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Found 17 results

  1. I don't know when the program broadcasting... Team TF1 did shoot "Tiny Love Tiny Tour" and interviewed Mika. In Mexico City https://www.instagram.com/casacomtesse/ post with #50minutesinsides their IG stories IG stories
  2. Here comes 2020 !! 2020 would be a great year for Mexican Mika Fans !! Mika In Mexico Press -2019 Mika In Mexico Press -2016 / 2017 / 2018
  3. Mika In Mexico Press -2016 / 2017 / 2018 /2019 Here is a thread for all the press in Mexico !!! Feel free to post away anything about Mexico you find.
  4. Sorry if has been posted before http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5NdPWq0tTlg&mode=related&search= P.S Dont worry they will speak english
  5. Mika tweets Happy to be here in Mexico City. Amazing N America tour. Has made me so happy. Xxxx ======== PICS ======== ======== VIDS ======== ======== REPORTS ======== ======== PRESS ========
  6. Tonight the 5th of October at 17:50 TF1 will broadcast a documentary about Mika in Mexico. To watch online: https://www.myfree-tivi.com/watch/d
  7. This thread is for pre-show chat, meet-up arrangements, travel etc Don't forget to RSVP here if you are going:
  8. Looking forward to hearing from this special show!! Over to you Mexican MFCers! REPORTS PICS VIDEOS
  9. I noticed someone asked about this earlier. So here is a thread for all the press in Mexico. Feel free to post away anything you find.
  10. Mika visitó México la semana pasada, en una visita breve pero fructífera y contundente, en la que realizó varias actividades promocionales, entre las que destacan una visita a Coyoacan acompañado por Reforma y un show acústico mágico y memorable para 40 PrincipPales. Todo inició con una conferencia de prensa muy especial donde tocó 2 canciones a Piano para la prensa, posteriormente ofreció una serie de entrevistas para medios claves: Televisa, Top Magazine, Warp Magazine, Diario Panorama y Globo-Visión (éstos últimos venezolanos). En la noche fue el artista principal de un evento especial de la cadena 40 PP que se llevó a cabo en el Bar Amapola, el cual fue transmitido en Vivo a toda la cadena (¡en 28 ciudades lo escucharon!). Estaba planeado que tocará solo 4 canciones y en la euforia de la noche terminó tocando 9 canciones. Los fans se volvieron locos desde el momento en que Mika pisó el escenario, cantaron cada una de las canciones que interpretó. Las canciones que tocó del Nuevo disco, como ‘Rain’ y ‘Blame It On The Girls’, ya son fuertemente celebradas, siendo el primer sencillo ‘We Are Golden’ ya una favorita de los fans. Después del show hizo un Meet & Greet con sus fans y VIPs de 40 PP. Finalmente, el viernes dio un paseo por Coyoacan para empaparse más de la cultura del Día de Muertos, pues en el show que está preparando para su gira del 2010 (en la cual está incluida México) quiere incluir un acto lleno de personajes y símbolos de esta festividad mexicana, y se dio el tiempo para realizar 3 entrevistas más: E!, Active On TV y Reforma.
  11. As announced on Mika's facebook and on twitter/Instagram by the man himself, he's playing a 'private' acoustic show on Thursday, 31 March 2016 *admission by invitation only* MIKA official @mikasounds Shooting in Mexico City for @EstiloDF in maisonvalentino pearly King jacket. I have a surprise… instagram.com/p/BDjSFsAziBn/ mikainstagram Shooting in Mexico City for @estilodf in @maisonvalentino pearly King jacket. I have a surprise acoustic show on Thursday evening at the Universal EMI gardens. Stay tuned to get tickets! Love the Balba Tshirt used in this pic 23h Hola! Mika visitará la Ciudad de México la próxima semana para una serie de actividades de promoción. Como cierre de su visita, el jueves 31 de marzo por la noche Mika tendrá una presentación privada sólo para invitados en una locación secreta y tú puedes asistir! Para tener una oportunidad de asistir al show, sólo envía un correo electrónico a mikacompetition@gmail.com con tu nombre y edad, el nombre y edad de tu invitado y un número celular de contacto. Para entrar al concurso tú o tu acompañante debe tener más de 18 años. Se admite una participación por persona y por favor pon MEXICO en el título del correo para que podamos identificarlo. Cerraremos el concurso y elegiremos a los ganadores la tarde del martes, así que tu correo debe llegarnos antes de las 12:00 del día (tiempo de la Ciudad de México) mañana. ¡Buena suerte! Are you going? You can RSVP here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/calendar/event/1001-%7B%3F%7D/?module=events
  12. Hi guys, I personally am very excited, is the first time he comes and he said on his twitter, so is he, that's great, and I will do the best in take lots of pictures and follow each step of what will to do here in Mexico, and also the reports of the fan club here in Mexico, and because the idea of going to the airport still remains, but nothing confirmed yet, besides the tickets delivered until tomorrow, which is worth only for he :wub2: :boing: :boing: PICTURES http://twitpic.com/nfimc http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2616052&postcount=110 http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2616067&postcount=114
