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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys. I know we have several people on here who are into piano/guitar, etc. So I thought I'd make a thread for those looking to learn to play any of the new songs! I've been working on "Blame it on the Girls" and "Toy Boy." Is anyone interested? -Blame it on the Girls I've figured out for piano and guitar, the chord progression i've come up with is basically D7 (a little trouble with this one, but play D, E F# and A) , A major, D major, back to A major, then B minor. Then with the left hand just repetitively play E, A, D, C#, B along with the chords. This pretty much repeats throughout the song. For guitar I just used very simple A chords and stuff if anyone is interested, but I think we have mostly piano peeps on here. -Toy Boy is pretty simple, at least the way it was played live; like he said, it's mostly about the lyrics but so far seems to have been one of the favorites among the MFC. But the song basically repeats A Major, D Major, E Major the entire song. Super easy for anyone who is a beginner. I can obviously go into more detail if anyone is interested! I just love being able to recreate things for myself, makes me feel a little closer to Mika somehow, knowing that I could instrumentally accompany him.
  2. Hey friends ! So, I'm willing to learn as many Mika songs on my keyboard as I can in order to do singing covers. That means I'm trying to find tutorials on how Mika plays his songs on the piano while singing because I can only find either extremely easy or too complicated covers / tutorials and it really frustrates me. Plus, there's often nothing about songs that are 'less' famous like Billy Brown or Toy Boy, though they're mostly piano Has any of you ever found a way to see what Mika plays while he's singing? I'm really desperate Uhh there's so many acoustic and live videos showing Mika playing but I never could see exactly what he's doing it's so infuriating haha ! HELP
  3. Hey guys. Here are some of my Mika piano covers!!! I hope you enjoy them!!! If you want to hear more go to www.zakbowen.com My Interpretation We Are Golden Grace Kelly Happy Ending Any Other World Relax (Take It Easy)
  4. Hey there! Earlier today, I recorded myself playing 'Relax (Take It Easy)' on piano. What I then did was I put Mika's vocals over my track. So basically, I'm playing piano with my favorite singer You can listen to & download the FULL track from http://www.mediafire.com/?uk3ac887ww21avv . You can also listen to & download my version, without Mika's vocals, from http://www.mediafire.com/?pd6i7q96t6447pp .
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anyone can figure out what the chords are for 'Kick-Ass' I love this song and I would love to play it on piano! Thanks P.S. Thanks Mika for posting the HD video on YouTube
  6. Hey! Below are the chords you need to now if u want to play WAG on piano. Chorus, Verse, Pre-Verse C, F, Amin, G Bridge Pt 1: Amin, F, C, G Pt 2: Amin, F, G/C notes tgthr, G The ending I am still unsure about so if anyone knows it, please post them here! Thanks!
  7. Hey. Here are the chords you need to know if u want to learn how to play LA on the piano. Basicly it's the sane thing throughout the whole song except for the key change at the end. G, Emin, Amin, D That's it! I am unsure on how to play the key change yet, but I will post them as soon as I learn or if any fans know, please post them here! Thanks!
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