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Found 8 results

  1. Hello guys & girls !!! I'm surfing on the MFC site for a little month now, and I always find it like a "labyrinth" !!!! I'm 41, living in France near Paris and I'm a Mika fan only since 2017 !!! But it's never too late isn't it ?!!! I appreciate this site because it's full of informations about Mika and on all subjects ! It's very pleasant !! I discovered Mika overall on The Voice ! I matched with his clever argumentation and his sense of humor and his joyfulness !!! Anyway.. He's the best and I love him so much Here it snows in Paris !! It's so cold but so beautiful at the same time !!! Mikaaaaaaaaaa... ! I need your hat now, to protect my hairs from the snow !!!!! Could you lend it to me please...?!!! Well, it was a short introduction !! So I hope I will meet a lot of nice & cool fans here and there !!! Don't hesitate to guide me in the MFC, ok ?!!! Cause I'm quite lost yet !!! Have a nice day everybody and see you very soon !! Kisses and hugs ! Celine
  2. Guest

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hi, my name is Asia, I live near Rome, I'm 13 and I follow Mika from october 2012. Mika saved my life from bullism and familiary problems more than one time, my favourite song is We Are Golden. I also love drawing, fashion designer and books. My favourite books are the shadowhunters saga and my favourite fashion designers are Dior and Valentino. I have brown hair, dark green eyes and a lot of creativity! I saw Mika at the nutella's festival in Naples (18/05/14), at the xfactor auditions (22/06/14) and in Montreal (11/002/15 and 12/02/15). I necer saw him before because my parents didn't know I loved Mika, I was scared of theyre reaction and I knew they're making fun of me=( I also have the tickets for the concerts in Milano, Cattolica and Rome!!! P.S. I don't speak english very well so I often make mistakes, sorry❤️
  3. Hey Hey! My name is Angela I'm new to the MFC. I can't wait to get to know everyone! So.... lets see I'm a professional fangirl I love Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Merlin, and Supernatural BUT MOST OF ALL drumroll ..... I LOVE LOVE LOVE MIKA <3 He is so talented, adorable and just MIKA.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Pedro Marques (you can call me just Marques or Ledin), I'm a 16-yr old brazilian guy who has just discovered what MIKA is. A few days, actually. Logically, I'm no MIKA-nerd (even though I've spent some good time into reading about him/fan experiences on the internet), so I'm gonna be a bit of a quiet member, but I'm looking forward to meet nice people! I have always heard his name, but only after a friend in Belgium showed me a little more material I fell in love with the man. Still, MIKA is not my favorite artist. I practically live for ABBA, and have a strong connection to Supertramp beyond music. I enjoy collecting music a lot. CDs, vinyl, tapes, whatever plays songs. I'm an avid ABBA collector and I'm curious to see how's collecting in the MIKA fanbase. Well, I guess the important stuff about me is said =)
  5. Hello, yall! My name is Amanda, but I go by Mandaa usually. I was introduced to this amazing man by my sister. I enjoy everything about him. My sister and I then went to his concert, which happened to be the day after my boyfriend and I broke up after six months. Mika brought me to a place that made me get over him, and I did! When he played Happy Ending, I cried out of joy and pain. The concert was amazing! I got my sexy tee with his beautiful shirt on it. <3 It's a day I will never forget. So now whenever I need energy or am feeling down, I put in some Mika and dance like no other hahaha. I'm actually pretty crazy because when I listen to him at school, I have to dance, especially when I listen to Love Today. I walk with a funny pace and swing my head back and forth. It's quite entertaining to watch, actually! haha. I don't think my new boyfriend knows the extent of my Mika crazeee. shhhhh! I'm not trying to persuade you guys I am actually a fan and such, I am just sharing my experience, and I am happy to know there are more people that enjoy his beauty! Anyways, I am so confused with the structure with this site! I do not know where to begin! Please post any links that can help me. haha. Please post any stories you have had with him as well. I did not get the chance of meeting him at the concert. My avatar picture is actually photoshopped, which was done during my free period at school hahaha. <3 Thanks to superstar for getting me to join the site! Mandaaaa. P.S. My favorite color is red, I am a sagittarius, and my mood is usually MIKA.
  6. mi-ki


    Hello!! I am a fan of mIKA for two years. I participate in MFC, and one month passes. Here, it has written it in japanese thread before it greets it. I'm sorry. It did not know the greeting here when participating in MFC, and the greeting was written in the visitor message. I saw pv of MIKA have been telecasted to the street television of the town two years ago. I became the prisoner of the music of MIKA at the moment:swoon: His music always really makes my life colorful !! I love mika!! I became it for the first time someone's fan. It was MIKA. I have gone to the concert in Tokyo. It was really superlative. I got excited very much I am not good at English. (This was translated into English with the personal computer:crybaby: ) However,I want to connect me with everybody of the MIKA fan!
  7. Hi,I just joined MFC yesterday and I'm a big fan of Mika! My name is Amberlie. I'm from China and I'm 21 years old. I'm now a senior college student. I just want to say that Mika's music is really amazing and I keep listenning to his songs these days! I'm never tired of them. It's really nice to know MFC,so that I can be close to Mika more:P. I feel very honored to know you all guys!
  8. Hello everyone . Im Greyceli Penniman ( not really ) but as requested by guylainem123, i'm posting this thread to introduce myself. I've been ridiculously in love with Mika since late 2006, too bad the feelings aren't mutual The only goal I have in my life right now is for Mika to know that i exist, after that comes meeting him, which is the big one. I have a feeling that by joining this fan club I'll be just that much closer to my dreamed encounter. thanks guys. lots of love from miami fL, Greyceli.