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Found 13 results

  1. I'm Francesca, newbie here, but in reality a longtime fan of Mika! I've known him when I was a kid, with Love Today song, and trought all these years he occuped a special place in my heart 💗. Every songs he writes is so perfect, they really helped me when I was in very bad periods of my life.. I don't like concerts normally, but his concerts are amazing and he is the only singer that I saw in concert! The first time -> Florence, Italy 30/09/2015 The second time -> Rome, Italy 27/11/2019 I can't wait to see him again! So this is it, have a nice day and "stay high!" 😊 Ps: I'm sorry if my English isn't perfect lol.
  2. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Woah I had just discovered this fan club and I have to say that it's awesome!! Great job guys! Ok, I guess I should say a little something about myself, no? So, hey, it's me! Hahha. I actually haven't heard about Mika for quite a long time. Last time I heard about him, I was 11 or 12, I don't remember much -I'm 20 now, by the way- but I absolutely remember his music hits that made my childhood memorable. Because let's face it, who doesn't love his kind of music and have a life in full of colours?!! Anyway, I've been learning french since I was 17 and been listening to french songs a lot. And this is where the story begin. If any one of you ever heard about Cœur de Pirate, yep, she's one of the most influential artist for me to learn French (but mostly I listen to the '50s, '60s, '70s french songs). And that was when I stumbled across a video of Mika again -after all these years!- on YouTube. A duet with Cœur de Pirate at the L'été Indienne show, if I'm not mistaken. And that was the badaboum moment for me! Alors, French is not my third language, mais je parle un peu français. So when I discover that Mika can speak French and some other languages, I feel really really inspired by him. I've been learning so many languages since I was 14 but I master in none, like seriously, arabic, español, nihon go, italiano, deutsch, and even sign language. But because of lack of practice, I kind of forget most of them. Too bad, I know, but I still remember some basics but not as good. Luckily enough I live in a multi-racial country, so I know some chinese mandarin. And oh, I'm malay, by the way. Enough about myself, let's talk about Mika, shall we? Hm, where do I start? Well, I think Mika is quite underrated here in Malaysia. That's one of the reasons why I join this fan club. I was hoping that we'll have a #mikafanclubMY soon. It's a little disappointing when I checked the country rep list, because there's no malaysian rep, sobs. So I made up my mind that maybe I should start doing something, spread the word, spread Mika's music, let the world recognize him! I've been giving my friends and some strangers at the cafe samples of Mika's songs, and see! I knew it people would love his music! They just never heard about him! So I hope very very soon, that Mika will be a topic of music again in my country. I heard that he's making a new album at the moment? I really do hope he will make a concert here, I would love to see him in person. Quite the unique one, isn't he? I thought I could make this short, but, uh, sorry. It's getting longer and longer every second. Maybe I should stop here now. Ciao!
  3. Hi there! I just signed in this wonderful place (heaven!) full of Mika fans I'm from Italy , I'm 29 and I love going to concerts and taking pics
  4. Hey everyone! Just starting this thread to introduce myself. I'm a member since the beginning of the month but I was heavily shy and trying to understand how the forum works. Now that I'm a little more comfortable I decided to say hi to you, because I find you guys very friendly ^^ My first contact with Mika was bcs a friend of mine showed me 'Live Your Life' while we were coming back from school. She said the song was made for me, and since that day in 2012 I'm totally in love with him. He helped to develop what I call-myself- today, I don't what I would do if his art and charisma weren't present in my life everyday. Even though, I always felt a lack of a community where I could meet and interact with people that shared my feelings for Mika. So after a long search I found you, and I'm really happy and relieved now ???? (Sorry if I wrote too much, I really didn't know what to say) -Please don't ignore me-????
  5. Trying to find myself a new profile pic right now. *Googles 'Mika Penniman' "HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOOOOOOOOOOSE ?!?!" "He's so. damn. BEAUTIFUL !"... "In every single way!" she says through tears and a drooling mouth ... *Reassures herself* "I would definitely turn him if I met him "... *sniggers* Yeah right, good luck with that one !!! ... *Sobs some more* I just wanna have your perfect, tall, curly haired babies, is that really too much to ask ?! ... "GAH, he's just so HOT !"... *Yells at screen* I LOVE YOU MIKAAAAA !!! ... Well that escalated quickly
  6. My name is Hannah Joel I am a 13 year old girl from Oregon U.S.A. I joined MFC yesterday. I guess ill tell you how i found Mika? early last year i was being bullied by some girls at school so naturally i resorted to music as my only friend i listened to alot of music about being bullied and how everything would be ok soon in the suggestions on Rdio popular song by Mika showed up and I gave it a listen and i loved it i listened to it 24/7 then i started listening to more music by him Grace Kelly, Happy ending and more and then i got obsessed with him and i still am my current favorite by him is last party. anyway i guess that's all
  7. Hello there !!! Just wondering if there are any Northern Irish members out there??? Would love to get in touch!!!
  8. Okay so ummm... hi. I'm Courtney from Florida (USA) and I haven't been a fan of Mika for a long time like most everybody has but I feel like I have been! So I really like Mika (obviously) and One Direction and just most music in general. I discovered Mika from Just Dance 3. I was dancing to Lolipop and was thinking "who the heck sings this?" and so I looked it up and it all went downhill from there... So um yeah. I was really late at doing this so I already know some people but I'm always to meet new MikaFreaks so just PM me anytime you want or whatever. Oh! I'm also in chat a lot so I'm there too.
  9. I just made my account today. My name is Pascale... and of course, I love Mika with all my heart ! My favorite songs of his are over my shoulder (it's soo beautiful), we are golden, and his newer one, elle me dit ! I just heard that one today... It's great, even though I have no idea what he is saying... < ew I just had to put that there cause it's so ugly
  10. Hello! My name is Arielle, but I prefer to be called Bella. I live in the United States. I'm 14 and totally in love with MIKA and his music. I first heard "Lolipop" when I was about 8 or 9, and I have been listening to his music ever since. Then about 4 years ago the tiny (32 kids from grades pre-school to 8th) private school I went to closed and I had to go to a new school. I was always trying to be what others wanted, and was always really shy. But as I learn more about music and why he enjoys it made me realize that I don't need to please others just myself. Sorry if I bore you to death with my whole little intro! =)
  11. Hello all! ))) I’m very interested to hear your opinion about Mika gig experiences and Mika festival performances you saw. Which do you like better and why? Do his own concerts differ from his festival sets? Where would you recommend to go to somebody quite new to Mika and has very few experience in going to gigs? I think I should say few words about me too ))) I’m Anastasia and I’m from Russia. I heard of Mika couple of years ago when his song Relax was on the radio stations here… it’s still on my playlist )) but I’ve never tried to learn anything about the singer who sang it … till last July when I tuned in to Radio 1 streaming and it was a Live Lounge with Jo Whiley and Mika as a guest … I loved his new We are Golden song and the interview ))) … since then I went a bit mad )) coz I spend too much time on youtube watching his videos and interviews… and about 2 months ago I found this site via banner on mikasounds.com and joined ))) Well I’ve never been so interested in any other artist like this before … coz generally my need in info about musicians I like was well satisfied with Wikipedia article about them ))) … and Mika case is completely different ))) I’m decided to go and see him live but I’m still undecided where to go and how to do it … and that’s why I ask you to share your experiences and thought on the subject ))) Thanks )))
  12. mab_j

