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Found 161 results

  1. Rubytuesday

    Mika lookalikes...

    Do you know a Mika look alike? So I’ve seen a thread on here before that talks about people’s Boyfriends’ maybe looking a bit like Mika so I was wondering! How many of you actually do know a Mika lookalike? I myself feel very lucky to know one! I go to the same High School/College as him! He is in the year above me on my art course and he is GORGEOUS! I nearly squealed when I first saw him! Ok so picture the scene. I’m sat in the art block waiting for my friends when in walks this incredibly tall guy dressed in blue skinny jeans, white trainers, a blue/red checked shirt and red braces hanging loose by his sides and bear in mind that he has dark brown silky curls, big dark eyes and a very cute smile! Ok so I maybe freaked out a bit but seriously he does look/dress uncannily like the man himself! so it led me to wonder how many other MFC members know/date/have seen a Mika lookalike??? ps feel free to post any pictures/drawings etc. lots o' luv from Ruby xxx :-D
  2. welcome to the new serbian-speaking thread! Everybody who speaks Serbian is welcome here! Also, all the guests who don't speak Serbian but English are welcome for the Mika and general chit-chat ! With this thread we want to show that Mika has got a stable fan-base in Serbia, and that we belong in the International Section along with other National threads. With the opening of this thread we're making it a whole lot easier to newbies and other guests to find their own thread where their native language is being spoken, to come on over and introduce themselves! Mika is performing at this year's EXIT festival in Novi Sad in July; he's coming to our country for the very first time, and he chose exactly Serbia for his 1st East-European Tour gig! DOBRODOŠLI! Ovo je tred za sve one koji govore srpski! Naravno, dobrodošli su i svi ostali, tako da će se na ovom tredu govoriti i engleski! Ovim tredom želimo da pokažemo da Mika ima fan-bazu u Srbiji, i da nam je mesto u Internacionalnoj sekciji, među svim ostalim Nacionalnim tredovima na ovom Fan Klubu. Otvaranjem ovog treda omogućavamo tek novim članovima da brže i lakše pronađu tred gde se govori njihov maternji jezik, dođu i predstave se! Mika u julu ove godine nastupa na EXIT Festivalu u Novom Sadu, prvi put dolazi u našu zemlju, i izabrao je da upravo u Srbiji drži prvi koncert u sklopu svoje istočno-evropske turneje! Ako se već niste prijavili, dođite na OVAJ tred i prijavite da dolazite! Treba što više članova da skupimo! Jedva čekam da nas se što više prijavi i da vas sve upoznam!
  3. Hello everyone! Took me long enough... I think my story is the same as a lot of people; I knew of Mika only because of his hits early on, never really saw much of him besides his music videos. Then just a few months ago I go to my Tumblr, which I hadn't done in a while. I see a post about him, how he's actually a really great person, with the music video for Good guys embedded as well. I watched it and loved it a lot. I made a note to myself to check him out when I got the chance. When I did some weeks later he just completely won me over with his intelligence, humor, lyrics, personality, uniqueness, wit, kindness... and of course he's not bad to look at either. Compiling compliments (amongst other things) Whilst scouring the internet and this forum I noticed that all of his funniest and best moments were scattered all over the internet in videos only people who were already fans would watch. I had finally discovered that this singer had an amazing personality as well, and wanted to have something to make other people discover this too. So I decided to get my hands dirty and started to collect all of the moments that made me smile. Whilst doing this I realised that people compliment him a lot, and I found I absolutely loved watching people doing this to his face. His whole face lights up and his nose does this cute crinckle thing. So while I'm still working on other compilations, I thought for my first introduction I would share this video with you, which will hopefully make some of you smile a bit. I will make the other compilations (if only for myself), but will continue to post them if other people are interested as well 😊 Edit: New video!
  4. kreacher

