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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to the KIWI thread!! I just thought that the MFC forum was in need of a KIWI thread seen as our Neighbors AUSTRALIA has their very own! This is the place where us kiwis can discuss anything! including our mr mika! I also EXTEND welcome our friends (whänau) from the rest of the world to join us! COME In and say kia ora (HI!) Now how about we call ourselves the MikaFerns (other suggestions welcome!) LETS MAKE SURE MIKA REMEMBERS NEW ZEALAND!! 'tuku tätou mahi tika MIKA mahara Aotearoa' MIKAFERNS #1-RosinaKiwi #2-twinkleztar #3-mnm142 #4-Tael #5-Grace Ally - polish KiwiFern #6-1kiwiabroad #7-Lolliepop_girl #8-Jamakkronic - French Kiwifern #9-Sarah4mika #10-nikoulini #11-Humphrey #12-elanorelle - honourary KIWI #13-whitegirl #14-babuccia #15-racinghorse83 #16-mika-fan1001 #17-Emily B #18-Randumb #19-Nique #20-nationalhouseofpancakes
  2. AUCKLAND !!! 2020.02.22_mikainstagram_auckland-town-hall_NewZealand.mp4 ********** REPORTS ********** ********** PICS ********** ********** VIDEOS ********** YouTube user alilaro Big Girl Popular Song Happy Ending Lollipop We Are Golden Love Today Grace Kelly Tiny Love (reprise) Stay High + Over My Shoulder ********** PRESS **********
  3. Ticket Master Frontier Touring Presale From:  Tue 17 Dec 2019 @ 14:00 PM Until :  Thu 19 Dec 2019 @ 11:59 AM General Onsale From:  Thu 19 Dec 2019 @ 12:00 PM Venue map For illustrative purposes only.
  4. I was doing some trolling on the internet on the website for the national newspaper for New Zealand and I found a few articles that involved Mika. This article is from July 2, 2011 so it's quite old sorry. I hope that I am allowed to put this up The article itself is actually really interesting, it talks about men in classical music and the history of countertenors and altos. "But the best pop exponent of the art of falsetto, Purefoy argues, is English star Mika, who, not coincidentally, trained as a classical singer. Some modern countertenors have taken the art to another level. Close your eyes and listen to guys like David Daniels or Jaroussky singing alongside a soprano today and you struggle to distinguish who is female. Countertenors like Mika and others in the classical scene still sound like men singing like women. Then there are the few who "sound just plain weird - it's an unnatural sound," comments Purefoy." I think it's meant to be a compliment because he's saying Mika doesn't sound "plain weird"
  5. Hello there I am from New Zealand obviously I sort of have a blurred history of when I became a fan of Mika because looking back now, I realise he has always been there in some way.... The story starts in 2007 when I first became aware of Mika when I was around 8 yeas old because my 4 year old cousin was obsessed with "Grace Kelly" so whenever I was at her house, we would dance in her bedroom to the song. Later that same year my best friend at school came got Life In Cartoon Motion for her birthday and was obsessed with "Lollipop" therefore we danced to that song a lot. Fast forward a couple of years to when I was about 11 and my mum went to see some friends in Australia and I got some music given to me which I put on my iPod. "Big Girls", "Grace Kelly"and "Love Today" were all on them but I never eally paid attention to them because I didn't really know Mika. When I was 13 and my best friend at college was obsessed with the song "Love Today" and would play it all the time, and because I had it on my iPod, she would make me listen to it as well. I then lost my iPod and got a new one, therefore losing all my Mika music. Around 2013, Popular Song started to play on the radio and the music video was shown a lot on TV. That's when I started to take an interest in Mika and started to listen to his music. I looked him up and it all started from there. Recently though I found out he wrote a song for Eros Ramazzotti and my mum listened to him all the time when I was younger. So I also grew up listening to the song Mika wrote. There's more to the story but I'm leaving it there because I've written heaps. But if anyone wants to chat or say "Hi" that's cool
  6. I am saddened and disapointed by what has happened to Mikas exposure in New Zealand. New Zealand Loved Mika in 2007; Grace Kelly reached no.1, (and held it for several weeks), Love Today reached no.4 and he go into the top 40 with Happy Ending and Relax. We Are Golden made a brief appearance in the top 40, but that was it. And I know why. Mika is getting NO exposure. His songs aren't on the radio. His album was no.1 at NZs biggest department store for one week, but then dropped and I can't even find it at the store now. Why? Nobody is even aware he has released a second album. 'Rain' isn't on the TV music stations or being played on the radio. So, I've taken it upon myself to kickstart Mikas promotion in NZ, as it doesn't look like anyone else is going to do it. And I need the help of the MFC. WAYS TO VOTE FOR MIKA. To get him onto the TV stations, he needs to be on the radio. NZs biggest music TV station is controlled by NZs biggest radio station. You can vote for The Edge's top 20 here; , but you have to go through signing up and everything impractical. So, i would appreciate it if people on twitter would tweet to requesting they play rain and giving a valid reason (i'm not going to tell you exactly what to say or it comes across as spam, but just please request they play mikas new single rain.) ZM is NZs other popular radio station. Fortunately you don't have to go through a signing-up rigamarole for this one; but you do have to be from NZ (just select a region at random, and thats all there is to it.) request rain here; and vote for ZM's top 20 here; you can also tweet ZM here; (tweet them with a similar message that i instructed from The Edge.) Everyones help would mean so much to me and i KNOW we can increase Mikas popularity in NZ if he just gets airplay. Thanks so much to everyone, I know the MFC can move mountains!!
