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  1. Links to watch the already broadcasted shows are to find in post #51 ================================================================================================== Here's the calendar of the XFactor's shows on Italian TV Already filmed shows: on thursday on SKY -- Replays on friday on Cielo 26 September: Auditions, first part 3 October: Auditions, second part 10 October: Boot Camp 17 October: Home Visit - Final choice Live shows: on thursdays on SKY -- Replays on Cielo after the end of the program 24 October and then every Thursday for 8 weeks, up until 12 December =========================================================================== CIELO's live streaming is here: or streaming outside of Italy: click "cielo" at the top of this player ====================================================================================================== Mika will serve as a judge on the brand new season of XFactor Italia. Mika is very excited about this opportunity and says it's a 'challenge' but that he is looking forward to discovering new talent. He says, 'Italy has always meant a lot to me, as I have great memories of my frequent Italian holidays, but also for the great love and support I always get there.' ------------------------------------- From the man himself on twitter: MIKA official ✔ @mikasounds Infos to attend the first live show on October, 24th , via Italian iTunes and mikaitalia ========================================================== Mika's page on SKY's site: Rossana Casale is going to work with him as a vocal couch: PROMOS: Video Promo with the 4 judges: "Hey, questo sì che è XFactor!" ('Now that's what I call XFactor!'),XF7,/ Promo Sept 2013: Sneak preview XF7: Musica: torna X Factor, novita' Mika ARTICLES: La Repubblica (translation): Blogosfere with translation: Santo Stefano Belbo: translation: Article + pics + video Sept 2013: Article + pics Sept 2013: Article + video: translation: Article + pics + video: Article + pics: Mika in Irland for Home Visit: INTERVIEWS: on soundsblog: with translation On Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera: (with translation) On Italian newspaper Il Giornale: On Italian newspaper La Gazzetta: On Italian newspaper La Stampa: On Italian newspaper La Repubblica: Translation: On Italian magazine 'GRAZIA': Translation: On Italian magazine 'VISTO': Translation: On Italian magazine SKY: Translation: Di Più Sept 2013: Interview + translation METRO: VIDEOS: Mika advertised: same video on YT: Mika announced as a judge at XFactor:§ionId=16&t=mika-giudice-nella-prossima-edizione-di-x-factor-italia XFactor promo: Arriva il quinto giudice, il pubblico: or Video interviews: Sky tg24 interview: X Factor, Mika: un modo di fare tv fuori dagli schemi: June 2013 or or Milano, fino a mercoledì audizioni per X Factor: or Le prime impressioni di Morgan e Mika: or Elio e Mika: XFactor è libero: Chiamatemi Giudice: Mika asked about Italian culture: Mika talking Italian: Mika about XFactor Italy: Mika's interview by Simona Ventura: Part 1: Simona Ventura interviewing Michael Holbrook Penniman Junior: he talks about his past, his career and his expectations about the new Italian adventure: or Part 2: Mika talking about Italian food and wine: SKY interviews Cattelan: his words about Mika translated: SKY interviews Mika during the auditions: Translation: SKY interview to Simona and Morgan: TG24 Al via la nuova edizione Sept 2013: X Factor, al via la nuova edizione: Press Conference June 2013: Mika explains why he chose XFactor Italy: Translation: Simon Cowell: Press Conference 24.9.2013: live blog/transcript: translation: blog with pics + vids: Press Conference: Just Mika's part: translation: Simona: Elio: Mika: translation: Funny vid about the judges: same: Interview translation: Interview Corriere: Recording of the "Speciale Giudici di xFactor" from the webstream: Interview sky: Intervista confidenziale a Mika: Audio interview: transcript: PICTURES: 2 pics of Mika in Irland for XFactor: Photosession: Bootcamp:¬if_t=notify_me Sept 2013: yahoo: ======================================================