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  1. Bonne année 2021 ! Previous Threads MIKA in French Press - 2019 MIKA in French-press - 2018 MIKA in French Press - 2017 MIKA in French Press - 2016 MIKA in French Press - 2015 MIKA in French Press - 2014 Mika in french press - 2009 / 2010 Miika-in-French-press-2020 January 1. la-Grande-Soirée-Versailles-31-december-2020-France-2/ 2. Ouest France 4204056 10. Mika with Lou Doillon on RTL 1 12. Mika Receives Lebanon National Order of Merit 24. Pride 4206038 27. TF1 La Playlist des années 2000 4207213 February 3. l'Opéra Royal de Versailles CultureBox 4. Mika interview with Le Parisien 4. Le Monde ( magazine published 7 Feb ) 4207322 5. Musique Matin 4206999 5. Le Mondo de Elodie 4207009 5. France 5 / Passage des Arts 4207159 5. l'Opéra Royal de Versailles France 5 TF1 La Playlist des années 2000 4207213 March MIKA Gives Colors Back to Paris! New Art Project
  2. 2021! Old threads: Italian press 2020 Italian press 2019 Italian press 2018 Italian press 2017 Italian press 2016 Italian press 2010-2015
  3. I'm so sorry, can't read French... Could anyone post the transcript this article ? Thank you. Vanity Fair Août 2021 PDF file ( 4 pages / 798 KB ) Vanity_Fair_France_08-2021_compressed.pdf Page 12 Page 70 + 71 Page 72 Page 73 edit: English version by Mika on Instagram: August 4, 2020 I am at Villa Aurelia in Rome, which hosts events organized by the American Academy. Everyone has been there, from Getty to Hemingway. In a dressing room, I am being filmed for an interview and suddenly I see my phone lighting up. Many messages, photos and videos pop up like an avalanche. At first, I can’t believe it. I think it’s a new app simulating an explosion in the port of Beirut - we are so used to images being manipulated - but it’s real. All of a sudden, while I am in a temple of glamour, childhood traumas related to war, to the impermanence of comfort and stability of everyday life, resound in me. I understand then that we are shaped by our childhood perceptions. My reaction is very intense, very mute: an incredible sadness, more than fear, crashes over me. The injustice of these images is hitting me hard: why this explosion, in this city which is already suffering, politically, economically and socially, and where the youth is being sacrificed? I instinctively know that it is not from neighboring countries or a bomb. I guess that this drama is linked to what is eating away at Lebanon: corruption. Lebanon is where I was born. I have never lived there, but it has always been a part of my life, as it is for many in the Lebanese diaspora. A few weeks ago, there was even a knock on my door in Montreal. It was a Lebanese lawyer who came to drop off bags of food cooked by his mother! My origins are plural. My father is American. The son of a diplomat from Savannah, Georgia, who worked for the US government, he was born in Jerusalem and grew up all over the place, including in Beirut. My maternal grandfather came from a large family in Damascus. After fighting in the Arab Revolt in the early 20th century, he arrived disgusted on Ellis Island in 1919. He started his life over in New York, first as a delivery man of fabric, then he moved up the ladder and set up factories in China. The day came when his sister decided to marry him off at all costs. He went to Lebanon where she had chosen a woman for him from a good family. During the cocktail party organized for their engagement, he saw a family swimming on the beach. He fell in love with one of the girls, canceled his wedding and asked for her hand in marriage. My grandmother was 16. He was 60. She left Beirut for the United States, speaking only Arabic and a little bit of French. On the other side of the Atlantic, she soon gave birth to my mother and four little sisters who grew up between an uprooted woman and a man who never forgot that he was Syrian. Everyone spoke Arabic and cooked Arab food. My own childhood was shaped by the specter of war, including the one in Kuwait, where my father was held hostage and returned a different man. My mother, who recently passed away, passed on to me the warmth of communicating, the art of responding with emotional urgency. It