenti e ville in Francia, Portogallo, Egitto, Rio de Janeiro e Siria. "A volte mi chiedo perché tanto interesse nell'acquistare abitazioni" racconta nell'intervista. "Soprattutto perché passo poco tempo in ognuna di esse. E molte sono ancora in fase di costruzione...". Mika, dal canto suo, racconta i retroscena dell'ultimo tour. I malori, i backstage, le prove andate male e la solitudine di quando si trova negli aereoporti. “Ultimamente ho preso un cane. Non ho resistito alla tentazione", confessa a Louboutin. " Si chiama Christian"... Translation: The Art of Tar Simone Marchetti He debuted the new issue of Tar, magazine art, fashion and all that is aesthetic culture. Here are pictures of unusual desired interview by the magazine: that between the musician and the creator of Mika shoes Christian Louboutin WATCH: The pictures of Mika and Loubutin Tar is written, but reads Article In English means "tar", but the anagram is stronger meaning. It is a magazine devoted to aesthetic culture in all its aspects: from fashion to design, from contemporary music (the publisher is TarSIZ Publishing Inc.). Until this point everything is normal. Except for the fact that covers are always signed by famous artists (this by Maurizio Cattelan, Damien Hirst and earlier by Julian Schnabel); that the director is none other than the critic and curator Francesco Bonami and that in drafting sit between two the most renowned Italian socialite: Martina Mondadori and Coco Brandolini D'Adda. In short, a mix of wealth, fame and creativity to shiver. The current number (the third, chronologically, celebrated with a party full of celebrities on the eve of the Milan Furniture Fair) cooperated, among others, people like the fashion designer Stefano Gabbana, the artist Francesco Vezzoli and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. But the icing on the cake is the interview with a very special duo: singer and composer Mika with designer shoes more snobs of the world, Christian Louboutin. A real treat for fashion victims like us, which will show you preview the images created by Thomas Haywood. Among other things, he knows the true love of Louboutin: the houses. The creator, in fact, owns apartments and villas in France, Portugal, Egypt, Syria and Rio de Janeiro. "Sometimes I wonder why so much interest in buying homes," he says in the interview. "Especially since a short time step in each of them. And many are still under construction ...". Mika, meanwhile, tells the background of the last tour. The fainting, the backstage, the tests went wrong and solitude when he is in airports. "Recently I got a dog. I could not resist the temptation, "confesses to Louboutin." His name is Christian ".. WONDERFUL pictures: http://img405.imageshack.us/g/immagine29b.jpg/ thanks to Lucrezia!!!!!!!!! And the scans of the little book by Meggy (THANK YOU!!!) http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3004813&postcount=95
  3. The 26th of February a new exhibition will be opened in Paris Palais de la Porte Doree. Till 26/07/2020. Christian Louboutin will show his artworks. Thanks to Mika he started to create shoes for men. So it is obvious that a Mika's corner has been installed. https://www.palais-portedoree.fr/en/christian-louboutin-exhibition Christian Louboutin, Exhibition[niste] 26 February to 26 July 2020 From 26 February 2020, the Palais de la Porte Dorée will present a major exhibition devoted to the work and creativity of Christian Louboutin, the internationally renowned footwear designer and key figure in the fashion world. Designed as an invitation to discover Christian Louboutin’s rich universe, the exhibition will explore every facet of his multi-referential work, in an institution that has played an important role in inspiring his vocation. From the beginning, Christian Louboutin infused his designs with a great wealth of motifs and colours inspired by his love of art and different cultures. Flamboyant, daring, open to the world, generous and at times caustic, the designer’s creativity is informed by a passion for travel and references from the worlds of pop culture, theatre, dance, literature and cinema. Christian Louboutin, Palais de la Porte Dorée © José Castellar In revealing Christian Louboutin’s inspirations and creative processes, the exhibition will showcase the designer’s vision through a selection of the most precious works from his personal collection and loans from public collections. A large selection of shoes will be on display, some of which have never been exhibited before. These historic and artistic pieces will be shown alongside a number of exclusive collaborations which pay tribute to Christian Louboutin’s admiration for craftsman’s know how. Some examples include stained glass panels created by the Maison du Vitrail, a Sevillian silver palanquin and a cabaret sculpted in Bhutan. The exhibition will also unveil collaborations, never seen before, with artists who are important to him: the director and photographer David Lynch, the New Zealand multimedia artist Lisa Reihana, the British designer duo Whitaker Malem, the Spanish choreographer Blanca Li, and the Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi, amongst others. Information panel and crucial drawing at the origin of Christian Louboutin’s vocation © Christian Louboutin Born in the 12th district of Paris, close to the Palais de la Porte Dorée, Christian Louboutin was fascinated from an early age by the architectural beauty and ornamental richness of