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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Mika Fans! My name is Tereza and I'm from the Czech Republic. I was just wondering if you know any of Mika's famous friends? I know only about Kate Perry, Adele and Perez...Please tell me if you know anyone I'm just curious So let's talk about his friends! thanks a lot!! And excuse my English please!!
  2. i decided to make a topic dedicated to all the reasons we love and adore Mika, i thought this would be a nice way for us to chat about how and why he makes us happy, laugh and cry.
  3. Hello ! After talking about the possibility of creating a gay thread with Scut Monkey and Lolliepop_girl, well I just did. As Scut Monkey said there have to be rules.. I guess the obvious ones are: - No hate, no discriminating, no judging, no insults etc.. Let's try to keep it clean too lol People here can talk about themselves, their lives, let's just get to know each other !! haha:thumb_yello: So speak out people!!! Cheers!
  4. Angy0129


    Hi. Im a foreign student living in japan, on a scholarship. Mika just makes sense to me.
  5. hia, just a fun little quiz, dont take it too seriously...hope you dont mind me posting this mika! Love youuu anyhoo, enjoy! just copy and paste the questions and answers yeh?, sorry, im a bit of a obsessive :wub2: 1. My favourite; Mika outfit- Mika song- Mika songline- Mika quote- Mika picture- Mika interview- Mika video- Mika merchandise- 2. If Mika; Hugged me I would- Shouted my name i would- smiled at me i would- danced with me i would- 3. I have ___ pictures of mika on my wall ____ pictures of mika on my phone 4. If i got to ask mika 3 questions only they would be 1) 2) 3) 5) If i was a mika character i would be- 6) When i meet mika im going to- 7)My favourite ever thread on the mfc- HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MIKA? His birthday- His family- Born- Any other intresting facts- any other facts? chats? let us all know!
  6. Well hey there, I'm new, there's just a few thinks you need to know about me. Firstly I live for glitter, not you. Okay, secondly, I'm a Mika obsessed 13 year old and I'm depressed because I've only just discovered him! He is just the cutest! So um... Hey? Well, I discovered him because YouTube recomended I watch the popular music video, and I did... I instantly fell in love. Seriously. I discovered him actually only 3 days ago, and since then I've stayed up all night watching his interview and music videos. I'm in love with the fact he's gay. I love gay people. I always end up falling so in love when people turn out gay. Gay people are just.... Unfff So yeah. The morning I discovered the music video, I went to school smiling, all my friends were confused because I'm not usually so smiley haha So, I tell my friend about the video I saw... And she told me I was in love. I was like... What? I don't even remember what I said to her, but by the time I'd finished telling her about it, it was the end of first period. She told me that my eyes showed it, and I was so in awe the whole time. I never believed in love at first sight until then. Mika is just... I can't even describe, I've never been in love before... But if this is what it feels like... I've been missing out, his cuteness gives me butterfly's and when he smiles, my whole world stops Just by reading that I've realised how in love I am. *sighs blissfully*
  7. Hi everyone I've been a member since May and since then, all I do with the forum is to post birthday wishes and welcome new members to our community. I'm happy with what I do, however, I want to do more than that. I started participating in threads but always end up feeling left out. So I guess what I wanna ask from our MIKA Fan Club is someone who will volunteer to be my friend up here. We can just post stuff on each other's profiles, talk about MIKA and chat about random things in life. So what do you say? Would you do it with me, please? It would mean the world By the way, I hope everyone's having a great day
  8. So, I just wanna send some love to everyone this Valentine's, no matter if you're alone or taken, because everyone deserves some love, and I love you. Tell me how you are spending today. Any plans? Or nothing at all? I'm going through a really hard break up so it's not so easy for me. Anyways, happy Valentine's! You are loved <3
  9. Hey everyone! So, we're all gathered here as MIKA lovers, and I'm wondering if any of you is also a Michael Jackson fan (also known as Moonwalkers, MJFam, MJ lovers, etc.). Michael Jackson is legendary and there's no denial to the fact that he's one of the greatest artist of all time. He's the first and perhaps the only celebrity who has so much impact in my life. I know that there are so many rumors and wrong stories talked and written about him, but to the bottom line, Michael is a wonderful person whose goal is to spread the love through his music. I think I might going to create a list of Moonwalkers up here, so drop a few lines in this thread and I'll put you in it. Or just tell me your story about how Michael influenced your life or just about your opinion on him. I'll be very happy to read all of your replies I also know that this thread might gonna receive some horrible hate. Well, haters gonna hate! I've grown enough to know that I won't deal with this kind of things, so please be polite.
  10. Love is important. Everyone needs to be loved, and everyone wants to know they're loved. So, why do you love the person who posted before you. Even if you don't know them, and you like their signature or something, it's really good for self esteem. =3 You can always find at least one reason to love the person above you. I love you all because you're making this great community together.
  11. I love writing poetry and when I heard "Blue Eyes" off of the new EP, this sort of popped into my head. At first I was intrigued This strange man suddenly in my life His voice influenced me in ways That only his music could match It was as though (to me, at least) Fate had brought us together And yet I was not satisfied With mix CDs and print out pictures Then one day I heard You say to me Blue eyes, what’s the matter with you? Though I knew you already knew I could never be your happy ending My song for you will always be One of sorrow If anyone else has poetry, or anything else that you've written about MIKA, I'd love to hear it
  12. Dark Angel has to stay in hospital and she's so bored; she is being tested for a treament for epilepsy problems and if you could either write in her thread http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21386 as her sister can print your messages for her so she knows that all her MFC cares and wants her to get better asap You can also PM me or her sister Trunte who is also on MFC for her postal address if you want to send her a letter, a Mika poster, a Mika drawing, a teddy bear, whatever you think could help her feel better and less bored! Dark Angel is very sad so she needs all the Mika love she can get! We can all get together and cheer her up!
  13. I'm semi-new here...so...I suppose I should introduce myself so no one thinks that I'm a weird stranger! The first time I heard of Mika was probably "Love Today" in a commercial a few years ago. I thought the song bit was catchy, but never bothered to check it out (I'm stupid, I know!) My second "run in" with a Mika song was in 2008 on American Idol. One of the contestants trying out, Josiah Lemming (I find it odd that I can even remember his name) sang "Grace Kelly" and I thought "WOW I NEED TO KNOW WHO SINGS THAT SONG!!!" Once again, didn't (I know, I know! I'm ashamed!) So, this year-I believe it was Thanksgiving night-I came home from seeing my friend who lives rather far away & her newborn daughter (pretty cute!) and found myself bored and in the need of music. I don't recall the exact details, but I went to youtube and searched for that contestant's audition video to find that magical song that I once heard. And since then there's been NO TURNING BACK. I listened to a bunch of songs and did some research (whenever I find something new that I like, I need to know as much as I can about that subject! haha). I stumbled upon an interview and guess whose name came out of Mika's mouth? Harry Nilsson. Wowowow! So, that pretty much sealed the deal of my love for this incredible uplifting music. So far I've been recruiting friends & family into Mikadom, some more willingly than others. After finding myself on this site a few times (okay....MORE than a few times!) I decided to make a name for myself and possibly join in the fun if you let me! Other than my new found love for this musical greatness-I like some other stuff too (believe it or not!): Drawing, music, painting, going to as many shows as possible, collecting vinyl, chocolate, attempting exercise, staring at pictures of Adam Lambert and spending an INSANE amount of time online. Well, that's all I can think of for now. Thanks for reading my mini story on me. Hopefully I didn't bore you to death-if not, congrats for living through my ramblings! <3 Tara
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