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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody! Well, it's finally happening -- lots and lots of Mika tour dates and festival dates and promo appearances! MIKA MIKA MIKA (almost) everywhere! And with every new announcement, we've been getting more and more questions about meeting Mika -- how can you meet him, when can you meet him, etc. etc. We thought rather than trying to answer each question individually, we'd write something about MFC meet & greets and other meetings with Mika, and then we can just direct people here. First of all, we need to define our terms. A lot of us throw the term "meet & greet" around casually, using it to refer to any time Mika meets with and talks to his fans, including those times when he comes out to say hello after performing at a festival or gig. But that's not what we mean when we use the term "meet & greet" here. Here, when we say "MFC meet & greet" we are referring to an arranged meeting with Mika just for MFC members in a setting other than out on the street fighting with the crowds and weather. These MFC meet & greets are never guaranteed, and should really be thought of as an occasional bonus, not as something that happens as a matter of routine. So, taking all that into consideration, here are answers to the questions we get most often concerning meeting Mika: Q: How can I meet Mika? A: The best way to meet Mika is to wait for him after a show (both concerts and festivals). Mika often comes out to speak with fans for a few minutes after he performs. (The exceptions are when he is not feeling well, or he has some other commitment, like an industry after-party or a flight/train to catch.) This sometimes requires waiting an hour or longer, as he usually has post-show commitments, meeting family, friends and VIPs who were at the event, maybe conducting some interviews, doing promo, etc. When Mika does come out to greet fans after a show, he will usually come out the artist's entrance and stay for a while, signing autographs. He doesn't usually stop for posed photos. You also MAY be able to meet Mika through an arranged MFC meet & greet. Q: I am attending an upcoming show. Will there be an MFC meet & greet afterwards? A: We do not know in advance of the show day whether there will be a meet & greet. Arranged MFC meet & greets are at the discretion of Mika and his team and depend on many factors, which can change prior to the show or even after the show. Factors such as how Mika is feeling, whether Mika has other obligations and whether there is staff and a suitable space at the venue will vary from day to day and will determine whether a meet & greet can be arranged for MFC. Q: If there is an MFC meet & greet how can I be part of it? A: In order to be eligible for an MFC meet & greet you must: 1. Be a registered active member of MFC. 2. RSVP on the calendar HERE Eligibility for a meet and greet does not guarantee entry. When there is an MFC meet & greet, every effort is made to include all eligible members attending the show, however this may not always be possible. Circumstances beyond the control of MFC, such as space restrictions or the difficulty in assembling all members on the RSVP list due to last-minute scheduling, can, regrettably, lead to a member not entering. Q: Can I bring a guest to the meet & greet? A: If someone is accompanying you to the show they must also meet these eligibility requirements to attend the meet & greet, otherwise they will not be able to attend. One final note: If you should be lucky enough to have the chance to meet Mika, keep in mind the appropriate way to behave: no pushing, no screaming, no grabbing at him. Step aside once you've gotten your autograph or had your moment and don't follow him around. Allow others to have the opportunity to speak to him as well. Proper etiquette will be enforced during an MFC meet & greet as much as possible. Remember, the more civilized everyone behaves, the more likely Mika will stay a little while longer. If the crowd is too wild it will almost guarantee that Mika will leave quickly, or may not come out at all. We hope this helps you better understand MFC meet & greets and gives you some idea of how you might be able to meet Mika. And as always, remember to have fun at the shows and come back here and tell us all about them, whether you get to meet Mika or not!