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  1. Welcome to the USA thread!!!! If you are from the United States and would like to talk with others from the US, this is the place for you! Of course, everyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to chat in here as well. Please don’t be shy! Add a note for your state if it’s not already tagged and i'll try to tag it! If you’d like to be added to the member list, please ask in this thread & i’ll add you: President Mika Penniman - One American to rule us all mandilambi - American #1 mel tinydancer - American #2 Hannah - American #3 soon-to-bemrs.penniman - American #4 CartoonKellyGreen - American #5 heineken22 - American #6 findingmywords - American #7 elizabethlovesmika - American #8 purplegrape - American #9 orangepag - American #10 *carrie* - American #11 canderson - American #12 JackViolet - American #13 DaMango - American #14 rilo8913 - American #15 Finkster - American #16 backflip 76 - American #17 my rainbow radio - American #18 lilmot - American #19 natalie923 - American #20 norwalk174 - American #21 xmusicfreakx - American #22 Musicteacher247 - American #23 chartreuse - American #24 Liz - American #25 norwalk174twin - American #26 Carrie - American #27 Cynthia Mulat - American #28 DiLLY181 - American #29 cheeseygoodness - American #30 kjoshi - American #31 mikaluvr - American #32 buttnugget040 - American #33 FetishChick89 - American #34 BrendaLovesMika! - American #35 Mercury Child - American #36 phunkygal - American #37 MIKA OBSESSED - American #38 MIKA&RBDluvr101 - American #39 gracekelly_Mika24 - American #40 HollyD - American #41 TheOnlyLonelyOne - American #42 artsyfartsy17 - American #43 LittleTechieShelina - American #44 Jakethy - American #45 AKateisKate - American #46 NYMommyof3 - American #47 lollipopgirl83 - American #48 A. Clay - American #49 BonjourMika1990 - American #50 Bekka - American #51 mikaholic - American #52 Blackcherryelena - American #53 charlottechristy - American #54 Revica - American #55 girl anachronism - American #56 Candboys - American #57 lovepupbandit - American #58 acyaws - American #59 PhotoJenic - American #60 iheartmika - American #61 cmc1112 - American #62 Belatrix - American #63 lollipoplove - American #64 xxmikaaa - American #65 chelso - American #66 LA Fashionista - American #67 mika-fan1001 - American #68 Quiet One - American #69 Kim - American #70 leonita - American #71 JoPerrin - American #72 The Meyer Twins -American #73 lalalifegoeson - American #74 ArachnidKid - American #75 mikalovernj - American #76 LadyGodiva - American #77 pianogirlsammy - American #78 Ankmet20 - American #79 addicted2Mika - American #80 MikaMeka - American #81 musicfreak - American #82 idasakura13 - American #83 yogabear90 - American #84 OtterFluff - American #85 Ebil - American #86 Luna Live - American #87 NuttyGummy - American #88 blameitonthegirls - American #89 Rawrdom - American #90 bopsterjazz - American #91 That Girl Called Diddy - American #92 Melmo26 - American #93 njloverqoj - American #94 MIKA*lover(: - American #95 Mikasgirl - American #96 cat_loves_mika - American #97 kreacher - American #98 Nicóla Ronaa - American #99 ceebs - American #100 dcdeb - American #101 Pandora_Z - American #102 Guylaine - American #103 moongirl15 - Amercan #104 amyrokz - American #105 Kezza - American #106 foalbaby14 - American #107 yang - American #108 jmariefi - American #109 Ambrosia - American #110 cutiepiemika - American #111 weealx - Honorary American #1 crazyaboutmika - Honorary American #2 macboll - Honorary American #3 Cathouzouf - Honorary American #4 Miss Kristal - Honorary American #5 Christine - Honorary American #6 If you need anything at all please PM me or cat_loves_mika, your friendly US world reps the previous American thread can be found here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15763
  2. It's the second night of Tiny Love Tiny Tour !! We are looking forward your pics, vids and reports !!! SETLIST Ice Cream Dear Jealousy Tiny Love Sanremo Blue Tomorrow Grace Kelly Relax Happy Ending Big Girl Popular Song Origin of Love We Are Golden Love Today Lollipop Underwater Stay High ( finale) ======= PICS ======= @superstar 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-4162271 @lemontine 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-4162352 @Tillymilo 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-4162390 @77red 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-4162485 @maggie112 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-4162532 / 4162533 @loyalmikafan 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics=4175287 ======= VIDS ======= @Mocha UNDERWATER @ Brooklyn Steel HAPPY ENDING @ Brooklyn Steel GRACE KELLY @ Brooklyn Steel @Tillymilo 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-vids-4162392 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-vids-4162392 @maggie112 Lollipop - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel 13.9.2019 Ice Cream - Mika @New York - Brooklyn Steel - 13.9.2019 Talk before Tomorrow - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Happy ending (short) - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel 13 Origin of love (short) - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel 13 @Chriss-MikaFan Not MFCer kekeLMB Origin Of Love Live @ Brooklyn Steel Love Today Live @ Brooklyn Steel ======== REPORTS ======== @superstar 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-reports/4162271 @cat_loves_mika 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-reports=4162282 @lemontine 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-reports/4162352 @Mocha 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-reports=4162385 @77red 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-pics-vids-reports/4162485 ======= PRESS ======= Flickr Mika : Tiny Love Tiny Tour - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn (2019 Corriere della Sera 2019-sept13-brooklyn-steel-nyc-4162409
  3. We've been waiting since last fall for this! The new live album from MIKA, recorded last September during one of his shows in New York City, will be released next week, 31 January 2020! MIKA says: "One of the highlights of last year was returning to New York to play two incredible shows at Brooklyn Steel, and thanks to my team and the incredible Frank Filipetti, the whole concert was recorded. It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am releasing 'MIKA: Live from Brooklyn Steel!" available on 31st January! M x" We'll have more details on where and how to order soon!
  4. The first date of Tiny Love Tiny Tour !!! SETLIST Ice Cream Dear Jealousy Tiny Love Sanremo Blue Tomorrow Grace Kelly Relax Happy Ending Big Girl Popular Song Origin of Love We Are Golden Love Today Lollipop Underwater Stay High ( finale) ====== VIDEO ====== @kreacher Dear Jealousy 09/12/2019 Blue live by Mika 09/12/2019 Tomorrow live in Brooklyn 09/12/2019 @maggie112 Dear Jealousy -Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Origin of love - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Tiny love - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Blue - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Lollipop - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Popular Song - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Tomorrow - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel We are golden - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel Grace Kelly - Mika @New York Brooklyn Steel @Tillymilo 4162391 ====== PHOTO ====== ======= REPORT ======= ====== PRESS ====== The Bowery Presents 4162167
  5. http://armoryonpark.org/get_involved/2019_gala PARK AVENUE ARMORY 2019 GALA: ARMORY IRIDESCENT Gala Chairs Wendy Belzberg and Strauss Zelnick Gala Advisory Council Wendy Belzberg Hélène Comfort Leslie DeRosa Michael Field and Doug Hamilton Adam R. Flatto Barbara Gundlach Almudena Legorreta Christine Mack Heidi McWilliams Madison J Papp Caryn Schacht Mimi Klein Sternlicht Deborah C. van Eck Tuesday, October 22, 2019 6:30pm: Cocktails 7:30pm: Dinner Directed by Kevin Newbury Set Design by Stefan Beckman Thompson Arts Center at Park Avenue Armory 643 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065 TABLES $100,000 Leader Table of 10 for the Gala Dinner and Performance; exclusive access to a first floor historic room for private entertaining. $50,000 Vice Chair Table of ten for the Gala Dinner and Performance; exclusive access to a second floor historic room for private entertaining. $35,000 Principal Benefactor Table of ten for the Gala Dinner and Performance; invitation to an exclusive Armory event. $25,000 Benefactor Table of ten for the Gala Dinner and Performance. TICKETS $10,000 Principal Sponsor One ticket for the Gala Dinner and Performance; concierge ticket service for Armory programming for one year. $5,000 Sponsor One preferred seat for the Gala Dinner and Performance. $3,500 Patron One excellent seat for the Gala Dinner and Performance. $2,500 Principal Supporter One select seat for the Gala Dinner and Performance. To purchase tickets or tables or to support the Armory Gala, please download and complete this form or contact the Office of Special Events by email at specialevents@armoryonpark.org or phone at (212) 933-5820. Thank you for your generous support.
