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Found 22 results

  1. Hello fellow MIKA lovers. As we have seen during his past album releases The Boy Who Knew To Much - 2009 Origin of Love - 2012 No Place in Heaven - 2015 It have been 3 years in between 3 out of 4 of his official albums. Does anyone think he will release one this year, or is he completely done with producing music? And in that case, what does his record company think of that? And if he releases an album, the record label do require him to do some concerts right? Saw on of MIKAs episodes from his italian TV show 'Casa Mika' or something that he said he was
  2. Mika will feature on a Dalida tribute album by the famous trumpet player and composer Ibrahim Maalouf. For the album, released on November 17th, Mika covered the song Salma Ya Salama. This is originally an Egyptian song, composed by musician Sayed Darwish for the 1919 play Qulu lu, according to Wikipedia. The lyrics are by Egyptian poet Badi' Khairi. In 1977, Dalida covered it in both Egyptian Arabic and French. Dalida's version can he heard here. More info about this album can be found here.
  3. It's just a suggestion but about a month ago I took part in a fan survey related to another singer I used to listen to a lot when I was younger and I though it would be really interesting if there would be something similar on MFC as I'm really curious what the results would be... The idea of the survey was that everyone had to rate every album, song (even unreleased songs) and music video of the artist from 1 to 10. It was interesting to see the results and I would like to do something similar here, I can even create the survey, but I wanted to ask first if you would be interested in it or no
  4. As the title suggests, this is a thread for Mika songs that are about mga (multiple gender attraction) or sga (same gender attraction). In other words, LGBT Mika songs. Before starting, I'd just like to say that as a mga person myself, Mika's lyrics are very important to me. Representation in music is extremely important, and I find myself relating to a lot of what Mika sings about. It's also extremely important that Mika isn't afraid to be himself, even in his music. I respect him immensely for that. So yeah, basically what I'd like to say is: thank you Mika for my dreams. You truly are
  5. whats you top five mika songs???
  6. I saw my earlier 'vote your favourite new song' tread being bumped and thought it would be a good idea to create a poll for you to choose your 3 favourite tracks from the whole album The only problem is that we have 18 songs but only 16 options I can put for voting. So, I have put EMD/ Emily as one and I am not listing Popular as it is hugely based on a song from a musical. (However, I will create another thread in a minute where I'll ask you to choose 2 songs you think would have been the best singles to promote the album with, to which I will add Popular.) So, please choose n
  7. So, as promised, I am coming back with another poll where you can choose, if you want, the 2 songs you believe would have been the best singles to promote the album with. That is subjective, of course, so perhaps the best idea is to think of the songs you can imagine your local radio stations playing from this album. We have 18 songs but only 16 options I can put for voting. So, I decided not to include L’amour dans le mauvais temps and Un soleil mal lune (both of which I really like though) as they would make an unlikely single, IMO, especially internationally.
  8. Saw a thread like this on another forum, and thought it would be interesting to see what people come up with on here. I'll start:
  9. Hey guys, I posted a cover done I have done (Grace Kelly) a few weeks ago here and received real nice and genuine reviews:) Recently recorded some nice chinese songs and thought of introducing it to you guys who might not have heard them before! Maybe you will like it, who knows? Music transcend all boundaries:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8K4fgf659c
  10. i was just thinking,if you could get Mika to cover any song, what would it be, and why? i don't know if this thread has already been posted, but if so, sorry! Mika, we know you read this, so take these hints!!!!! SONGS I THINK MIKA SHOULD COVER John Lennon - Imagine Ben Folds - Not The Same The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy The Hush Sound - Lighthouse oh, yeah, and i've got a challenge, try and make Bieber song sound good
  11. i was just wondering if any of you guys play any music yourself, sing anything, have written any songs or maybe even just getting lessons, I mean, seriously, gotta be one out there! I, my friends, are currently doing singing lessons with Marcie Jones (she was, like, a pop star from like, the jurassic era, but she still sings), and have written a few songs my self, with some favourites being Epidemic Stupid and Even Steven! Kinda also looking for a few stage names, because really, Eleanor Atkins is a brain-numbingly boring name, probably something to do with food, preferably sweet food,
  12. Hy everybody from Dori, from romania!
  13. ok this is a really random question but i'm just intrested to know which one people prefer... Blackberry or iPhone? and maybe say why... i pick iPhone mainly because of all the apps you can get and i find it easier to use... maybe thats a bit bias cos i havent used the blackberry as much... so which do guys prefer? or.. do you not like any?
  14. Hi guys... I'm Jelena, I'm from Serbia as you can see and I'm 17. I'm a big Mika fan and I know all his songs by heart and I can't wait for July and Exit to finally go and see him perform live. Also, I'm a vampire fan. I love to read, listen to music, hang with my friends, write etc. xD If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
  15. Hello The name says it all, really. I am looking for some new music - songs and artists. I don't know where to start so I thought, What a better place than on here! So, can anyone recommend any bands/artists/songs? Please reply Alice x
  16. Hey everybody. Got a second to listen to my story? As I said on the We Are Golden thread, I have a certain connection to this song, and I know that I will have an even strong one once I hear the song in it's entirity. Here we go..... So...... I remember the first time I saw the new vlog about the new music. I remember seeing the gospel choir singing We Are Golden, and crying. They sounded so beautiful, and the lyrics were so meaningful to me. "No giving up when youre young and you want some" I know alot of you have been so kind as to check out my website and my y
  17. Hey Mika Fans! I was on my Twitter page when I saw that Mika had posted a tweet saying that his BIOTG Video was on YouTube. So I went on and found the BIOTG music video. Here is the link: . Enjoy! I know I did! Z.
  18. Mika Discography with New Album and Singles (2009) with catalog numbers, UK Charts info (like: weeke in charts, High position in charts, First week in charts), Lyrics, Other Releases. http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Mika_Discography'>http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Mika_Discography http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Mika_Lyrics'>http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Mika_Lyrics http://www.discoogle.com/wiki/Mika
  19. Hi everyone! Well, I have to admit, I have two favorite singers: Mika and Taylor Swift. I've been her fan for two years, is it? Something like that. And I feel so identified with her music, her lyrics. What she says in her songs is similar to what I sometimes feel and she knows exactly how to put it in a song. Who else is a fan of her music?
  20. RAIN This is what I have so far Riff/chorus D C# G G D C# G / G D C# F# F# D C# F# Chords Still Working on it. LONELY ALCOHOLIC Chords I'm think that they're C major (b) A minor © D minor (b) G major. Something sounds a little off, so if anyone knows what's wrong let me know.
  21. Well, you can tell here what song you're listening. For example: MGMT-Electric Feel
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