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Found 8 results

  1. PROMISELAND I was born in that summer when the sun didn't shine I was given the name that doesn't feel like it's mine Lived my life as the good boy I was told I should be Prayed every night to a religion that was chosen for me Sold my soul broke my bones Tell me what did I get Did my time, toed the line Ain't seen anything yet Strike me down to the ground You know I've seen it before Make it hurt I'll eat the dirt I just don't care anymore How could you break my heart Already played my part I kept my promise man Show me the promiseland Don't occupy my throne Give me the crown I own Liv
  2. Mika's 4th album, "NO PLACE IN HEAVEN", will be released internationally 15th June 2015! (16th in USA/ Canada/ Mexico). The release date has been changed to 22nd June for the UK. Remains June 15/16 for the rest of the world. It will feature 11+ tracks including 'The Last Party,' which fans will receive as an instant download when they pre-order the album through iTunes! International pre-orders (not including US/ Can/ Mex) are available NOW from the links below: Standard http://Mika.lnk.to/NPIH (excl. Italy) Deluxe http://Mika.lnk.to/NPIHdlx (excl. France) Both standard and deluxe ver
  3. Mika presented his new album at a press conference in Milan today. Lots of photos, and Universal Music Italia even did a periscope, but I don't know how to download it... I need to learn how to do that. Anyhow, wasn't sure that this belonged in the Italy press thread since it's not print media, mostly pictures and a video eventually... So just to get this started... From Rolling Stone Italia: #Mika durante la conferenza stampa per la presentazione del suo nuovo album #NoPlaceInHeaven @mikasounds from @mariellacaruso from @silviamarchetti
  4. Lyrics: Oh here I go again I wake up every morning to this Groundhog Day Thinking about the list of things that I’ve done wrong Can’t even count, it goes on too long I try to change my ways I feel like I’m the villain in some crappy play The book has long been written, but I’d rather be Just about anyone else but me, I hope you see It doesn’t mean I’m not a fighter It's just that I wanna be a little lighter Spent so long fixing things I’ve done I’ve got holes in all my pockets Even those holes, they’ve got pockets Hiding things that’ll never see the sun I’m taking off, going to Rio I’m
  5. She’s a girl with a bag full of hearts and a devil’s eyes Crazy kids in the wild on the run to the county line Shotgun for a tongue but says just what she likes Oh girl you’re the devil Oh girl you got the devil inside And I said follow me Whoever you want to be Don’t care where you where you go As long as you stay with me And I said Whoever you want to be Don’t care where you where you go As long as you stay with me Oh girl you’re the devil She’s a bad bad girl Oh girl you got the devil inside Growing up as a son of a preacher in a Catholic school Jumps out of the close
  6. Hi everyone. I just thought it was time to start a thread to track the positions of the singles and album, since the first single, TAY is released today and some places have Good Guys as the lead single. I thought we needed a thread to keep track of where the singles are, in the international charts, and when the album comes out, this thread will do for that as well. If there is already a thread for this, mods feel free to delete this one, but I haven't seen one up to now, so I thought it might be good to start one. Here's wishing the best of luck to Mika, his singles and his album, No Place
  7. The third day of #MIKAtour in France !! Tell us everything about the show ! We are looking forward to your posting. :fangurl: photo ©Michèle mine Setlist by anapher ======== REPORTS ======== #10 #15 by macboll #11 by anapher #18 by camille* ==== PICS ==== #8 by mine #9 by Melyssa ====== VIDEOS ====== macboll Mika - Grace Kelly @ Zenith Lille 20/09/15 Mika - J'ai pas envie @ Lille zénith 20/09/15 Mika - The origin of love @ Lille zénith 20/09/15 ====== MEDIA ====== La Voix du Rord [review] #2 FranckPhotographie [photo]#7 Facebook MIKA
  8. Father will you forgive me for my sins Father if there’s a heaven let me in I don’t know where to go if I should die We haven’t been on speaking terms for so long you and I I was a freak since seven years old And cast away I felt the cold Coming over me For every love I had to hide And every tear I ever cried I’m down on my knees I’m begging you please There’s no place in heaven for someone like me Won’t you open the door and try me once more ‘Cause there’s no place in heaven for someone like me ‘Cause there’s no place in heaven In between us an ocean can be found How long
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