    Mika Encyclopedia

    i don't think a comprehensive, easily searchable one-stop thread like this Mikapedia exists yet, so i made it because i need a hobby... Mika Encyclopedia Over 1230 encyclopedia entries, at least 312 with extended information, but this is very much a work in process! Input is very welcome, so please post/message me if you find an error or an omission or have a question or would like to otherwise help. ENTRIES: * # ~ A ~ Ba-Bh * Bi-Bz * C ~ D * E ~ F ~ G * H ~ I ~ J * K ~ La-Li * * Lj-Lz ~ Ma-Mh * Mi-Mz ~ N * O ~ P * Q ~ R ~ Sa-Sn * So-Sz ~ T * U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ Z * * EXTRA EXTENDED INFO * ~Entries are in alphabetical order with last name first! Please use page search if you can’t find what you’re seeking; it might be listed with an alternate name. ~For an extended entry with much more about a topic: click the spoiler after an entry ~For a photo (with Mika when possible): click PHOTO after an entry ~Mikapedia began: March 12, 2015 - Last updated: August 18, 2018 ~New entries: entry is green ~Orange words: have their own encyclopedia entries ~Info i'm unsure of is light purple: Can you solve these mysteries? What I’ve done: RECENT UPDATES * What's to come: LIST OF ENTRIES TO BE ADDED ENCYCLOPEDIA TABLE OF CONTENTS: I apologize for any typos, misinformation, broken links, and omissions. Please, please tell me if you find something that’s wrong. Special thanks to those who proofread, made suggestions, answered my questions, and/or contributed info: Kezza, DCDeb, Poisonyoulove, Kat75, Mamiam, RAK1, LeiRe, Lilasko, BangBangLou, Melyssa, Miss Kristal, Christine, Cathouzouf, Mari62, IngievV, Mag_Belgium, KiwiMikaFreak, Yang, CrazyAboutMika, We-Are-Golden, FrenchFan84, P. Xará, BiaIchihara, Siri; and to everyone on MFC who posts interview translations, subtitles videos, & shares other useful information; and especially to Kumazzz All photos and videos are copyright to their respective owners. Please PM me if you want any links removed. Pretty please don’t copy this Mika encyclopedia & claim it as your own as I’ve worked countless hours on it. My sources include Wikipedia;; MFC FAQ and threads; credits of Mika's CDs and DVDs; various interviews and articles from TV, radio, and magazines;; Mika’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/blogs; Mika’s XL columns; gig reports from fans; and/or random tidbits from my brain. SHARED FILES - google docs (a master list of past tour dates, plus the (mostly) complete encyclopedia, the old grouped extended info posts about Mika’s music, associated people, and other things) just in case anyone wants to print or download them for offline use or something
  5. Hi everyone.. I'm Ian, I work with 'iMMa' who is Mika's backing vocalist. For exclusive, photos, videos and blogs from the Mika tours.. check out the links below!
  6. Hi everybody !! This little video to remind me of the incredible and ungorgettable encounters with Mika. Lucky to have been able to meet so much kindness, humility, generosity, warmth and love in one man Mika, 1000 thanks for being there and being part of our lives Look forward to the new season of The Voice ! I love you so much YOU and the Mikafamily
  7. Alisa Vivsik

    New Music

    Hi. I am messaging because I am wondering if there will be any new music from our beloved MIKA ?because I am waiting patiently. If anyone has any updates please let me know ASAP because I really want to hear new music from him.
  8. Hello fellow MIKA lovers. As we have seen during his past album releases The Boy Who Knew To Much - 2009 Origin of Love - 2012 No Place in Heaven - 2015 It have been 3 years in between 3 out of 4 of his official albums. Does anyone think he will release one this year, or is he completely done with producing music? And in that case, what does his record company think of that? And if he releases an album, the record label do require him to do some concerts right? Saw on of MIKAs episodes from his italian TV show 'Casa Mika' or something that he said he was a former 'music artist' in one of the Taxi driver episodes. Would appreciate any kinds of answers to these questions. Love you all ❤
  9. dcdeb


