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Found 6 results

  1. Back at the start of summer Belgian public radio and TV station RTBF organised a huge flashmob in aid of charity. If you’re in Belgium you may have seen footage from the mob on your TV recently and if you did you will have noticed that it was all soundtracked by Mika’s ‘Love Today’! Luckily the video has now reached the online realm and is available to Mika fans all around the globe - check it out now on Youtube All proceeds from the event went to Cap 48. You can read more about their charitable work at http://www.rtbfmedia.be/cap48. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.mikasounds.com/blog/post/821/Belgium_Flashmobs_To_Mika
  2. I need your help. I am planning on getting a tattoo that says "love today" probably on my upper rib cage. I want it to be small but not sure if I want some Mika art work with it or not. I need opinions, and I will upload some of my ideas when I get time. TY.
  3. Hey there everybody! =D This is a not so important theat you know? hehehe just wanting to share that I just saw the trailer of "Valentines Day" the movie about 5 seconds ago and I almost crap my skinny jeans ahaha:aah: because it starts with "Love Today" and well you know the mikantenna reached the signal hahaha here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkGGYlGeoWg Also I wanted to give this threat another purpose you know? maybe we could put a nice (not perve or naughty please) Valentine's day message for MIKA from today to 14. Well, just an idea hahaha maybe he will read it- that could cheer his valentine's day hahaha give a little glitter to the special day THANK YOU 4 YOUR TIME! :wub2: LOVE LOVE HIM:thumb_yello: byebyeallthelove2u! Atte: Penny
  4. Hello, yall! My name is Amanda, but I go by Mandaa usually. I was introduced to this amazing man by my sister. I enjoy everything about him. My sister and I then went to his concert, which happened to be the day after my boyfriend and I broke up after six months. Mika brought me to a place that made me get over him, and I did! When he played Happy Ending, I cried out of joy and pain. The concert was amazing! I got my sexy tee with his beautiful shirt on it. <3 It's a day I will never forget. So now whenever I need energy or am feeling down, I put in some Mika and dance like no other hahaha. I'm actually pretty crazy because when I listen to him at school, I have to dance, especially when I listen to Love Today. I walk with a funny pace and swing my head back and forth. It's quite entertaining to watch, actually! haha. I don't think my new boyfriend knows the extent of my Mika crazeee. shhhhh! I'm not trying to persuade you guys I am actually a fan and such, I am just sharing my experience, and I am happy to know there are more people that enjoy his beauty! Anyways, I am so confused with the structure with this site! I do not know where to begin! Please post any links that can help me. haha. Please post any stories you have had with him as well. I did not get the chance of meeting him at the concert. My avatar picture is actually photoshopped, which was done during my free period at school hahaha. <3 Thanks to superstar for getting me to join the site! Mandaaaa. P.S. My favorite color is red, I am a sagittarius, and my mood is usually MIKA.
  5. I was watching Love today and on the side it says: Music video by MIKA performing Love Today with Sophie Mueller, Rob Small © 2007 Casablanca Music, LLC . . . if this has been brought up before, I'm sorry, but who are they? http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=4tcn49zHLt0
  6. jov08

    why hello!

    Hey guys! I am excited to be part of the Mika fan club! I've liked Mika for a long time. The first time i heard of him is whenever i was in the car with my friends (lily, robin, josh) and it was on their CD. I fell in love with him and got his album Life in Cartoon Motion. Now I plan on covering one of his songs (not sure which one) at my school's final choir concert as a soloist.
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