is a temperament and a temperature! This may have surprised some journalists who have interviewed me over the years... I grew up with very strong Middle Eastern figures - the absolute icon, Oum Kalthoum; the Rahbani brothers. Fairuz, who built a bridge between the West and the Arab world... My guilty pleasure is Nancy Ajram, and I love the rock band Mashrou’Leila. I like Gibran, Mahmoud Darwich, Amin Maalouf, whom I read a lot of when I was younger. Leo Africanus. What also connects me to my native land are the 6,000-year-old olive trees that line the roads of Lebanon. These representatives of the resistance should be revered as gods and goddesses. On August 4, 2016, I gave my last concert in Lebanon, in Baalbek. It was fantastic, the audience threw pillows everywhere! Two years before, we had had to stop playing there three times. The first time was for the prayer that was broadcast very loudly. The second time was because they had thrown so many cushions that the stage was covered in them. They were even confiscated but it was impossible to start playing again. So, I put on some music, probably some remixed Fairuz songs, and went back to my dressing room. Among my fondest memories of live performances, there is also Martyrs’ Square, in 2009, after the defeat of Hezbollah. There was a huge crowd. Young girls in veils and others in bras. If I wrote this column in Le Monde [“Lebanon, my country, is dying, and its children are held hostage”, published in May 2021], it is because after the visual shock of the August 2020 explosion and the excitement of my charity concert [I Love Beirut, in September 2020], the following months saw the situation in Lebanon worsen without the international community really caring. Yes. The explosion was like an electrical shock. This disaster vibrated far and wide. However, in a world as immediate as ours, the attention span is quite short. We consume the image or information like a product with a very short expiry date. As artists, we are not necessarily entitled to express a political point of view, but that should not prevent us from expressing our emotions beyond the 280-character limit on Twitter. Sometimes I feel stupid for using only words, but they are still a valuable form of expression. Without getting into political rhetoric, which is not my field as I consider myself a simple observer of my country, from afar, it is corruption that has eaten away at Lebanon. Some talk about the coexistence of religions. Except that it has always existed. Beirut has long been home to synagogues, mosques, Melchite, Maronite and Catholic churches, and together, they used to form true cultural wealth. In recent years, the eco-political crisis has set in, social tension has increased and parties have sought to exploit this vulnerability, to break the bond that unites us. It is not for nothing that Hezbollah has opened shops where, to buy products imported from Iraq and Iran at reasonable prices, one must join the party. Locally, my friends are trying to rebuild neighborhoods. Lebanese architect Hala Wardé wants to give new life to places where heritage has been destroyed. But how can reconstruction be managed and the necessary funds found when banks are no longer operating? Wages are divided by five, the price of toothpaste is soaring, as is the price of bread, coffee, milk or a taxi ride! There, a young person who has studied like crazy to graduate has to leave if he wants to do something with his knowledge. Is Lebanon doomed to the flight of its talents? In this tiny country, a fertile valley wedged between Israel and Syria, gateway to Europe, the crucial issue of our future is at stake: how to live together. As our resources dwindle, we are increasingly divided. Nothing about our current attitude favors a collective existence. This is what Hashim Sarkis, the curator of this year’s Venice Biennale, is asking with “How will we live together?” I was overwhelmed by the Lebanese Pavilion designed by Hala Wardé on which my brother Fortuné also worked. A Roof for Silence. Sixteen Lebanese olive trees that are a thousand years old are presented, filmed by Alain Fleischer, accompanied by a musical creation by the sound artists Soundwalk