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Found 4 results

  1. Lisagr

    Bonjour à tous

    Salut tout le monde, je m'appelle Lisa, ça fait un petit moment que je vais parti de ce fanclub mais je ne m'étais pas encore présenté. Moi je fais parti des plus grands fans de Mika. J'ai découvert ses musiques pour la 1ère fois en 2007 et je suis devenu fan en 2013 après être allé à l'un de ses concerts pas très loin de chez moi. S'était une journée inoubliable ! Mais ce qui est dommage c'est que s'était un festival alors je n'ai pas pu le rencontrer.
  2. Happymika_by_celine

    Hi everybody !! :-D

    Hello guys & girls !!! I'm surfing on the MFC site for a little month now, and I always find it like a "labyrinth" !!!! I'm 41, living in France near Paris and I'm a Mika fan only since 2017 !!! But it's never too late isn't it ?!!! I appreciate this site because it's full of informations about Mika and on all subjects ! It's very pleasant !! I discovered Mika overall on The Voice ! I matched with his clever argumentation and his sense of humor and his joyfulness !!! Anyway.. He's the best and I love him so much Here it snows in Paris !! It's so cold but so beautiful at the same time !!! Mikaaaaaaaaaa... ! I need your hat now, to protect my hairs from the snow !!!!! Could you lend it to me please...?!!! Well, it was a short introduction !! So I hope I will meet a lot of nice & cool fans here and there !!! Don't hesitate to guide me in the MFC, ok ?!!! Cause I'm quite lost yet !!! Have a nice day everybody and see you very soon !! Kisses and hugs ! Celine
  3. mggray17

    hi everyone! :)

    Hi everyone, I'm Francesca and I'm from Sardinia, Italy I discovered MIKA in 2008 when I heard Lollipop for the first time, I was only ten years old and I was definitely too little for fanbases or social networks and my interest in the music world was just starting so yeah, I loved his songs and his style but I can say I became a proper fan only in 2010 when I saw him live for the first time, in Cagliari (my city) and I completely fallen for him and his awkward dances. I have a wide music tastes, ranging in all sort of stuff really: from alternative rock and indie rock to the big pop and pop rock and I have loads of favorite artists, from worldwide music stars to unknown british artists. But MIKA is definitely my favorite singer ever, I love him obviously for his voice, his songs and his style but I also truly love him as a person because I have this idea of him as the perfect mix of weirdness, crazyness, strenght and genuine breeziness which everyone needs to face the world properly. I've known MFC for so long and I don't know why I'm joining this community this late but hey, better late then never so yeah, I'm sure I'm gonna love this community (sorry for the bad english, though. i'm only 14 and i did my best )
  4. Luna Santos


    hi everyone, i'm Luna from Portugal. I'm 20, i'm journalism student and i'm actress. I like music and my favourite music style its not pop, its actually rock and some gothic so its quite weard for those who now me to get to know that i'm a mika fan, knowing that my favourite singer is Emilie Autumn (and i also like kerli a lot). But i can find a lot of me in mika world. I'm still a child and i'll ever be and this «toys world» i can find it in mika. I went to his showin my town and it was the best show ever. I felt really «in» if yyou know what i mean. So, i'm glad to be in mika fan club and i cant wait to talk with some of you