    New one!

    Hello! Here I am! I'm a 14 (soon 15 acctually) year old girl from Sweden who's getting obsessed by Mika right now because of all adorable videos on YouTube (hate the site because of that). Before, I was just a huge fan of his music, now I'm kind of getting obsessed by everything about him. And that's not funny... Last time I was obsessed by something (someone) it lasted for two years and I'm pretty embarassed by it now. Though it mayby won't be the same thing with Mika. I am (thanks Lord for that!) a bit more grown up now ^^ Wow! I'm tired... don't really know what I'm talking about I guess that's life ^^
  13. Hello, I'm Mark0495. I'm 13 years old, and I'm at school in The Netherlands in the second grade Bilingual Education, which means I get more than half of the lessons in English, and the rest in Dutch. Anyway, I discovered MIKA when he just released Relax (Take It Easy). I first thought this song was very annoying, but you know what happens; first you think O NOOO! NOT THAT SONG AGAIN! (especially when a classmate tries to "cover" it while his voice is quite low ), then, you think, well it's such a popular song and I have only heard low-quality versions coming out of mobile phone speakers and in which the backing music was louder than the voice of MIKA himself. I put it onto my MP3 player and listened it about once per week. But once per week became once per day, and once per day became multiple times a day, and after that I became FREAKIN' ADDICTED TO THIS SONG! I decided to get his other single too (at that time Grace Kelly). A few weeks later, I just put his whole album on my MP3, to which I got so addicted to that I just HAD to buy his album. Well, then I listened it so often that I drove my parents and sisters CRAZY! After buying the album, Live in Cartoon Motion and Live at Parc des Princes (last Saturday ) followed. I even bought the sheet music: my collection is complete... for now. I was even so crazy about MIKA's music, that I ripped all the DVDs into mp3 files! And because I use Linux, I had to find a way to rip them to DVDs while being in command line, for there are no graphical programmes for that, actually. Poor me, my fingers are still tired of the typing of all that lines! My MIKA obsession has even grown so big that his music is, along with Coldplay's Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends, the only music on my MP3 player. And that means quite much! Mark0495
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