Collective. Around these trees that have seen it all, there are also the poetic paintings of Etel Adnan, Paul Virilio’s “Antiforms”... The Lebanese have certainly always shown great pride and resilience. But in the face of so much anger, frustration and waste, this pride and resilience are eroding. The key is undoubtedly with the youth, who want to reinvent their society. We need to give them tools, to invest in those minds that are thinking about the plurality of their country in thirty years. A year after the explosion, I feel a lot of frustration, a painful latency. Yes. I’m not angry, I’m frustrated with the rampant corruption. I can’t resign myself to accept the “there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s just the way it is”. One of the problems in Lebanon today is that religions have started to engage in politics. The religions no longer leave room for spirituality. Like a miniature planet, before in Lebanon, all communities used to live together in a joyful hullabaloo. Lebanon was an example of living together and of inter-religious dialogue. But now, people’s beliefs are too often misused to build walls instead of breaking them down. Believing should bring us together. Believing is aspiring to universality. All generations need spirituality, whatever it is, in order to consider life and death. If I close my eyes, I can see myself on this tiny beach in Sour, near Tyre. We are eating small barracudas fried in olive oil with lemon and salt. They taste very good. There is a lighthouse, and some of my mother’s family have turned the house next to it into a guest house. Behind, there is a huge Roman site and, further away, the Israeli border where teenagers are encouraged to throw stones at night. In the basement of this house, which is often flooded when the sea is high, there are Phoenician ruins covered in sand. There is no peace, but there is a lot of beauty. How can the two co-exist? ” Vanity Fair France, August 2021 French transcript:
  4. Here comes 2020 !! 2020 would be a great year for Mexican Mika Fans !! Mika In Mexico Press -2019 Mika In Mexico Press -2016 / 2017 / 2018
  5. Hi, I'm new to the mfc (ignore the cringe nickname) so I don't know very well how It works but I'll try my best. I read the guidelines and I hope this is the right place to discuss about it. Well, I know there is a Life in cartoon Motion promo CD around that in Its 11 tracks also contains a song called Gave it all Away. I was wondering if any of you happens to own a copy of this CD and if so, you would be willing to share some infos/pics of It since I don't really know much about it and I can't find any copy online, but knowing what It's like would make It easier for me to find It somewhere else. Thank you very much for your attention💙
  6. Mika in US press 2019 Mika in US Press 2017 / 2018 Mika in US press 2016 Mika in US Press 2015 Mika in US & Canadian Press - 2013/2014 2020 will be a great year !!
  7. Here is a thread for Canadian Press in 2021 !! previous threads are Mika in Canadian Press 2020 Mika in Canadian Press 2019 Mika in Canadian Press 2017 Mika in Canadian Press - 2016 Mika in Canadian Press - 2015 Mika in US & Canadian Press - 2013/2014
  8. It seems Mika will be on the Italian version of "The secret song", the one he has already been in in France last year - I don't know if this website is reliable, but they quote La Repubblica as a source, and that is a serious newspaper (I can't find it on their site tho): https://www.tutto.tv/2021/02/18/la-canzone-segreta-programma-ospiti/ ... they write: Tra questi, spunta intanto anche il nome di Mika. Così come rivelato dalle pagine di “Repubblica”, il cantante di trentotto anni, di recente in uscita con il nuovo live album, sarà protagonista di una delle puntate realizzate qui in Italia con la co – produzione di Blu Yazmine. Among these, the name of Mika also appears. As revealed by the pages of "Repubblica", the thirty-eight year old singer, recently released with his new live album, will be the protagonist of one of the episodes made here in Italy with the co - production of Blu Yazmine. Ha, maybe we shouldn't trust them, they got his age wrong! Can anyone find a reliable source for it?