    Although we have the fabulous and exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia, courtesy of kreacher, we have had a number of requests for a shorter, quick FAQ on Mika... so we thought we'd give a try. If you have any suggestions for changes/additions, please let us know. We don't really want to make it any longer, but if we're missing something that you think is really frequently asked, please say so! MIKA FAQ What’s Mika’s real name? Mika's full legal name is Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. He was named after his father, but was called Mica because his mother wasn’t keen on the whole “junior” thing. Why did he change it to “MIKA”? According to Mika, his nickname growing up was "Mica," but it was often mispronounced. He changed the "c" to a "k" so that it would be pronounced correctly. When and where was Mika born? Mika was born on August 18, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. What’s Mika’s nationality? Mika's mother was born in the US, and his father is also a US citizen. Mika, however, was born in Lebanon. He has dual citizenship, holding both a UK and US passport. Who is his mother? Who is his father? Mika's mother is Joanie Penniman. Mika's father is Michael Holbrook Penniman, Sr. He works in finance as a banker. How many brothers and sisters does Mika have, and what are their names and ages? Mika is the middle child in a family of five children - he has four siblings: His youngest brother Fortuné (born 1992), his younger sister Zuleika Allegra (born May 3, 1990), his older sister Paloma (born July 8, 1980/81?), and his oldest sister Yasmine (born August 13, 1978). Does Mika have any pets? Mika has two golden retrievers, Melachi and Amira. Melachi was born in 2010, and is also known as Moo AKA Melachi the Witch. Amira was born in 2015 and is Melachi's niece. She is also called Sharky. Where else has Mika lived besides London? After leaving Lebanon due to the civil war, Mika’s family moved to Paris, France (with a brief stopover in Cyprus) when he was about 1 year old. He lived in Paris until he was about 9, at which point his family moved to London. Where does he live now? Mika divides his time between his home in London, England and one in Miami, Florida. He also has a flat in Milan, Italy and one in Paris, France. Which schools did Mika attend? After moving to London, Mika attended the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle. He left that school at age 11 due to a bullying-induced breakdown, and was consequently home-schooled by his mother for 6 months, at which time he also began to take voice and piano lessons with Alla Ardakov. He was then enrolled in St. Philips School in Kensington, and after that attended the Westminster School. Mika applied to and was accepted at the London School of Economics for a course of study in Geography, but dropped out on the first day and enrolled instead at the Royal College of Music. He eventually left the Royal College to record his first album. How tall is Mika? Mika is around 188-191cm tall, or 6'3" (he jokes that it’s 6’4” counting his hair). How much does Mika weigh? Mika weighs around 160 lbs or 73 kg. What’s Mika’s vocal range? Mika says he has range of about 3-1/2 octaves. Is Mika gay? Yes. After years of speculation about his sexuality, Mika came out as a gay man in the September 2012 issue of INSTINCT magazine. You can read the article HERE. Is Mika dyslexic? According to Mika, he struggled with dyslexia as a child. This caused him troubles in school and in reading, spelling, telling time, etc. However, he has dealt with his dyslexia and is now an avid reader, (though he remains an unconventional speller). He has also said that his dyslexia caused him to be incapable of reading sheet music, although medically it is a different issue and has nothing to do with dyslexia proper. Does Mika have OCD? OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is a psychiatric disease that causes involuntary obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive actions. The compulsions most commonly manifest themselves in things like counting, meticulous cleaning, inventing rituals or performing other repetitive actions. In people diagnosed with OCD, the disease is severe enough that it often interferes with