the institution, which was one of the earliest influences feeding his love of art and applied arts. He borrowed a whole repertoire of forms and motifs from the Palais for his first designs, including the Maquereau shoe – made of metallic leather and directly inspired by the iridescence of the fish in the Palais de la Porte Dorée’s tropical aquarium. It was also at the Palais, a masterpiece of Art deco, that Christian Louboutin, then a young adolescent, noticed a sign forbidding visitors to wear high heeled shoes. This sign subsequently inspired the iconic Pigalle shoe which has been reinvented over the course of the seasons. With this exhibition, the Palais de la Porte Dorée initiates a new programme of events dedicated to contemporary creation. Exhibition curator: Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Just to remind you - some videos about this friendship. And Mika's story from February 2019 when he shown us his private collection of Louboutin shoes. Louboutin Mika story 2019 02 03.mp4
  4. mikainstagram mikainstagram I first met Christian Louboutin 10 years ago. The meeting started normally but within 10 minutes he was swinging on a trapeze bar four meters in the air. From that point on I gained an important collaborator but most importantly a friend and brother. Here we are at his Loubicircus party last night in Paris. It was as joyful and colourful as it was decadent. X . . 📷 Virgile Guinar
  5. Just saw this on Twitter: @LouboutinWorld: LE CARROSSE NOIR (THE BLACK CARRIAGE) EPISODE 2 w/ @DitaVonTeese & @mikasounds ONLINE TODAY ON: http://bit.ly/3vpAb7 It's a very funny little film, sort of like Charlie's Angels type of thing... with Louboutin as Charlie. And Mika actually does have a role! Wait until you see it!
  6. This is a interview in a spanish newspaper from today, I used google translate because I don't dare translating on my own bcause my english is not good enough but I thought it was an interesting interview. I hope all of you understand it He likes to be (and go) nomadic artist. The king of happy songs spent months living in hotel rooms because of his work as a judge of talent shows and preparing for his new album. Being a parent is part of its new objectives. He's here to load the prestige of sad. Mika, born Michael Holbrook Penniman, has spent almost a decade as the billing happy songs that made ​​him famous, Grace Kelly. After an itinerant period in which he has served as X Factor judges in Italy, and La Voz in France prepares new album this year. Oh, also says he wants "a bunch of kids." But it's still too soon. ¡Where do you live now? In the Bristol hotel in Paris. Seem to be on the set of Woody Allen film. I've lived in hotels throughout the year, so my room is full of records, books, clothes and magazines. Right now I move between the United States, Paris, Milan ... but my house is still in London. I have been working in television and also preparing my new album. What can you say about the album? It goes on sale this year. People who have heard it said that sounds to me as a teenager, when I was 19. And how it was when you were 19? My music had a strange combination of reflection and extreme joy. I did not care what people thought of it, if it was too melodic or too happy or whatever. His previous album, The Origins of Love, was also a happy, of being in love disc. Although commonly believed that the best music comes from sadness ... That is an absurd superstition indie. The best music of Fleetwood Mac to Prince, the backbone of pop, is in the happy songs. It's easy to be depressed but it is very difficult to be happy elegantly. Got Elton John, Carole King, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams (who collaborated on that album) ... Pharrell, for example, understand it, in part because one of his heroes was Marvin Gaye, who also had the gift. You became famous with one of those songs, Grace Kelly, the almost overnight. Say what? That's not true at all. Well, it was perceived that way. I started working 10 years. And then, even that song took two years to become a success. It became popular in the most rare, thanks to the people, not the media manner. I was one of the first artists that came out of the Internet. My label did not know what shows first single, but the fans decided on MySpace. Now it seems normal, but seven or eight years ago it was not so. It is true that I will always remember one night I went to bed and only 351 people had heard the song. And when I got up in the morning and were 58,000. In that sense has ra-zon. I thought there was a mistake. And from there he went to 320,000! So, you were ready for fame? Well, one day you're a 10 year old boy, you kicked out of school, everyone tells you you're a loser and would never do anything and the next year you're singing one opera at the Royal Albert Hall. I was a small boy soprano. But the next year I lost again especially since my voice changed. So I believe in the power of transformation. You came out of the closet publicly two years ago. Why did you think it was necessary? I did at one point that came naturally. I am a real person and not a politician. I have no interest in the politics of sexuality and I've always kept my privacy. But I was happy, I had solved many things in my life and I liked the idea of ​​taking something that mystery does not have to have it. It is a personal decision. It took time and I did it my way. If someone does not want to come out, is not the end of the world. Did it also