  9. At last I can create this thread! Nothing new but today I found a short video on a Polish website Interia - Interia TV. A Polish journalist talks about Relax and it's similarity to a Cutting Crew song from 1986 "I just died in your arms". I am not able to download the file. The text under the video: Everyone knows this voice, but only a few noticed the inspiration from the song "I just died in your arms". Mika and the story of the exceptionally chillout "Relax" in the new episode of Hits from Satellite. "Mika became a star all of sudden. The first version of the song had a little conservative arrangement. ""I wanted to create a song to dance - in a classical meaning - sais Mika - It was supposed to be a song recorded by real musicians with a funk bass line. I manged to invite musicians who were working with Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson"". The audience heard the final result of the work in June 2006. There is a saying which is true very often : The audience likes the songs which they already knows. There are many examples for it. It concerns as well the song Relax. When you listen very carefully to the refrain it can remind you something. (we can hear a beginning of the song "I Just Died in Your Arms") Mika borrowed a melody from a British band Cutting Crew song recorded 20 years before. "I Just Died in Your Arms" was a huge hit all over the world with The Billboard on the top. So no wonder that Mika's song reminded a lot of good memories in the audience. He could be sure for the future. And it was very fruitful. Internauts started to download the song like crazy. It invited the record company to make a second release of the song. The first one was limited only to a few European countries. The second one was global - even in some exotic countries like Venezuela, Slovakia or Poland. In USA Mika could only dream about dancing charts where he ended up on the 14th place. Mika started his career in a very good way. After Relax there was other songs (we can hear Grace Kelly, Love Today, We Are Golden) and then the first album. From today's perspective it's hard to talk about a huge career because Mika's scores started to drop down. And it is still too early to talk about Relax as a "classic". https://m.interia.pl/interia-tv/video,vId,3064469
  10. New year, new thread! 🎉 Let's gather here Italian news & press 🇮🇹 Italian Press 2019
  11. TV / RADIO VIDEO / AUDIO 2015.02.02 @ Cannes Radio #101 2015.02.02 Acces Illimité http://goo.gl/CGh5UX 2015.02.21 50inside L'actu ( in Canada : OSM ) #147 2015.04.02 C à Vous #178 2015.04.04 Sortez du cadre #184 2015.04.15 tendanceQUEST #232 2015.04.16 Stéphane Larue.com #227 2015.04.20 Stéphane Larue.com #239 2015.04.20 Le Grand Morning sur RTL2 http://goo.gl/lA8zTb YT (subtitles) http://goo.gl/iEG06J 2015.04.22 RadioSCOOP #292 2015.04.22 Mika @ Aufeminin - Questions & Answers http://goo.gl/MTqkUG 2015.04.22 Top 50 MFC thread http://goo.gl/yATG2C 2015.04.24 VOLTAGE radio interview #266 + #267 2015.04.24 MIKA en Interview V.I.P RFM ! http://goo.gl/y1O0MT 2015.04.24 Le Grand Journal http://goo.gl/NcKnGP 2015.04.25 Invité mystère Mika RTL http://goo.gl/xwxN90 2015.04.25 50 mn inside /topic 2015.04.25 RadioSCOOP http://goo.gl/dGV3qX 2015.04.27 CANAL+ La boite à questions http://goo.gl/QHmOjS 2015.04.29 Marminton http://goo.gl/4HcB3R 2015.05.20 Joyeux anniversaire à TÊTU http://goo.gl/kiojFt 2015.06.06 50min INSIDE 48 h au Japon avec Mika http://goo.gl/yDMwp2 2015.06.07 Le LAB Virgin Radio http://goo.gl/nJmv0y 2015.06.08 Radio Contact.be http://goo.gl/7jWUZa 2015.06.09 Promo marathon in Paris http://goo.gl/dDAT7v 2015.06.11 Chérie FM http://goo.gl/YLa8qq 2015.06.12 RTL France