living a normal life. Mika has said that he has OCD and that it causes him to do thing like buy three pairs of any clothing item, but since “OCD” has entered casual usage as a reference to meticulousness, it is possible that he meant he has OCD traits rather than full OCD. A person can manifest a lot of OCD traits without necessarily having the disorder. How many languages does Mika speak? Mika speaks English, French and Italian fluently. He also speaks Spanish, and some Arabic. He also studied Mandarin Chinese in school for several years, but says he has forgotten everything. What’s Mika’s religion? Mika has said that he was raised a “good Catholic boy,” but whether or not he is currently a practicing Catholic is unknown. Does Mika have a lazy eye? Mika has said that his left eye tends to be slightly “lazy” unless he makes an effort to keep it properly focused. Does Mika wear glasses or contacts? Yes. Mika usually wears contacts, but you can sometimes also spot him wearing stylish prescription glasses, particularly before or after a gig. Has Mika ever modeled? Yes, Mika modeled for Paul Smith’s Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Mika also served as the "face" of Lozza sunglasses in its 2012 campaign. Was Mika really an opera singer? Yes. He was a boy soprano at the Royal Opera House in London. You can hear him sing the part of the Woodcutter’s Boy on the Royal Opera House CD recording of The Pilgrim’s Progress. How can I contact Mika? You can write to Mika at two fanmail addresses: MIKA c/o RI Entertainment 1755 Broadway New York, NY 10019 OR MIKA c/o MACHINE MANAGEMENT Studio 16 London Fields Studios 11-17 Exmouth Place London E8 3RW UK You can also send a message to Mika via his Twitter account @mikasounds. Does Mika read the MFC forums? He used to, but it seems unlikely that he does now. Still, his management team keeps an eye on it, and the band and family members have been known to read it as well. Does Mika have a Facebook profile? Mika does not have a personal Facebook profile, although his team manages a MIKA Facebook page. Mika has said that any personal profile under his own name on Facebook is a fake. Does Mika have a Twitter account? Does he use Instagram or other social media? Mika's Twitter account is @mikasounds and yes, it is really Mika tweeting from that account. He also has an Instagram account that he manages personally. You can find it at @mikainstagram. Mika does not have any other social media accounts that we know of. Where can I find Mika’s interviews and TV appearances? Check the Mika News and Press section of the forum HERE. Where can I find photos of Mika online? is probably one of the best sources of photos of Mika on the internet! Visit any gig thread for photos of his latest performances, or check out the News forum for photos from current publications. You can also check out the latest Mikagasmics thread on the MFC for plenty of pics! Where can I buy Mika merchandise online? You can buy official Mika merchandise from his official Mikasounds site in the shop: How many albums has Mika released? Mika has released four studio albums: Life in Cartoon Motion (2007) The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009) The Origin of Love (2012) No Place in Heaven (2015) Mika has also released a collection of his "greatest hits" so far. Called Songbook Vol. 1, it was released in Italy on November 12, 2013, and it contains his singles, as well as some special releases, such as "Live Your Life," from the Spanish commercial for San Miguel beer, and his duet of "Stardust" with the Italian singer Chiara Galiazzo, from X Factor Italia. Mika also released an EP with an illustrated book called Songs for Sorrow (2009). When is Mika's next album coming out? Soon. Or, as we like to say, Mikasoon. What was the first song Mika released? Mika released “Relax (Take It Easy)” in 2006 as a UK-only limited release. His first “official” single was “Grace Kelly.” What are Mika's singles? Relax (Take It Easy) Limited UK release, 2006 Europe, June 2007 Canada, July 2007 UK Re-release (with Lollipop) – December 2007 Grace Kelly January 2007 (Digital download followed by physical format single) Love Today April 2007 (UK) August 2007 (France) Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) July 