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Found 4 results

  1. A short transaltion from the page: https://it.blastingnews.com/cultura-spettacoli/2014/03/sofar-sounds-musica-e-concerti-live-di-casa-anche-a-milano-0075873.html?fbclid=IwAR2KywbIo0KohMjLvoFLhDIutX8KnCgpH8Q4ckIeTtVBaZKrD7GT0t6sF9I Sofar Sounds, music and live concerts at 'home' also in Milan Sofar Sounds is a project born in London in March 2009 that soon developed also overseas in the US and then in Holland and in many other European cities. What is Sofar Sounds?Sofar is a movement that organizes live music events and concerts by emerging artists, with the particularity of making them in very special locations: in private homes and in great secrecy. Sofar Sounds, intimate concerts also in Milan The live show and the magical nature of an environment with a few hundred people make these concerts a unique event of its kind. If the Sofar Sounds project has intrigued you, why not try attending their live music concert? To find out where the upcoming events will take place, go to the official Sofar Sounds website and sign up for their newsletter. The day before you will be notified by email and you will discover locations and artists who will perform and you can spend an evening listening to live music, as if you were in your own home!
  2. I'm just back from the amazing gig at Alcatraz in Milano. Let me tell you it was AMAZING, the best show i've ever been! Now i'm gonna write a little report. Sorry for all the mistakes: i'm quite tired and currently living in another world after tonight I still don't know how but i could get out of work sooner, so i went right to the Alcatraz and met Avoca and Robertina (with her nice sons) at about 4.30/5pm. Then we were reached soon from Esperia75 and Danika. Girls you're fantastic! i'm so glad i met you!!! While waiting in line we assembled the necklace we were projecting: we put all the pendants and put it in a nice Snoopy box (Robertina should have some pics of both of them). Then we gave it to Fedefex, who won a contest from the Universal Italia and managed to meet him in private with other 3 guys (lucky them!). Btw, while waiting outside we even saw Mika's siter Yasmine and his mom. Someone said there was even his grandma but i'm not sure... Once the gates were open we run right to the stage and get the first row, people!! the first row, right in the middle, in front of his mic!!! Amazing, amazing!!! I've made a video of him singing Holy Johnny, and i'm gonna post it here soon, and took some pictures. omg, he was so sexy!!!!! We have also recruited some new fans that will join the board, yay!! Pietro if you read this: i'm the curly girl with the red shirt who was talking with you inside the Alcatraz: remember the photos, we all wanna see yours!! Avoca before the gig started tried to talk with someone of the security, to ask if there was any chance to meet him: we were told to wait here and there and, after the gig, when a man told her to move at the right of the stage, another not-so-nice man told us to get out cause none would have entered the backstage:sneaky2: So we went out and waited just as the other people outside. And, after an hour, when everybody of the staff finished to take everything, he came! He stayed for a while, signed everybody's cd and whatever. I managed to give him the t-shirt i had drawn myself and he was wearing our necklace!! I'm so happy he liked it so much!! i'm quite proud of it:blush-anim-cl: Then he asked about Robertina to thank her (honey i have a video of that: i'll give you!). I've also make him sign my cd, and asked if he'll ever come back to Italy: he will this summer and in october for another tour!!!!!! yay!! Then I asked him about Holy Johnny(I love that song!!): he said it will be in the next album, which will be released when "he's done with this one"! Sivan i told him about your birthday on saturday, and if he could write an email for you...keep your fingers crossed! He was amazing, guys, he's such a nice person!! he stayed with us talking, and laughing (oh his laugh!!!!) and kidding.... he also mentioned Sanremo: the fighting atmosphere in the backstage, and the old age of the crowd: he's so funny, he has also made an imitation (-->not sure it is the right word) of them, LOL:roftl: There was also a guy who kept saying funny things and Mika made him signing his cap: he said he was entertaining all of us so he needed something from him: can you imagine that????? It was all so surreal....i had Mika at few centimetres from me...laughing, talking to me....omg, i need to go back to the earth... AMAZING, AMAZING. Oh i was forgetting: the whole gig was recorded from an italian musical network (like mtv) called All Music: they're gonna air the gig in may, and he girl who interviewed him was right in front of me while we were holding a panel with the MFC logo!!! Now Esperia and Robertina will write their own report when they'll back home (rested ) and get a computer. I'll edit my post with my pics and videos. ------------------------------- And now what everyone's waiting for: PICS: they're 42: i've uploaded them here for the moment. then i'm gonna update the link asap! VIDEOS: - Holy Johnny - Autographs 1: he loves our necklace! - Autographs 2: he talks about his performance at Sanremo Festival last march - Autographs 3: still talking about Sanremo Festival
  3. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SwatchItaly/photos/a.172491539441733.37288.162203733803847/1217417704949106/?type=3 Oggi pomeriggio a Milano, nel nostro Store di C.so Vittorio Emanuele II, presentiamo ai soci di ‪#‎SwatchClub‬ il nuovo ‪#‎Swatch‬ MUMU, nato dalla collaborazione con ‪#‎Mika‬! Scopritelo qui: http://swat.ch/1XLQsHd Jun 8 Jun 9
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