http://goo.gl/hd1zG6 2015.06.13 Francos Gourmands http://goo.gl/F8bLBx+ http://goo.gl/CV8bbD + #431 2015.06.14 M6 Le1945 http://goo.gl/FUt8aO and 4103980 2015.06.14 JT weekend http://goo.gl/XgRl57 2015.06.15 Vivacité interview #543 2015.06.16 Le Divan de Marc-Olivier Fogiel http://goo.gl/tvrfmJ 2015.06.17 RTL2 Très Très Privé http://goo.gl/ztR5FE 2015.06.17 Le Grand Journal http://goo.gl/ts3zfE 2015.06.19 F2 JT 13h #443 2015.06.19 C à vous - France5 http://goo.gl/5RgUdw 2015.06.20 La chanson de l'année http://goo.gl/xGjuAa 2015.06.21 Du Côté De Chez Dave http://goo.gl/sGGfZF 2015.06.26 OFF tv #457 2015.06.27 On n'est pas couche - France2 http://goo.gl/7d3Ukb 2015.07.30 Radio Fribourg #671 2015.07.31 Le journal de 13h - TF1 #522 2015.07.31 OFF TV interview at FNAC LIVE #524 2015.08.05 RTL interview #538 2015.08.29 France Inter LA VIE EST UN JE #613 2015.08.30 TF1 : Sept à huit #616 2015.08.31 VIRGIN RADIO VENDÉE#712 2015.09.07 TF1 : Là où je t'emmènerai #630 2015.09.13 TF2 : Vivement Dimanche http://goo.gl/jXJrym 2015.09.14 pre-nominated to NRJ awards http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32146-nrj-music-awards-november-2015/ 2015.09.17 Virgin Radio #WorldTourDeFrance at Rennes #669 2015.09.23 Radio Contact #681 2015.09.24 La santé surtout! #104 2015.10.01 Radio Scoop #699 2015.10.06 Les invités France Bleu Sud Lorraine #710 2015.11.07 TF1 2015 en musique #717 2015.11.27 TF1 JT 20h "Le prophète"#66 2015.11.28 Le Grand Show MIKA at Le Grand Show 26 October + 28 November 2015 2015.11.29 FRANCE 2 : JT13h #68 2015.11.29 France 3 : Soir/3#75 2015.12.01 France5 : C à vous http://goo.gl/u9yPM7 2015.12.02 D8 : Le Grand 8 #1 2015.12.02 Le Figaro #82 2015.12.03 Télé-Loisirs #86 2015.12.03 Le Figaro #82 2015.12.04 Paris Match #85 2015.12.05 TF1 50min Inside #87 2015.12.05 Téléthon Mika on Telethon night show Dec 5th 2015 2015.12.08 50mn Inside #91 2015.12.09 Magicmaman #93 2015.12.09 aufeminin.com #95 2015.12.10 France5 Entrée libre #721 2015.12.14 Touche Pas A Mon Poste - D8 http://goo.gl/LMeMt7 2015.12.20 RFM : Un Dimanche avec MIKA #725 2015.12.21 C à vous, la suite http://goo.gl/U7pY4O 2015.12.24 TF1 : Bonnes fêtes de la part des coachs de The Voice ! #743 2015.12.25 Facebook : 2015.12.31 TF1 : The Voice teaser clip #138 Articles / Magazines / Papers L'Essentiel http://goo.gl/bKmuXW Télépro http://goo.gl/FSbnE5 http://goo.gl/iOHdfj Tèlè Cable Sat http://goo.gl/tV6Dwi Télé Star http://goo.gl/QK1w1s Télé DH http://goo.gl/V4mgZ4 Le parisien http://goo.gl/MZsuTY Le Parisien http://goo.gl/tasJUZ Télé 7 Jours http://goo.gl/sjNqcTtranslation http://goo.gl/4w6JPE Télé Loisirs (n°1520) http://goo.gl/zqR47u TéléOBS http://goo.gl/Bkj9tk translation 1) http://goo.gl/ICGPUz 2) http://goo.gl/lDCLjc Elle Québec June http://goo.gl/JrfLhI NEON #31 http://goo.gl/sWvHna PSYCHOLOGIES no 352 Juin http://goo.gl/8aNEPM Fémina Juin http://goo.gl/SWh1Qw Metro News http://goo.gl/xt0lTm La Presse ( Québec ) http://goo.gl/YDbYru L’Est Républicain http://goo.gl/cKvDLv Stylist 098 25.6.2015 http://goo.gl/S97NPZ RTL2 http://goo.gl/9mWmPu + http://goo.gl/Qq9o5e Le Bien Public #472 / 746 METRO Montréal 02.7.2015 http://goo.gl/UblLJU TÊTU summer issue http://goo.gl/ivaPrB LA PRESSE+ 04.7.2015 #472 Le Matin 26.07.2015 #527 Le Matin 01.08.2015 #531 DH.be 06.08.2015 #537 Paris Match #559#601 Telépro 13.08.2015 #569 translation #572 Questions de Femmes 208 – Août-Septembre 2015 #591 Nous Deux September 8 to 14, 2015 #632 L'Est Nancy Ville 11/09/2015 #656 Normandie-actu 23/09/2015 #677 France Dimanche 3604 25 Septembre au 1er Octobre #678 L'essentiel Luxembourg 24 septembre 2015#680 Le Figaro 06/10/2015#48 le Populaire 06/10/15#708 Quest France 14/10/2015 #711 I Love English 10/ 2015 herecomment=4103980 Gala NonStopPeople PurePeople 13/11/ 2015 #720 Le Journal Des Femmes 27/11/15 #120 Le Figaro 30/11/2015 #80 Metro News 02/12/2015 #81 TÊTU 30/12/2015 #747 =================================================== L'Essentiel epaper 2015/01/09