2007 (UK) September 2007 (Germany) February 2008 (Australia) Happy Ending October 2007 (UK) November 2007 (Australia) December 2007 (Italy) Lollipop December 2007 (Released in the UK as a Double A-Side with Relax (Take It Easy) We Are Golden September 2009 Rain November 2009 Blame It On The Girls February 2010 Kick Ass May 2010 (Kick Ass soundtrack released March 29, 2010) Elle Me Dit July 11, 2011 Celebrate June 15, 2012 Underwater November 2012 Popular Song ft. Ariana Grande December 2012 Boum Boum Boum June 11, 2014 (June 17 in US and Canada) Talk About You March 25, 2015 (March 31 in US and Canada) Who directed Mika’s music videos? This is a partial list of Mika's videos and the directors. For a complete list, check the Mika Encyclopedia. Sophie Muller directed the music videos for “Grace Kelly” and “Love Today.” “Happy Ending” was directed by the duo AlexandLiane. Bonzom, a studio composed of 5 French animators, directed “Lollipop.” "We Are Golden" was directed by Jonas Åkerlund. "Rain" and "Blame it on the Girls" were both directed by Nez Khammal. "Kick Ass (We Are Young)", from the movie Kick Ass 2, was directed by Jim Canty. "Elle Me Dit," which features a number of French actors, but not Mika, was directed by Kinga Burza. The video for "Celebrate" was directed by Max Bohichik of BBGun and shot. "Make You Happy," a short film in which Mika does not appear, was directed by Canadian filmmaker Iouri Phillipe Paille. "Origin of Love," a short film rather than a true music video, was directed by Cristian Jimenez in Santiago, Chile. The video for "Underwater" was directed by Alex Southam. The video for "Popular Song" featuring Ariana Grande was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero. The video for "Boum Boum Boum" was shot on location in Spain and was directed by Jonathan Lia under Manic Butterfly Productions. The video "portrait" for the single "Last Party" was directed in black and white by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. The video for "Staring at the Sun" was co-directed by Andreas Dermanis and Mika. The video for "Talk About You" and "Good Guys" were directed by fashion photographer KT Auleta on location in London. The video for "Hurts" was directed by Ivan Controneo, spliced with scenes from his film, "Un Bacio." A video for "Je Chante," which was used as an advertisement for French rail service TGV, was directed by Martin Werner. Where can I find the lyrics to Mika’s songs? While there are lyrics on, we find many inaccuracies there. You can find complete, comprehensive, and we feel most accurate, lyrics on MFC HERE. I've found the names of some songs attributed to Mika that are not on the album or on any of the singles. What are they? Mika recorded a number of demos for Life in Cartoon Motion that did not make it onto the final album. These were leaked some time ago, and have made their way around the internet. They are not official releases, and Mika prefers that people do not share them further since these are unfinished versions of the songs and he may want to release them in another format at another time. MFC members try to comply with Mika’s wishes on the subject, and discuss only officially released songs, or songs that have been performed live. What songs by other artists has Mika covered? The following is a partial list of songs Mika has covered, with the original artist listed: Satellite ~~ Dave Matthews Band Can't Stand Losing You ~~ The Police You've Got The Love ~~ Candi Staton I Want You Back ~~ The Jackson Five Sweet Dreams ~~ The Eurythmics Missionary Man ~~ The Eurythmics Standing In The Way Of Control ~~ The Gossip When Doves Cry ~~ Prince Same Jeans ~~ The View Everybody's Talkin' ~~ Harry Nilsson Hips Don't Lie ~~ Shakira Teardrop ~~ Massive Attack Ain't Got No/I've Got Life ~~ Nina Simone Just Can't Get Enough ~~ Depeche Mode Faith ~~ George Michael Poker Face ~~ Lady GaGa Let It Snow ~~ Dean Martin (and others) Don't Stop Believin' ~~ Journey When I See An Elephant Fly ~~ Dumbo Original Movie Soundtrack I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues ~~ Elton John La Solitude ~~ Barbara We'll Be Comin' Back ~~ Calvin Harris/Example Everywhere ~~ Fleetwood Mac Happy Xmas/War is Over ~~ John Lennon For a complete list of covers, visit the Mika