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Found 3 results

  1. Mika's first symphonic concert in Firenze (Florence) Photo by Gabry74 REPORTS Wildfire ~TheLoveYouBreathe tiibet Gabry74 camille* PICS Wildfire Sephira Gabry74 Melyssa carafon VIDS Melyssa (Boum Boum Boum, Love You When I'm Drunk, Stardust)
  2. Hi! I'm a new member! (Uh, Happy New year too????) I'm Italian, so forgive me and my "perfect" english ???? I was at Mika's concert at the Opera di Firenze on the 30th of December 2016. People who were with me know that Mika wrote a monologue about dreams and he read it with the sounds of the Orchestra. I loved this monologue, it reminds me so many important things. I would really like to find the speech. Anyway, what did you think of it? Did you like it? Do you agree with what he said? For me it was just fantastic. Hope you write soon! ❤ - Marty
  3. I love Opera! Often we have Opera performances here in Victoria every year and my fave has to be Don Giovanni by Mozart and Defledermaus (its an Opereta I know) They are funny at times, clever, and I so love the music! I played in the Pit Orchestra for a children's Opera , Noah's Flood when I was 11. Also got to watch the set being made for the Defledermaus when I was young (friends with prinicpal clarinetist) and there was a bet who was going to take the big paper mache 12 foot bat home! I so wanted it! We have a fantastic opera Company Here in Victoria, that has spectacular productions and very good world Class Singers. Next year is The Magic Flute, which I am so going to. I love Mozart with a passion! He kind of reminds me of MIKA in many ways. as for Opera singers, well some of my favourite are local actually. Which is your favourite opera? Who is your favourite singer? Which is your favourite Aria or Piece? One of mine is Verdi's La Donna E Mobile have a look at these websites. They talk about our local troupe but also the best of Opera on Youtube for your enjoyment and knowledge! The Magic Flute Thais (has one of the most beautiful Violin Solos ever written) A baroque opera! its delightful! Mika always amazes me with his beautiful boy soprano voice. If Mika was to write an opera what would it be about I wonder? I think it could be quite dramatic! xxx Suzanne:) (this is from the ballet production but I love the poster)