  12. Mika en concert à l’Opéra royal de Versailles : «Il ne faut surtout pas oublier 2020…» - Le Parisien Is there somebody here who is able to read this article ? Don't know if the info is true but the person who shared the link on twitter says that his mother has recently passed away Emmanuel Marolle sur Twitter : "La disparition récente de sa mère, ses premiers cours de classique, sa tournée annulée, son concert magique à l’Opéra de Versailles diffusé vendredi sur @France5tv. Les confidences de #Mika. Interview émotion de @ConradssonP https://t.co/SitokjIokr via @le_Parisien @mikasounds" / Twitter
  13. Starting a thread of Canadian Press 2019 !! Mika in Canadian Press 2017 Mika in Canadian Press - 2016 Mika in Canadian Press - 2015 Mika in US & Canadian Press - 2013/2014 10 July 24Heures_Montreal 10 July Journal de Montreal 23 July Fuguas
  14. New Year ! New Decade ! Here comes 2020 ! Previous Threads MIKA in French Press - 2019 MIKA in French-press - 2018 MIKA in French Press - 2017 MIKA in French Press - 2016 MIKA in French Press - 2015 MIKA in French Press - 2014 Mika in french press - 2009 / 2010 January
  15. A New Decade Begins – Hello, 2020 !! Mika in Canadian Press 2019 Mika in Canadian Press 2017 Mika in Canadian Press - 2016 Mika in Canadian Press - 2015 Mika in US & Canadian Press - 2013/2014 January Mika as a guest ICI Télé «En direct de l'univers» 18 Jan 2020
  16. Here comes Brazilian Press thread !!
  17. https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/cultura/2020/02/09/mika-actuara-tercera-vez-galicia-30-julio-coruna/0003_202002G9P40993.htm CULTURA Mika actuará por tercera vez en Galicia: el 30 de julio en A Coruña El artista libanés acaba de sacar «Live At Brooklyn Steel», un disco en vivo que recoge todos sus éxitos Estuvo en Vigo en el 2010 dentro de los conciertos del Xacobeo, con una celebrada actuación en Castrelos. También en el Noroeste Pop Rock de A Coruña del 2012, reuniendo a más de 25.000 personas en la playa de Riazor. Y este año vendrá por tercera vez a Galicia. Será otra vez en A Coruña el próximo 30 de julio en el Coliseo. Las entradas se podrán a la venta en los próximos días. Mika ascendió a la cima del pop en la década pasada con la publicación de Life in Cartoon Motion (2007). Ese trabajo incluía una canción, Grace Kelly, que se convirtió en omnipresente. De pronto, ese pop colorista e increíblemente pegadizo, conquistó los oídos del público general. Las comparaciones con Queen no tardaron en llegar, asumidas plenamente por el artista. De hecho, en la letra de la canción cantaba cosas como «so I tried a little Freddie» (intenté ser un pequeño Freddie), apelando a Freddie Mercury. Tras ese single vinieron otros como Lollipop o Relax, Take It Easy que ampliaron su pegada y lo convirtieron en uno de los artistas más reclamadas del final de la década. Después de ese debut vinieron discos como The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009), The Origin of Love (2012) y No Place In Heaven (2015). No consiguió igualar el impacto primigenio, pero en todos ellos siguió explotando su música repleta de buenas vibraciones y estribillos tarareables. El año pasado editaba My Name Is Michael Holbrook (2019) y este año lo ha empezado con el lanzamiento de Live At Brooklyn Steel, que recoge uno de sus directos. Con estos precedentes queda claro que su recital gallego será un grandes éxitos.