Encyclopedia HERE. Who are the members of Mika’s live backing band? Mika hasn't toured for a while, but most recently, the members of Mika's touring band were: Bass, Backing Vocals: Max Taylor Keyboards/Woodwinds: Curtis Stansfield Drums: Ed Carlisle Percussion, Backing Vocals: Joy Joseph For a complete list of all musicians who have toured with Mika, check the Mika Encyclopedia HERE. Is it possible to meet Mika after a gig? How? Mika often is available to speak with fans after his performances, although it is never guaranteed that you will be able to meet him at any one particular event. Circumstances vary depending on venue security, other commitments he may have, how he is feeling, and whether you are in the right place at the right time. Normally the “right place” is at the venue's artist entrance where he is likely to come out anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours after the show. Patience is the key, so if you are determined to meet Mika you should plan to stay at the venue long after the show has ended. Depending on the circumstances, Mika may sign autographs or pose for photos, but there is no guarantee that he will -- often he just comes out to say hello and chat for a few minutes. How long do you have to queue to get a spot in the front row for general admission gigs? The length of time required to queue varies with the venue and the city. As Mika’s popularity has grown, queuing times to get into the front row have increased to as many as 6 or 7 (or even 10+!) hours before the doors open, especially in cities like Paris or Milan where a large number of MFC members attend the shows. Check in the gig thread to get an idea of when MFC members plan to start queuing for the gig you will be attending. Check with the venue to find out what time the doors will open. In most cases you will need to arrive at least two hours before the doors open, and often a lot earlier than that! How can I find out when and where Mika will be touring? Mika’s Facebook page and his official website will list confirmed upcoming tour dates, but for the latest information and discussions check the MFC Calendar. There will be a separate thread for each date in the Concerts, Gigs, Tours and Performances forum. You can search for the thread in the forum or access it via a link in the calendar. Please note that while MFCers may hear about dates very early on, we can't consider dates as "confirmed" until they appear on Mika's Facebook page or on Who signed Mika? Tommy Mottola (formerly of Sony Music) originally signed Mika to his Casablanca label. (source:,,2067214,00.html) Nick Gatfield signed Mika to Island Records UK. (source: Which record company is Mika with? Mika is signed to Casablanca Records, a unit of Universal Republic Records Group, which in turn is a division of Universal Music Group. In the UK, Mika is signed to Island Records. Who represents Mika? In UK and Europe, Mika is represented by a company called Machine Management. His manager is Iain Watt. In the US, Mika is represented by RI Entertainment. His manager is Rich Isaacson. Mika also works with Coda Music Agency, a booking agency based in London:
  10. This is a topic where you can talk about funny moments that have happened during Mika's shows! I love hearing about bloopers and funny stories from Mika's shows, especially because I've never been to one of his shows before. So, yeah, take it away friends!
  11. Mika will feature on a Dalida tribute album by the famous trumpet player and composer Ibrahim Maalouf. For the album, released on November 17th, Mika covered the song Salma Ya Salama. This is originally an Egyptian song, composed by musician Sayed Darwish for the 1919 play Qulu lu, according to Wikipedia. The lyrics are by Egyptian poet Badi' Khairi. In 1977, Dalida covered it in both Egyptian Arabic and French. Dalida's version can he heard here. More info about this album can be found here.
  12. Hello fellow MIKA lovers 1. Anyone knows why the 'Erase' song from the JP edition Life in Cartoon motion arent on spotify? 2. Anyone knows why the Kick Ass song with RedOne arent playable on spoitfy? I get this message "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer, you can import it". Thanks in advance MIKA fans <3 love you all
  13. youngicecreamgogly

