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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everybody. Got a second to listen to my story? As I said on the We Are Golden thread, I have a certain connection to this song, and I know that I will have an even strong one once I hear the song in it's entirity. Here we go..... So...... I remember the first time I saw the new vlog about the new music. I remember seeing the gospel choir singing We Are Golden, and crying. They sounded so beautiful, and the lyrics were so meaningful to me. "No giving up when youre young and you want some" I know alot of you have been so kind as to check out my website and my youtube, and to comment, subscribe and give me feedback. All of it is greatly appreciated. Still, there comes a point where you have a dream SO big, a passion so feirce, and self motivation so strong, that you find the need to sit down and tell yourself: This is what I want. This is whats right for me. I will so anything to reach it. It is quite difficult when you have such a dream and no idea where to go, or no outlets to take it to. For the past year or so, I have been writing my own music and covering music with the voice I taught myself to use and the piano I taught myself to play. Im just not sure where to turn anymore. I have been trying to advertise myself by twittering my website, sharing the word in public places by word of mouth, handing out my youtube links to family, friends, and towns members, going to live bands in my area and asking to sing with them before they pack up, performing at my local school and childrens get-togethers, and any other way to get my name exposed. There has come points where I am not fully supported by those around me or even myself, and what I am doing is looked at as Not In The Norm. I have been criticize for being a fan of Mika, Queen, The Beatles....Other bands that not many people my age are into. Sometimes it gets hard to say I Dont Care and to keep going, especially when you have the feeling that no one knows your name. All I need are outlets, ways to get myself known. I have tried through twitter, email and other ways to get my story to Mika, and I never seem to be able to. I once had a dream one night after I spent the entire day writing, making demos, and being quite stressed out. I fell asleep late, and kept hearing the lyrics to We Are Golden in my head. I heard the ones that we know so far, and the rest only they were very cloudy. However, I just KNEW that they were important to mys situation, and would affect me in a positive way. All I want to do is make music. For the rest of my life, I want to wake up and be able to say that I did this for myself, I got here as the result of my own hard work, and I get to do this for the rest of my life. A few months ago I was in a state where I didnt think that I was goign to get anywhere with my music. The new vlogs came out, and I heard Mika telling me this. "No giving up when youre young and you want some" I thought, he did it. He was young and he got to where he is today. So I shouldnt give up either. SOOOOOOO I feel that when We Are Golden comes out, it will really mean alot to me and other young people who have a passion for something or a dream. I know for a fact that the first time I hear this song I will cry. I cried when I heard the one line in the vlog, and I know FOR A FACT that this song is going to change the way I look at my life quite a bit. I know just from hearing this line that I need to put behind me all the.... Unanswered phone calls from agents The fallen-through plans with could-be producers The incidents that prevented me from getting to that small, garage studio owned by a friend The negative comments on youtube The people who dont think music is a good path to take in life My peers who dont understand what it means to have a passion And everything else. So please, when you hear this song, keep in mind all the young people in the world with a strong dream and no idea where to go next. And to all of you like me, whether it be with music, fashion, art, medicine, ANYTHING.....remember that is we want it enough and work hard enough, we will get there. REMEMBER that there should be no giving up when youre young and you want some. thanks for listening everybody, it is greatly appreciated. I just really felt like I needed somewhere to share my story, and Id love to hear what you have to say peace,love,music... -sAmMy ;D http://www.youtube.com/willsing4fun http://www.unsigned.com/sammyraemusic
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