  13. (Source: http://www.sexenio.com.mx/columna.php?id=2452 Thanks for Eriko who posted on Twitter :flowers2: ) By Roberto Andrés Oliveira Note: The following column has been written in two stages separated by several weeks. I hope that it does'nt change the consistency of the writing, I recommend reading the previous column They're all wasted. Almost about to finish my playlist for these days, my Last.FM account recommend to me a song based on the ones I've already had loaded, "We are golden," first single from the second album of the same group name "Mika" published in 2009. I listen: ''not givin 'up when you're young and you want some'' [No hay que rendirse cuando eres joven y quieres algo]. Surrender. It's what many young people think. Surrender. And is quoting Shakespeare in the famous speech from Hamlet: Who would suffer the relentless scourge of the time, from the stronger the injustice, from the arrogant the hard contempt[...], the delays of the law, the insolence of the employee, the hostility that the petty ones swear by peaceful merit, being able to so much evil get rid yourself, even raising a steel tip? Surrender. I've already mentioned earlier the alarming rates of suicide, unemployment, drug addiction and integration into the ranks of crime and drug trafficking. Surrender. Why not just surrender to the lack of security, education and employment? I keep hearing: We are not what you think we are, we are golden, we are golden! [No somos lo que ustedes piensan, somos de oro, somos oro!] Why not surrender? Simple!, BECAUSE WE ARE VALUABLE, WE ARE GOLDEN! Discrimination on grounds of age is one of the least discussed and considered by legal experts, media and society, but there, so there is that our Constitution prohibits in its first article. Leaving aside the institutional abuse towards youth opportunities, Mexican society itself discriminates against them. Youth, in our conservative society, is related in most cases with the negative side: irresponsibility, negligence, recklessness, ignorance, indiscipline, but these are not essential aspects of the young people but the creativity, vitality, openness, spontaneity, competitiveness, socialization. They cross us out for being young when they should consider us exactly for this reason. In the collective unconscious youth is a defect. Not a virtue. You're young, you're not careful. Default. You're young, you never know what you want. Default. You're young, you need experience. Default. Stop a bit in this little word: experience. How many headaches this concept has given me. For some reason the league has been doing something in a way for so long. "Trust me, I have more experience, all my life I have done so," God, it clearly has been doing so 10 or 20 years, but that doesn't mean it's the best way or it's well done. Well, you could take 100 years doing wrong. Experience is confused with mental rigidity. And youth, if it were actually a defect, would be a defect that's removed over the years, but mental rigidity gets worse with them. I'm not saying that experience isn't useful, of course it is, in fact the first world countries, the Knowledge Management [Gestión del Conocimiento] in organizations and companies is one of the most driven as they are considered part of the assets (intellectual capital). But the most valuable asset of these are the research and development departments, knowledge creation areas, innovation areas, precisely where the young creative thinking is superior to older experienced mind. That's why they promote the recruitment of young talents from college, recruiters literally crowd the schools offering lucrative contracts and bonuses for them, they know that young blood is vital to their companies and organizations. In Mexico not. In Mexico, it's a sin to be young. In Mexico we settle for saying that young people are tomorrow. No, we are the today. We are not promises, we are realities, we are not potential, we are action. We are not what you think, we are golden! WE ARE GOLD! WE ARE GOLDEN! A few ones have understood that, in our country, companies ask for experience to get your first job, I need job to have experience! Of course progress has been made with tax breaks to hiring people who have never paid into the IMSS, but they are jus baby steps, it's society who must change, to understand that being young is not a defect but a virtue. A virtue which can give very interesting results and interests. Finally I want to mention one local example, in Querétaro Governor Calzada has put the example since he started his administration, with talented young people ahead, not only in troops, secretariats, divisions and departments with the results and achievements patents, as well is the case of Paul Ospital, Abigail Arredondo, David Palacios, Andrea Spinola. It was and still is criticized for this. It's no secret that long political opponents in radio hall haven't stopped to call the Government Palace the Kindergarten, that members of the legislature (curiously those who are in charge of youth issues) calificanlas appearances by officials as "society of students "(as if being a student, a young one, was a bad thing) that anonymous people on internet accuse the administration for lack of experience for having so many young people. Just one word: Discrimination. What an obbtuse mind they have. Discrimination. In fact is not something unusual or surprising they act or speak like that, the Governor's vision and proximity to youth has always been a permanent feature in it but not married to some old political class, outdated and antiquated forms of government and politics. Since October 1st, 2009 the governor showed his confidence and hope in young people. He knows and has proven THERE'S NO WHY SURRENDER, WE ARE NOT WHAT THEY THINK WE ARE, we are golden, WE ARE GOLDEN! WE ARE GOLDEN! By the way: Shakespeare is also credited with the phrase: "The old people distrust of youth because they are young," perhaps that's why some local politicians distrust and insult, believe that because they were somehow all young. I have news for you: the problem was not the youth, the problem was (and is) you.
