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Found 3 results

  1. As you can see from my sig i have put myself forward to represent new members to MFC. I ve done this as recently there has been some concerns expressed by new members that it can be quite hard to fit it here and make friends when you first join. So after checking with the mods to see what they thought about the idea, i am here! I have set this thread up primarily to be a place where new members can come to talk with other newbies and make friendships, its sorta the newbie home. Its also a place that if you as a newbie have any questions or worries you can post them and i will help out as much as i can or if i cant i can pass you on to someone else who can. Dont forget to start a thread introducing yourself in the introductions and goodbyes forum so everyone can say hello! So enjoy posting away and getting to know other newbies! Official Mika and Mika Fanclub FAQ
  2. Hi! Welcome to the MFC. This site is full of information and chat about Mika, and it can be a little confusing to find your way about, so we hope this quick guide will help. To start with, you should read the forum guidelines You may find a thread for your own country in the MFC international section: We would like it if you post an introduction just telling us a little bit about yourself, and how you discovered Mika by starting a thread (topic), in this sub-forum: This will give other MFCers a chance to greet you . We also have Forum Guides - people who are happy to help other fans to find their way around. You can contact them by clicking on their name and leaving a message on their feed by (public) or by sending a message (PM - private message). The forums The site is divided into several main areas which are shown on the Forums page Mika Fan Club information Mika (this includes press articles about Mika, discussions about his songs, comprehensive lyrics and Mika-related chat) Concerts, Gigs, Tours and Performances (reviews, photos and videos from fans and press) General Chat MFC Exclusives (special offers for MFCers, and projects we work on together) If there is a thread you want to return to, click on Follow in the top right of the page and you can be notified whenever there is a new post in that thread. Good threads to check We have a team of people who translate videos into different languages so this is a good place to look If there is something you want to know about Mika, the Mika encyclopedia is full of information You can always use this thread for any question or information you are looking for about Mika and his work: You'll get help from someone as soon as possible, and you can also find out if there's already a thread about the subject you are interested in, before starting another thread with the same subject. If you feel the need to share some thoughts that don't seem to fit a specific thread, you can use this one: There is a search function on MFC but it doesn't always find what you are looking for, so try using Google as well. Type your search into Google Search like this :"Mika's new album mikafanclub" (for example) and Google will find it for you. Activity Another way of seeing what is happening on the forum, especially if you are using a smartphone, is to click on Activity at the top of the page. All Activity will show you the topics that are being discussed, people updating their status, who is doing what. My Activity Streams will let you look at the specific topics/members you are interested in Unread content is very useful for showing you a thread you may have missed. Start exploring and have fun!
  3. If you are new to the Mika Fan Club please read through our guidelines before posting. If you have questions about how the forum works you can Ask the Mod Squad. We look forward to getting to know you!