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Found 2 results

  1. Creé esto porque según yo el fandom en Perú no es muy grande y me gustaría conocer a mas gente de acá si es que hay y pues no se, hacer crecer el fandom y que Mika venga a Perú de una vez xd 💖
  2. TODAY AND ON MAY 3RD!! Hello all!! At this moment, we are all trying to get mikakicksass or mikakickass into the trending topics on Twitter. Now as everyone is doing it differently we thought we could arrange a proper 'invasion' when we tweet we need to make sure it doesn't look like spam either So, the idea is, on the day of release - 29th March - we could all tweet #mikakicksass WITH the S. Please leave your name below so we can get an idea of who is taking and who to say thanks to. Leave your Twitter name too if you're taking part in: 'The MFC Twitter invasion 2010' Thanks! cisserz (Twitter: cisserz) EmzieLovesMika (Twitter: EmzieeLouuBoo) Xxx Participants: cisserz (cisserz) EmzieLovesMika (EmzieeLouuBoo) pufpuf (sosweetbreeze) nollie (laurenosauraus) TigerClaws95 (TigerClaws95) lovempls (midwestclare) Lollipop Love (IamLucy_) England (natalieloves) Taylor! (taydevlin ) luvin mika 4eva (hrbrox) Karimah (carolinezcraftz) OrdinaryGirl (MannyCulpena) mellody (mellody76) BangBangLou (bangbanglou) Cherol (Cherol) kasia87 (kasia87) margaret1989 (margaret1989) mf22392 (mford22392) JustJen (_Just_Jen_) FREDDIESDOUBLE (FREDDIESDOUBLE) melissa_holland (Melissa_holland) mari62 (mari1962) Citiesonfire (Citiesonfire) IngeGOLDEN (Inge_M) kaeryana (leannascarlet) PunkiePenguin (PunkiePenguin) Fangirl (KTHXBAIOMGWTF) suisuimeko (suisuimeko) mine (MineMichele) (MikasPinkSocks) sweet.pixie (Sweet_Pixie) DEMI94 (demiHEID) patricia4u (patricia4u) nicoleta (nicoletagenovev) STEP___ (STEP___) Marilyn Mastin (Mmastin) SunshineGirl (sparkyrachel) misscece (celine965) Nightbird (KathiGolightly) Ruth (RuthFor) Lil'Violet (LilViolet) elise_xx (peterpanpirate) Jojotje (Jojotje61) Pideh (Littlepideh) Foxxy (Foxxy77) plasticsastic (plasticsastic) Maaikie... (AnneMaaikie) MissPie (MissPie_MFC ) Mary (_MaryM_) mnL82394 (MIKA_fan) lollipopgirl83 (lollytay) Runlikethedevil (Runlikethedevil) Hevthehampster (xHeatherLouisex) Statue_of_Liberty (Liberty_Statue) El_Scotty (LaurenScotty) Abbyyy (abby_jd) Graciosa (_graciosa) ce_mika (ce_ci) canuckchick (tawna_j) Enniebenenie (Enniebenenie) holysusie (holy_susie) ada692 (ada692) Dutchy (Dutchy_07) freestyle (FullOfColors) shoni (shoni1111) Gracekelly85 (Gracekelly85) juliana (ju_liana188) LadyLivs (ladylivs) pili_ruiz (revenge_pili) daisylou (daisylou-lollipopdaisy) Dreamy_Queen (DreamyQ) luna2907 Laurel (Laurel_1) agathaxxx (agathaxxxmfc) pattycakes (pattycakes) heartscollifde (ohheyitsrhiann) emmy333 (Unspoken_truth) Mlx (Mlx_09) Mika4Life13 (lafemme925) Dark Angel (DarkAngel_1983) bkxx (bevwheeler) huikings (huikings) leilabell (leilachick) omgitsmakee (MakiSays) Evie (E_Symphony) lillibet (lillibet2) crazyaboutmika (crazyaboutmika) DANI56 (DANI56) hathor (hathor2222) jacobandbensmummy (m_flower_) Sarina (Sarina_chan) FralovesMika (brandolina91) Droopsy (Droopsytje) pinkcell29 (pinkcell29) mikabunny (mikabunnymely) Jujuzita (juanapt) _Martha_ xxmika-maddo-joxx So to repeat, it is #mikakicksass WITH the S! We will do it at 7PM UK time! (If this time is inconvienient, any time as close as it as possible will be fine ) And you don't need like 10 #mikakicksass in one tweet, one will be enough and make sure we don't do LOADDSS of them at once, make sure we put something different in each tweet so twitter doesn't think it's spam It doesn't really matter if you do or don't have the # there or not 29th March 7PM UK time WITH the S - #mikakicksass No spam look-alikes THE MFC TWITTER INVASION 2010 Enjoy! After all, Mika does Kick Ass!