    Mika - Questionnaire

    Hey there? I'm looking for fans who could take a few minutes to answer my questionnaire which I conducted as part of my VWA which is part of the Austrian Matura. If you see this, please try to answer it, and send it to me via email ( or any other communication services. It means a lot to me. Also, if you happen to know other fans, please let them know, if it's not too much to ask... I'm counting on you : D love, A. mika questionnaire.docx
  14. Will Mika have any live performances in 2018? Does anyone know anything about that? Would travel anywhere to hear him live. Thanks!
  15. [YOUTUBE]lEdAwQ-wm1k[/YOUTUBE] on YT, from Universal France: lirics: thanks Deb! all interview D/L link: thanks Eriko! English transcrpt by Macboll and camille*- thanks!! As we know, Mika will perform his new single at NRJ Hit music only Radio, invited by Manu Levy, at 8 am - French time - Friday 15th next! link to NRJ webradio: LET'S MEET THERE! Then, we've got news he will be at Virgin radio France same day at 5.30 pm - French time! link to Virgin webradio:
  16. Banyyy

    Mika concerts

    Will Mika resume the tour yet, or will it be possible to see him now only on TV?
  17. Mika wrote a column called "Still a kiss..." on Vogue Italia that will be released on 04.11.2017 On the site you can find an anticipation of it Translation by VV* It starts today, and it airs every Tuesday until November the 20th at 21:20 on Rai2, “Stasera Casa Mika”, the award winning Mika one man show. The Lebanese born, English based singer/songwriter, who came out as gay in 2012, is the author of a bold article, available on the November number of Vogue Italia, out November the 4th. Here is a brief anticipation. A cover, three kisses, a heterosexual and two gay ones. Why does the September edition of Vogue Italia, rose such a big amount of dust, ending up being seen and shared millions of times on thousands Instagram accounts worldwide? Wasn’t it “just a kiss”, at the end? The reason seems clear: the gay kiss. But if we look closer, maybe things are not really as they seem. If on one hand an act of love between two men (or two women) is still able to raise such a fuss, on the other, this reaction is the proof that the picture does work. Because it touches a deep spot of our being. And forces us to think. So: are we really sure, that what makes this picture so annoying is homosexuality? What if it was its visual composition, so full of subtexts, of delicate undertones and connections? The lips of two men which almost brush against each other, without getting to touch, suspended in the never-ending moment which follows or precedes the kiss: this is maybe, what makes it so special. Because if we browse the socials, we can find millions of gay kisses, even far more explicit than this. But they are nothing more than bits of stories, lacking emotions, interpretation, they are cold even if we add a “warm” tone to the picture. Technology got us used to a huge stream of images that we like and which we immediately forget. It’s a process which is killing empathy, it’s a huge peril. Provocation, on the other hand, is a discipline that needs an artistic and intellectual preparation. Without intelligence, sensitivity, and culture, it becomes sensationalism, or worse, trash. The “provocateur” is aware of his role, and assumes full and serious responsibility. And that’s what magazines have to do as well, especially those that have an authoritative and transversal voice, as Vogue Italia does, because they measure the emotional temperature of society. The image they put on the cover is therefore a visual statement, the equivalent of a written editorial: it forces you to take some time, the time you need to listen to a story, find its interpretation, examine it in depth, things that in the kaleidoscopic juke-box of the web, we don’t do anymore. That’s where the true provocation lays, on Vogue Italia’s cover. In the call to find such emotion again. The one enclosed in the wait for the imagined kiss, which is the most intense part of the kiss itself. Mika, Vogue Italia, November 2017, n.807
  18. frog.teerez

    Mika's famous friends

    Hello Mika Fans! My name is Tereza and I'm from the Czech Republic. I was just wondering if you know any of Mika's famous friends? I know only about Kate Perry, Adele and Perez...Please tell me if you know anyone I'm just curious So let's talk about his friends! thanks a lot!! And excuse my English please!!
  19. What mika song can you relate to the most? mine would be last party.
  20. Elenita

