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Found 1 result

  1. So Mika is going to be a dog owner from the 5th Aug! We can refer it to his tweet some time ago. mikasounds THiS arrives on the 5th of AUG!!!!!!! Say hello 11:29 PM Jul 12th via Twitter for iPhone mikasounds Have to figure out my dogs name. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. I pick her up on the morning of the 5th and still don't have a name! 5:05 AM Aug 1st via Twitter for iPhone According to girls who went to the Colmar gig AND Mika's tweet previously the name of Mika's dog is Melachi pronounce Melaki Let's welcome our well beloved doggy of Mika mikasounds Just because... here is a pic of my new dog. Meet Melachi The Witch 37 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone mikasounds And here's another, then I'll leave you alone. This was taken 3 days ago. 34 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone Melachi will be a new member of our boss' team. She DO deserve a thread! Melachi on twitter - MikasDog You can vote for Melachi for the Best Pet here: PLUS! The MFC was showing their love by giving suggestions for the doggy's name previously! A Adda Aimée Alba Alice Alfie Alle Alma Amber Ammu Amour Andamiro Angel Annabelle Aphrodite Art Astro Astrogirl Atreyu Audrey August Aurora B Baby Backere Bahama Mama Bailey(s) Bambi Bambu Banzai Bar Barks Basile Battle Battle Axe Bear Beast Beautiful Beauty Bed Beer Beirut Bella Belle Bells Bess Bessie Betty Betty Boop Betty Pup Big Girl Big Mac Billy Biscuit Bites Blast Blimey Bliss Blog Bloody Bloom Bobby Bon Bon Bonnie Braces Brains Brill Brit Bruce Bubba Bubbly Bumba Bunny Butter Butterbean Butterfly Byemoney Byetime C Callas Calypso Calliope Candy Cannelle Capucine Carmen Carolina Champs Charity Charlotte Cheese Cherish Chick Chicken Chickenetta Chickeny Chinook Chou Chou Cicely Cici Cindi Cinnamon Cinnamoroll Cheeky Chloe Chocolate Mousse Christiana Chubby Clara Clarisse Cleo Clio Clodin Clown Coco Cogsworth Colin Cone Coquine Cracker Cream Creamy Cuddles Cuddly Cutie D Daisy DaPuppy Darling Daylight Debacle Désirée DiCaprio DinDin Dingo Dinky Dinner Dixie Dodgy Doggety Dogzilla Doh Dolt Doll Dolly Doodle Dorothy Dotty Dove Downy Dreamer Dumbo Dymphnie E Effin' Eire Eleanor Electic Elfie Elvira Elvis Emily Emma Epic Evelyn F Faline Fangirl Fangs Fanny Faun Figaro Fishy Fisty Flamingo Fleea Flora Fluffy Fork Frida Furry G Galaxy Geez Georgia Gerald Gertrude Giggles Gigs Glitter Goal GoGo Golden Goldfur Goldie Good Gone Girl (aka GGG or 3G) Goody Goofy Googly Gosh Gotit Grinface Grizzly Grr Grace Grace Kelly Grace Puppy Gucci H Ha Haikka Happy Hairy Baby Hamsie Hastle Heart Heather Heaven Hedgehog Heidi Hera Hey Hiba Hit Girl Hog the Dog Holiday Holly Honey Honey Pie Hoo Chu Hot dog Huff Hugs Huh Humphrey I Ianthe Ick Ida Ikea Imaginarium Inés Inge Inky Inspiration Inu Irene Isabelle J Jammy Dodger Jargon Jasper Jazz Jean Jelly Jetlag Jewelpet Jimbo Jimjams Jingle Jinx Joey Jog the Dog Josh Juicy July Jumpy June K Kachinga Kermit Kicks Kimba Kinky Kisses Kiya Kelly Knight Knows-Too-Little L Lady Lady Jane Lager Laika Latte Leda Legend Leg-Hanger Leo Licks Lightning Lili Lilo Lily Linda Lion Local Loki Lola Lolapup Lolita Lollipup London Lord Loubi Lou Love Lovejoy Lovely Lovett Lucifer Lucy Lulu Lumière Luna Lunch Lurvely Lykke M Maddog Maggie Magpie Maha Mafalda Malú Mammamia Mana Manga Mango Mania Marble Marge Maria Marigold Marjoram Mask Meek Melody Melon Merit MFC Midnight Mika Mikita Mila Milk Milou Minnie Miss Missy Mm Moonchild Moonlight Moose Mousse Mozart Mubbina Muffin Muscle Muse Mutt N Nahce Nailpaw Nala Nalle Nana Nannie Narco Natacha Naughty Nina Ninja Nob the Dog Nosey Note No Way Nun Nutmeg O OK Oli Omen Oms Orian Onyx Ophelia P Panda Pandapple Paris Patapatapeppy Paws Peach Peachy Pearl Peggy Pegghy Penny Percy Persefone Piano Pie Pinki Pint Pixie Plasticsastic Pluto Pocket Pollon Pony Ponyo Poppet Poppy Prank Precious Pretty Princess Prone Proof Proper Prophet Prosaic Protest Puppy Penniman Pupsy Q Queen Queenie R Rain Rainbow Rattle Ravage Rawr Rita Roadie Ronnie Rose Rosetinted Rosette Rosie Rosita Rosmarine Roxy Ruby S Sabina Safari Saga Saint Salary Sally Samantha Sandy Saphira Satin Sausage Shady Shaggy Shannon She Sheep Sheik Shock Silk Simba Sleepy Smack Smiley Snack Snoopy Snow Socks Song Sorbet Sookie Space Sparkle Spelling Spoon Star Starlight Stella Stitch Storm Stormy Stuff Submarine Success Summer Summer Gir Sunflowerl Sunlight Sundae Sunny Sunshine Superb Superpaw Supper Sweeney Swinger T Ta-Dah Tamara Tañia Tao Tao Tchoupi Tea Teatime Teddy Tess Thingummy This Thorn Thrill Thumbelina Thunder Timotei Tina Tinkerbell Tofu Tour Toy Dog Trap Treasure Trouble Totoro Tupac Tweet Tweetheart Twinkle Twinnings Twistedbrush Open Studio U Una Unicorn Utopia V Val Valiry Vampy Vanille Vanilla Vanity Veil Victoria Vienna Violette Vlog W W.A.G Wallow Waltz Wellington Went Were Whiny Wifey Wig Wild Wiliness Willy Wildy Wise-Ass Wolfie Worthy Wonka Woolly X Xita Y Yelp Yo Youpi Yum Z Zafira Zeppelin Zaya Zeus