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Found 7 results

  1. Mika will be on Focus Junior the 21st of September 2019. From IG: 21356841893919940143084571749.mp4
  2. GQ France May 2017 Photographer Van Mossevelde + N Van Mossevelde + N - ALLYOU.net Art direction by Firemanifest www.firemanifest.com/blog Styling by Jacqueline de Cossette http://jacquelinedecossette.com/ Taken at Le Studio Pin Up le studio PIN-UP Date of shooting 2017/03/28 Download PDF file ( 29.6 / a whole ) GQ_2017_05_.pdf Download PDF file ( 1.9 MB / a part of Mika ) GQ_France_June_2017-split_MIKA.pdf Instagram
  3. PDF files Full Translation by @crazyaboutmika For the finale of The Voice Mika takes over Télé 7 jours. “Long life to variety shows !” « I wonder if variety shows are not dead As a rule variety shows stars do not exist any more. The Voice is a talent contest and a music show. Shows like the ones the Carpentier used to make or the Nat King Cole Show and the Elvis specials in the USA back in the 50's and the 60's… All that doesn't exist anymore, at least in Europe . And I miss it. In the USA, the talk shows were remo
  4. [EDIT: The last thread about Mika in the US press was started in 2013. I think it's time to start a new one, since the album is coming out SOON! So I've moved these posts to a new thread here -- dcdeb] MIKA in US Press - 2015 MAGAZINES Fugues June #1 BillBoard Magazine May 30, issue 127 #30 My Space May 27 #31 OUT magazine May 28 #20 NEXT Magazine NY June 12 #34 BlackBook Magazine #46 Metro US #48 Daily Xtra #56 OUT magazine #77 Rage Monthly Magazine July #72 #76 Smithonian.com Aug 13 #93 Wisconsin Gazette #107 #111 USPA News #126
  5. I wanted to post these ages ago, but my printer refused working so I had to wait until I fixed it to scan these. Poster of last week's Hitkrant Interview with Beth Ditto. Cosmogirl! Stars Magazine V Festival pics Will start translating them right now. Anyone interested in the entire Beth interview, not only the Mika part?
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