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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody, Im from the uk and have loved Mika’s music my whole life but only recently discovered how much I love him as a person and began to binge watch everything he has ever done! I’m new to this site and at the moment have no idea what I’m doing but, it’s lovely to meet you all!
  2. Hey guys I've been listening to MIKA for about half a year now. I just made this painting today and thought it would be a good icebreaker to start talking in the forums. Tell me what you think, it's one of my first paintings in acrylic and one of my largest paintings to date. Sorry if the quality is bad, I had to take the pic with my phone. Its based off of the Good Guys music video (obviously)
  3. Hi everyone! I'm gonna introduce myself a bit, so I'm Mathilde, I'm 15yo and I'm from France (sorry for my bad English btw) I'm a Mikafan since 2008, I've discovered Mika at school I was at Mika's concert on this Saturday in Strasbourg, that was amazing, I was at 1 meter of him (just in front of him, in the middle <3) ! I've heard about the MFC, so I've decided to make myself an account here I'm here to make myself new friend who are sharing their Mika appreciation So, could someone please explain me how this fan club works, I'm actually a noob x) Mikakisses! Oh and here is a beautiful pic that I've taken at the show, I'm proud, that's my phone and computer wallpaper now! x) <3
  4. Imagine if Mika released an album comprised of all the songs that he hasn't already released, such as 'Only Lonely One' and 'How Much do You Love me?', I would definitely buy it, who else? Also, please add to the list all of the unreleased songs you would like to see on the album Edit: Please don't post demos as Mika has personally said that he doesn't want them on the forum -lemmytoes xxx