  6. The SECOND DATE of Tiny Love Tiny Tour in New York !! https://www.axs.com/events/378826/mika-tickets?skin=brooklynsteel This thread is for pre-show chat, travel arrangements, etc Please RSVP here if you are going
  7. Terminal 5 5 a.m. I'm living in a dream. Nothing is real or what it seems. Mornings come and gone as anticipation lingers on. So cold I can't feel my feet, and New York pizza delivered to the street. As onlookers pass by - some wave, some beep, some stop to ask, "Mika.... who the hell is she?" Minutes seem like hours as hours feel like days. Not knowing how much more of this bitterness I can take. Jamie saves the day when she offers me her blanket. A Florida girl without a coat, of course I'm gonna take it! Doors open throughout the day as the venue staff thinks we are all insane. Some laugh, some stare - but all come to see this ever growing line forming down 56th Street. One of the kindest gestures that will be remembered forever is when John turned to me, to speak of how miserable I must be. So cold without a coat, he wondered what I'd want. When later up from the street assistants arrived with a wonderful treat. Donut holes and hot chocolate, the fans were truly honored! Time marches on as we sing our songs when out comes Andy with his camera, looking as fine as ever. We sang him a line - Hey Mika you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, he thought it was brilliant and continued on filming. We belted out Love Today and Grace Kelly, what a howling sound when we sang Billy Brown, so bad we almost broke the camera. The highlight of my existence was when the doors were lifted and standing before my eyes there was an Angel in disguise. More beautiful then could be imagined, for a moment I'd died and gone to heaven. And when he opened his mouth to speak, I felt the blood rush to my feet. Gazing into his eyes was a feeling that is impossible to describe. Absolute perfection for a moment in time, one moment that is eternally mine. Never to forget how it felt, even still my heart does melt. What a day that forever changed my life, and we were not yet even inside. When darkness fell and barricades were placed we then had security up in our face. Leave it to the MFC to make the tough men laugh. Just three minutes and security was having a blast. The funniest thing to their inquizitive minds, was who is Holy Johnny and why is he on your sign? We explained he once was a whore and now he is a priest at just 24. The puzzled look upon their faces was priceless. Perhaps they'll think twice next time they have something to ask us. When it's finally time I scream for everyone to get in line. Second one through this is but a dream that finally came true. Mad dash for the front, 12 hours in the making. Feeling so much pain, my entire body is aching. Midway State totally blew my mind, and the guys they were all so very kind. The following hour was the highlight of my life. We sang, we danced, we cried - we nearly lost our minds. And at the moment is was all through, the entire world was painted blue. Mika withdrawal is really true? Who in the world would have ever knew! It hit me fast, and it hit me hard. Like a ton of bricks crushing my heart. I sobbed like a baby the entire night through. But in the morning awoke renewed. Took a chance and hopped a plane, beleive you me it was not in vein. Mika made me see that I truly belong. The MFC is my home. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE STANDING IN LINE. We had ourselves a magnificent time. Together we experienced the LEGEND that was to be, much more then mere words or a place in time. We truly made History at Terminal 5. ******************************************************************************** This is dedicated to everyone that was at Terminal 5 2/2/08 I know there were mixed emotions for some this was the greatest day of their lives. The bonds that were built that day will last till the end of time. I would like to say thank you to those that made this miserable day bearable.. Jackie, Erin, Liam, Neil, Deb, Aubrey, Zo-Zo, Jamie *thanks for the blanket* and most of all to the Brat Pack that made this day the thing of Legends.... Lucy, Alex, Aimee, Ada and Jess.
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