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Found 15 results

  1. PROMISELAND I was born in that summer when the sun didn't shine I was given the name that doesn't feel like it's mine Lived my life as the good boy I was told I should be Prayed every night to a religion that was chosen for me Sold my soul broke my bones Tell me what did I get Did my time, toed the line Ain't seen anything yet Strike me down to the ground You know I've seen it before Make it hurt I'll eat the dirt I just don't care anymore How could you break my heart Already played my part I kept my promise man Show me the promiseland Don't occupy my throne Give me the crown I own Liv
  2. Fans looking for lyrics + meaning of Mika's songs gave me the idea to collect links to lyrics/videos/press/interviews/etc. about his albums/EPs/singles, in order to find them more easily. Pls feel free to suggest meaningful missing links. Comprehensive lyrics (including Mika songs from all albums) https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/29020-comprehensive-lyrics/ 2015 Album News: "No Place In Heaven" to be Released 15/16 June 2015! Last Party: Short Film by Peter Lindbergh NEW VIDEO! Talk About You 2013 NEW
  3. New Mika song Please help figure out the lyrics everyone I know it's just a snipet but I hear "Babylon" and "one day" and I wonder if that's what he sings and I'm so curious about the other words mikainstagram_story_2029299704952903209_179779999.mp4
  4. Chose your fav part of any one of Mikas song?In how much do you love me i really like,"How much do you love me, how much do you care, how much do you miss me when I'm not there" And Mika to answer your question, ALOT!
  5. Hey there? I'm looking for fans who could take a few minutes to answer my questionnaire which I conducted as part of my VWA which is part of the Austrian Matura. If you see this, please try to answer it, and send it to me via email (agnes.ludwig@gmx.at) or any other communication services. It means a lot to me. Also, if you happen to know other fans, please let them know, if it's not too much to ask... I'm counting on you : D love, A. mika questionnaire.docx
  6. OK here we go! First new song in a while! It's My House Don't even try to tempt me with the keys of the Taj Mahal Or the Leaning Tower of Pisa 'cause I heard it's about to fall There ain't no pyraminds or palaces for me Already got a home, it's the only place I need It might be big, it might be small Ain't no paintings on the wall And the bed might not be long enough The neighbors want us all to leave And they're callin' the police They'd kick us out if they were strong enough It's my house 'Cause my house
  7. Hi All, By now, it's been a fair few years since Make You Happy was released so sorry if this question has been mentioned before; I tried searching previously with no success. The Studio/Miami (whatever you guys wanna call it) edit of Make You Happy is one of my favourite songs of The Origin of Love album and I really want to know all the lyrics to the song. The problem for me is that there's a particular part which isn't in the single/main version of MYH which is present in the studio/miami edit. So, towards the end of the song, the main version of MYH (the version wit
  8. As the title suggests, this is a thread for Mika songs that are about mga (multiple gender attraction) or sga (same gender attraction). In other words, LGBT Mika songs. Before starting, I'd just like to say that as a mga person myself, Mika's lyrics are very important to me. Representation in music is extremely important, and I find myself relating to a lot of what Mika sings about. It's also extremely important that Mika isn't afraid to be himself, even in his music. I respect him immensely for that. So yeah, basically what I'd like to say is: thank you Mika for my dreams. You truly are
  9. She’s a girl with a bag full of hearts and a devil’s eyes Crazy kids in the wild on the run to the county line Shotgun for a tongue but says just what she likes Oh girl you’re the devil Oh girl you got the devil inside And I said follow me Whoever you want to be Don’t care where you where you go As long as you stay with me And I said Whoever you want to be Don’t care where you where you go As long as you stay with me Oh girl you’re the devil She’s a bad bad girl Oh girl you got the devil inside Growing up as a son of a preacher in a Catholic school Jumps out of the close
  10. Is this how it is After just one kiss Did you really think That I invented this Was it you or me Or the mess we made Did we crash too hard That's the risk we take Did I run to you Did you run to me If we wait too long Then we'll never see We could walk away And just like others would Or we live our life Like we know we should 'cause it feels like 'cause it feels like love Yes, it feels like love to me It's like finding gold Buried in the shore Once it's yours to hold All you want is more Baby, look at us Any fool could see I was made for you And you were made for
  11. Father will you forgive me for my sins Father if there’s a heaven let me in I don’t know where to go if I should die We haven’t been on speaking terms for so long you and I I was a freak since seven years old And cast away I felt the cold Coming over me For every love I had to hide And every tear I ever cried I’m down on my knees I’m begging you please There’s no place in heaven for someone like me Won’t you open the door and try me once more ‘Cause there’s no place in heaven for someone like me ‘Cause there’s no place in heaven In between us an ocean can be found How long
  12. Hello, I wanted to know what is true lyrics of Lover Boy, Stuck in th Middle, Ring Ring, One Foot Boy, Big Girl
  13. what's the right lyrics of [Good Gone Girl]? I found 2 lyrics that have difference. Plz, Check what is the real thing... ---1st-------------------------------------------------------------------- Could you believe The same old story It never bores me Though I've heard it all before. Her name was Georgia And she was gorgeous. When she adored ya The whole room would get to know. Like a movie that is filmed to the last Coming at you with a double D bust. At the bed of a wounded soldier In a rush cause she's gettin older. Hanging out in the fancy bars With the boys
  14. Fill in the blanks: Some of the songs are ones that aren't included on either of the albums so they might be a bit tricky. The winner of the quiz may win a prize! 1. She's the meanest _____ that has ever been 2. Your heart is made of ______, You symbolize what I want to own 3. Put your _______ back in your pocket, pick your love up off the floor 4. You talk about _____, you talk about death and everything in between 5. Holy! Well he once was a _______, Now hes a priest at 24. 6. More than this, whatever it is, baby I hate days like ________.
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