because we are at an important time in regards to gay rights? Countries without gay marriage are becoming a rarity, although we still see cases of repression in countries like Russia. There are many people fighting for equality in different ways, people who have sacrificed their lives for the rights of others. When I speak of this in Italy, for example, that, as is known, is not the most open country in the world, I think it humanized the idea of ​​a same-sex union. If two people love each other, how can something bad out there? In Italy, in fact, said in an interview that he wants to have "a handful of children." Is it a short-term plan? If I did it now it would be very irresponsible, as you do not buy a dog if you know you're not going to be home. In the future, yes, I have several children. I come from a family of five brothers and I used to live in a happy chaos, I could not raise a child otherwise. Your family was quite nomadic. Moved from Lebanon to France, then to England ... I was born immigrant. I do not consider any nationality, maybe European. Of course, I do not like how the British often remind you that you were not born there. That does not happen in America. In the UK they call me 'the Lebanese singer. " What do you mean by that? I studied with the English educational system. I feel more at home in Spain, France or Italy. Your mother was a seamstress. Why? Fired your interest in fashion? It helped that I saw as a fashion thing, not really catch me. She worked for major fashion houses and had the suits hanging around in the living room. So we looked the most normal. You've collaborated with Paul Smith, for example. For six years also with Louboutin. He began his sports shoes man for me, because I needed some shoes that could dance on stage. And now living among hotels, is there any garment that can not be separated? I have a cashmere coat three quarter, made in Savile Row, and the truth is that you can take with him whatever you want, your gym clothes, whatever. With this fantastic coat over you, you're a real dandy. Which I think is very important. A dandy never seem to follow fashion, you can wear Gap, Valentino, whatever, and eventually gets it all work. To me, that is the definition of how a man should dress.
  7. Mika attends as French shoe designer Christian Louboutin celebrates the opening of his exhibition at the Design Museum with an after party at The Club at The Ivy on April 30, 2012 in London, England. http://www.wireimage.com/search/#events?q=mika/[143677610]&ep=1/60/1&s=3
  8. Saw this the other day on a few fashion blogs, but don't see any mention of it here yet: ------------------- Literature By Louboutin by Ella Alexander 21 September 2011 CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN has launched his first ever book, a beautiful tome featuring the designer's most iconic styles as well as an insight into his influences and photos from his personal archives. "Rizzoli approached me to work on a book together and it happened to be perfect timing as my 20th anniversary was approaching," Louboutin told us this afternoon. "Without a doubt my favourite element is the photography of the shoes by Philippe Garcia. In researching the book, I was also obliged to revisit my own personal archive of photos and sketches and I was impressed at the amount that I had saved from those early days. "The most important thing to me when considering the photography was to ensure my favourite pieces from the 20 years photographed in a beautiful way. The choice of photographer was crucial - I didn't want to work with a fashion photographer who would be likely to photograph them in a seasonal way as a book has a much longer life than a magazine. The book also includes photography from a past collaboration with film director David Lynch and we made a conscious decision to shoot the shoes and bags chosen for the book against a light background to contrast against their darker aesthetic." The book is divided into six chapters; the first documents Louboutin's biography, noting his early work for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent; the second looks at the various interiors of the label's international stores; the third charts 20 years of Louboutin design, the fourth features intimate photographs of the designer's Paris and Egypt homes, while the fifth and sixth explore his collaboration with prestigious director David Lynch. Louboutin has also recruited some of his favourite models and famous friends to contribute, including Dita Von Teese, Kristen Scott Thomas and Mika. The iconic footwear designer isn't the only fashion name to announce plans of a book this week, Daphne Guinness is planning her first novel - although details are yet to be confirmed. http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2011/09/21/christian-louboutin-launches-book
  9. Nothing special, but still... British singer-songwriter Mika was spotted out in a pair of blue studded Christian Louboutin “Louis” Sneakers. When I first noticed the blue studs I honestly did a double take, I thought that the blue I was seeing was due to a reflection off of his blue blazer, but I was wrong. This is the first time I have seen this particular colorway, but I’m definitely not surprised knowing Mika’s history, as he is a Louboutin sneaker connoisseur (I’m talking every style in every color). See more pics below