  14. nothing really new just the two last questions, well at least for me it's the magazine of this month but the interview is from October http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/warp-09/warpallop/2010040501/ Translation: Mika sees himself as someone naughty who likes to mix things that normally are separated, but, overall, he sees himself as an artist. truth or not, we must admit that his bitersweet lyrics and his dance rhythms have placed him as a pop representative to follow. we had the chance to talk to him during his visit to Mexico in october where we realized his way to understand the music and its historic moment. This is Mika with TBWKTM his new album. -how different was to create this new album compared with the first one? not to much. I sat down and wrote the songs, like 45 for this record, and I chose the ones that I liked the most. the biggest difference is that this time it was so intense, last time I had 2 years and now just 6 months. Besides I can say that during this process I was alone. Before, people didn't care about my music, not even my friends, they liked it but they didn't care. On the other hand, my family didn't judge me and they left me do whatever I wanted. When I was doing TBWKTM many people criticized me, so, instead of working in home with many people, I closed myself for 6 months in my own world, working alone. that was what I needed: protect myself and write things for being happy for me, not to others. -you have described the sound of this album as "a gothic timburtonian fantasy" why? yeah, most of the people laughing at me when I say that but if you look at the small detalis you could understand why I said so. There is a fairy tale: like "Toy Boy", the song is cruel, twisted, a little like Alice in Wonderland. This is the center of what I do, this let me use childish and innocent perspectives with a shadow of darkness: you take happines and sadness plus the brightest colors but also the darkness, mix them and you have something very powerful, like real life. -in the future would you like to incorporate aonther musical genres to your sound? Definitely. that's because I'm interested of writing music for movies, because it would let me use another kind of instruments, like electric guitars, and getting a massive sound. Maybe in the future I could produce, if this happen I could make from pop until electronic music and some things darker and heavier. -what are you going to do when you'll have finished the promotion of this album? I'm writing songs for another artist. She's not famous, she's about to make début. She's an amazing singer and the music doesn't sound cool at all, and I love it! Also I'm working in some secret proyects... I don't know, I'm going to contradict myself 'til the day of my death... If I wouldn't do that, I could get really bored.
  15. ¡No te puedes perder el especial que TELEHIT tiene para ti! Desde el Reino Unido, Mika visita México y Telehit estuvo presente. No te pierdas el especial el próximo domingo 6 de diciembre a las 20:00 hrs. ¡Sólo por TELEHIT! (Cablevision 235) hora Mexico http://www2.esmas.com/telehit/noticias/119627/especial-mika#com It's when Mika came to Mexico and according to the tv spot they will transmit some songs from the showcase in Amapola Cabaret also an interview, I'll record it Especiales Telehit: Mika en Mexico parte 1 Especiales Telehit: Mika en Mexico parte 2 Especiales Telehit: Mika en Mexico parte 3 Especiales Telehit: Mika en Mexico parte 4 Especiales Telehit: Mika en Mexico parte 5 --------------------------------------------------- Boomerang Mexico transmitted another Mika special but this one was when he was in NY first part (HQ) second part and 3rd
  16. Mika will be on a program called Boombox All Access December 4th, 9 pm (Mexico City time) The singer was with Boomerang during his US tour for telling us the details of his new album The Boy Who Knew Too Much released in september. In spanish: CIUDAD DE MÉXICO: Boomerang cerrará el año con una pantalla llena de música, desatacando de su programación la emisión de Boombox All Access, que esta en ocasión contará con la presentación del cantante británico de pop Mika. El cantante estuvo con Boomerang durante su gira por Estados Unidos para contar los detalles de su nuevo álbum The Boy Who Knew Too Much, lanzado en septiembre. El especial se emitirá el 4 de diciembre a las 9 p.m. http://www.tvlatina.tv/articles/display/13644 We're talking about this show here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2658214#post2658214
  17. Hey! Wazzap! I am a Mexican MIKA fan and I am new in here!!! I've been a fan for quite some time and would like to know any other fans of MIKA in mx... So come on... say hi to me
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