  7. Like I just said, Kingston is a new New Zealand band, still unsigned. I saw these guys live several weeks ago and I really enjoyed their shows. They’re a rock/pop band and so not much like Mika at all, but still, they’re enjoyable. Their single ‘Good Good Feeling’ did well in the New Zealand Charts And their second single ‘Round We Go’ isn’t as good but has a very cool, mika-esque video that I’m sure some of you will enjoy They’re playing in LA, New York, Frankfurt, Berlin and Tokyo in the next few weeks. All the links to itunes, myspace, facebook etc are on their official site
  8. Hey, Im Monique From NZ. I dont really have any idea what im doing but my little brother has a living room full of roudy boys so im just hanging out on the computer. I guess i first heard about Mika when Grace Kelly came out and i totally loved that song, and love today. Then He disapeared for a while then a couple of months ago i heard we are golden on the radio (it hasnt been played since ) man that looks weird. any way, i liked it so i went on itunes and downloaded it, and then i saw all the songs from his first album and totally loved them, so i couldnt wait till his new album came out and i went out and brought it. Now im totally obsessed with him. So thats a long and boring story, but again, im super bored. 8D
  9. WE HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO MIKA ON THE 8TH OF JUNE 2009. IF YOU'D LIKE TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT, PLEASE CLICK HERE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or, the "Mika, get your arse to the untoured regions!" campaign! ABOUT THE BOOK: As some of you are aware, I started the MIKAustralia petition, and Oakie Doke thought it was a good idea to should join forces with all of Asia and New Zealand to try and get Mika to tour the region... cause if he tours one country, he'll likely do the whole area, right? Anyway, this is what we will be doing: # Each country that is involved will be writing some interesting information about their country, and the cities that they would like Mika to tour in. # A petition with the username and real name of each person that is involved, as well as a personal message for Mika. Other MFCers that think Mika should come to the region may also put their name down and leave a personal message. # Any photoshopped pictures of Mika by people in the region # Short DVD featuring videos people have made - you can make a video with film clips using Mika's songs, or a short message if you like... if you want to rewrite one of his song and sing it, go for it! As long as the video isn't too long, I'll see if I can include it... (this may not be included) # A section featuring where the album and singles have charted in each country The countries involved so far are: - Australia - New Zealand - Japan - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Singapore The people who are involved are: JAPAN - tomomi - Blue Sky (Organiser for Japan) - MIINA AUSTRALIA - nico_collard (The ideas person and organiser for NSW) - Oakie Doke (Organiser for WA) - Tanya K (Organiser for Victoria) - Kelzy (VIC) - xx_emily_x (VIC) - chickadee (Organiser for ACT?) - soangel (VIC) - happikali (NSW) - themetalmunchkin (Organiser for Tasmania) - Ju-Ju Lea (Organiser for QLD) - ZoZo the Terrible! (Official head fan girl - NSW) - M!Ka RoX mY sOx (NSW?) - Rainbow Sky (NSW) - SuperTwat (VIC) NEW ZEALAND - RosinaKiwi (Organiser for New Zealand) - Lolliepop_girl - racinghorse83 SINGAPORE - guineverer (Organiser for Singapore) TAIWAN - Mika_baby (Organiser for Taiwan) - 225tintin HONG KONG - Space - huikings (organiser for Hong Kong) MFCERS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES - elanorelle - Fmbm (Official fan girl!) - artsyfartsy17 If you would like to be involved (you don't have to be from one of the Asia-Pacific countries), please PM me or Oakie Doke or post in this thread that you want to help out and we'll find something for you to do... As everyone knows, Mika will be doing concerts in Europe in early June. I have decided that I want to finish it and give it to him at the London gig. PLEASE GIVE ANY INFORMATION OR PICTURES YOU WANT TO INCLUDE IN THE BOOK TO ME (BY EMAIL, PM OR BY AIR MAIL) BY THE TWENTY SIXTH OF MAY... I really need people to give me information as soon as possible so I can get the book done. If you want to sign the petition, the link is here:
  10. ......... carried over from Here ---------- carry on peeps---------------------- I am working right now