  10. Christian Louboutin's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection reveals he is finally introducing his Freddy Flat shoe to the public! MIKA was the first man who was able to wear this selection from his male shoe collection in public. Retailed cost (from the 2nd link below): 750 Euros ($1,024 according to the 3rd link) Links: http://cocoperez.com/2010-06-25-christian-louboutin-gets-studded and http://www.materialiste.com/en/style/louboutin-homme-freddy-flats and http://www.fashionpicks.com/shoes/christian-louboutin-springsummer-2010-freddy-flats and http://usa.moda.ws/fashion/christian-louboutin-and-the-studs-trend/ (looks like his studded high-top sneakers are also included in the collection)
  11. sorry if it's already been posted. just seen a link to a (fabulous) new mini film by the shoe legend Christian Louboutin, so i clicked on it to watch... imagine my surprise when 'We are Golden' began to play in the video! super film, go see it now! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAfpS0kaf9I
  12. Mika introduces 3am to famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin When we asked Mika to introduce us to our favourite shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, he happily obliged. He invited us to his familyand-friends dinner at Mossimans in Belgravia - probably the strangest party we've been to this year. Christian danced us around the room, bumping into Sir Ian McKellen, Kathy Burke, designer Matthew Williamson and a string of drag queens. After Mika performed I Will Survive with Rory Bremner - in the voice of Gordon Brown - Christian whispered: "I think it is time for a club. Let's go to Bungalow 8." But he and Mika were almost thrown out as soon as they walked in after they started a play fight on the couch. After he dusted himself off, Christian revealed that he will be collaborating with Prince for an upcoming tour. Christian, who has designed shoes for Michael Jackson, said: "If I am truly honest I was a bigger fan of Prince than of Michael. I'm so excited that Prince has asked me to create shoes." http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/09/19/a-crazy-night-with-christian-115875-21684848/ ---- I love Louboutin
  13. AGAIN Mr. Louboutin! sorry...i'm not a fashion victim, so i knew NOTHING of him before he came around for Mika's shoes! so, i went to Malpensa airport yesterday (no, not leaving for a gig !) and found an article on Paris MAtch - weekly issue about him and a small part is dedicated to his work with Mika. here you are: I cannot visualize Paris Match online though...can you? so maybe you could download it from there. http://www.parismatch.com/parismatch/journal/commander-l-edition-en-ligne and now...where are our trusty translators? EDIT: the new issue is on! so this is history now...............and you can only BUY it from their site. TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH BY OUR SWEET MELMAN92 - THANKS TO HER!! Seen from inside Mika has… (untranslatable_pun with the word “chaussure” or “shoe” : show sûre sounding slightly like it) What a talent this Mika! (In the article, it’s not talent but heel, but it’s another pun as talent is talent and heel is talon…haha.) When Christian Louboutin receives the artist in his partisan premises, he’s ready to make him try on the first “shoe-trainers” pair especially designed for his show at the Parc des Princes. Mika arrived from London late in the morning, and is going off by a night Eurostar train. A cameraman is following him who is directing a documentary about this whole “Mika madness”. As for him, he’s taking care of his feet. Smiling, open-minded, caring, dressed soberly (a white pair of jeans) he’s glancing whenever he can at the screen of his black Mac where the scenography project for the show is displayed. He’s amazed by it as the kid he seems to still be, despite the incredible success of his debut album “Life In Cartoon Motion’. Despite this tour making him play from the Trabendo (small concert hall) to the Parc des Princes. But what’s the use in getting custom-made shoes if almost no one will see them other than little spots at best? “I’ve always been obsessed by details, not only music-wise. My sister Paloma got the idea to contact Christian even if he never designs for men.” This cooperation will bear 3 pair of shoes and “a surprise” dixit Louboutin. Walking by the great pop singer, the shoemaker picks on of his bracelets where dangles down colourful charms. He asks him to take it off and rushes to his workshop. A few minutes later, Louboutin crops up with a creation taped with blue, yellow, green, red straps, the ones of the bracelet. Mika tries them on, re-tries them, adjusts them, laces them up, stands up, does a little dance step, “ It’s clown-ish ( best translation I could figure out_ sorry) , a world that I love (the clown world). He hesitates: vertical or horizontal stripes? It was today’s debate, seriously. Visiting the shoemaker master’s premises was also an inspiring influence. In one of these rooms hangs a trapeze (??).Mika saw it and decided to include those gymnast utensils to the staging of the show. What’s next? Mika prepares the much-talked about second album. “I can’t sing Lollipop my whole life long.” I have to evolve musically, I know it. I’ve begun to write the second one, the tonality of it is going to be darker. While waiting for the depressive Mika, “let’s get together” with his pop, cheerful world, its flashy colours, its big girls nevertheless beautiful, the 4th July, at the Virgin show.
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