    Lola Incident

    Hi everyone I'm new here, just spent the whole day going through all the amazing material here, thanks especially to the amazing translating team, you guys deserve the world for your contributions! I was watching the Mobistar concert where he forgot the lyrics to "Lola" and then tried to get someone to look up the lyrics then seemed kinda pissed when they didn't find it. I thought it was hilarious but also wondered what other singers do when they forget their lyrics? Do they also get the audience to help or just change songs? And then I wondered why didn't Mika have the lyrics printed out? He seems to have these papers on the top of his piano. And he said whoever gave him the lyrics could sit on the stage for the rest of the gig but I didn't see that. Sorry if this topic has already been covered.
  21. PaintedBoy

    New(ish) member to the Fandom

    Hey guys I've been listening to MIKA for about half a year now. I just made this painting today and thought it would be a good icebreaker to start talking in the forums. Tell me what you think, it's one of my first paintings in acrylic and one of my largest paintings to date. Sorry if the quality is bad, I had to take the pic with my phone. Its based off of the Good Guys music video (obviously)
  22. Hi everyone:) I was just thinking the other day about how Mika is mostly involved in France and Italy these days. I am from Canada and am a really big fan of Mika...I wish he received the notoriety he deserves. I have never understood why he isn't popular in the U.S. His music is amazing and of course he is very handsome and a lovely person. I am always shocked that not many people here in Canada talk about him or know his music (I am not from Quebec though). I saw a commenter say he should try the USA/UK audience again and I agree! His music is too amazing to go unnoticed by these countries. So how is Mika perceived in your country?
  23. Coraline6

    Songs similar to Erase

    Hello everyone! I realize that Mika hates his song "Erase". I understand that it sounds much more mainstream for the time than his other songs did. I wanted to know though...when I listen to Erase and especially the chorus piano part, it reminds me of other songs from around 2007. I cannot think of one actual song name though and it is really bothering me! Some people in a fourm a while ago mentioned The Climb being similar but I don't think it has the same atmosphere as Erase (and I really dislike The Climb!). I know a few songs from that time period felt very similar though and I want to know what they are! If anyone can remember any songs from the 2000s that sound like Erase please comment! Thank you
  24. Hi All, By now, it's been a fair few years since Make You Happy was released so sorry if this question has been mentioned before; I tried searching previously with no success. The Studio/Miami (whatever you guys wanna call it) edit of Make You Happy is one of my favourite songs of The Origin of Love album and I really want to know all the lyrics to the song. The problem for me is that there's a particular part which isn't in the single/main version of MYH which is present in the studio/miami edit. So, towards the end of the song, the main version of MYH (the version with the music video) has the following lyrics which repeat: 'Never gonna give you upNever gonna sort you outWhen's it gonna hit ya?I'm never gonna let you down' alongside the above lyrics you have the main chorus: 'All I wanna do is make you happyAll I wanna do is make you happyAll I wanna do is make you happy' However, in the studio edit you have the main chorus followed by some extra lyrics, I've tried focusing on these extra lyrics to try and make out what Mika's saying, as well as comparing other sites/videos allegedly displaying all the lyrics, and I have the following lyrics, I don't even know if these are correct but this is the closest I've got (anything with a '?' is a part I'm not particularly sure about): Only wanna walk this way, never gonna make you pay, only gonna getcha, i'll never be a real boy gonna make you satisfied never gonna leave your side never gonna go away cause you know you can count on me? only wanna get you up never gonna let this die what's it gonna take me I'll never let you break me take me for that one new chance pick me from what's left of us? keep me as the same style I just wanna get your way I remember seeing a site a few years back which was discussing this, but I don't think it ever came to a conclusion with a popular/agreed set of lyrics, if it did then I can't find it anymore. I've tried to download the song and isolate just the vocals, but there still seems to be some background singing in the way. I've uploaded this version (it's focusing on the lyrics so is gonna sound a bit unusual). Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction as to what these 'hidden' lyrics are. Thanks - Final MIKA_-_Make_You_Happy_(Miami_Edit).wav