  18. Mika In Mexico Press -2016 / 2017 / 2018 /2019 Here is a thread for all the press in Mexico !!! Feel free to post away anything about Mexico you find.
  19. https://www.perfil.com/noticias/lollapalooza/lollapalooza-argentina-anuncia-nuevos-sideshows-df-entertainment.phtml LOLLAPALOOZA / EN BUENOS AIRES Y ROSARIO Comenzó la cuenta regresiva para el festival más esperado del año y, a pedido de miles de fanáticos, Lollapalooza Argentina confirma cuatro nuevos sideshows: Yungblud, The Hu, Mika y Rex Orange County. Mika llega a la Argentina con un nuevo single y anticipo de su quinto trabajo de estudio, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, que se lanzó en octubre del año pasado. FOTO: DF ENTERTAINMENT Luego de confirmarse los sideshows de Rita Ora (miércoles 25 de marzo en el Teatro Vorterix), LP (jueves 26 de marzo en la Plaza de la Música, Córdoba), Nathy Peluso (jueves 26 de marzo en el C Complejo Art Media de Buenos Aires) y LAUV (lunes 30 de marzo en el Teatro Vorterix), Lollapalooza Argentina anuncia cuatro nuevos sideshows de Yungblud, The Hu, Mika y Rex Orange County presentados por Flow Music XP, una nueva experiencia en música. (Fuente www.perfil.com). El periodismo profesional es costoso y por eso debemos defender nuestra propiedad intelectual. Robar nuestro contenido es un delito, para compartir nuestras notas por favor utilizar los botones de "share" o directamente comparta la URL. Por cualquier duda por favor escribir a perfilcom@perfil.com Mika será protagonista del primer sideshow de Lollapalooza Argentina en la ciudad de Rosario, que tendrá lugar el martes 31 de marzo en el Metropolitano. El cantante y compositor de origen líbano-británico, llega a la Argentina con un nuevo single y anticipo de su quinto trabajo de estudio, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, que se lanzó en octubre del año pasado. Su debut el 2007 fue nada menos que con “Grace Kelly”, sencillo que vendió más de 3 millones de copias en todo el mundo. Hasta hoy, MIKA ha emitido más de 10 millones de discos, con premios de oro y platino en 32 países. Un referente en el pop europeo, que se valida con premios como Los Grammy y los MTV. (Fuente www.perfil.com). El periodismo profesional es costoso y por eso debemos defender nuestra propiedad intelectual. Robar nuestro contenido es un delito, para compartir nuestras notas por favor utilizar los botones de "share" o directamente comparta la URL. Por cualquier duda por favor escribir a perfilcom@perfil.com
  20. Here comes the Netherlands Press Thread !!
  21. Here we go ! MIKA in French-press - 2018 MIKA in French Press - 2017 MIKA in French Press - 2016 MIKA in French Press - 2015 MIKA in French Press - 2014  Interview Video / Radio / TV show The Voice [The Voice] season-8 February Gala ( The Voice Press Conference ) here RTL ( The Voice Press Conference ) here Télé Loisirs ( The Voice Press Conference ) here April “Les 20 chanteurs préférés des français” on 2 April, 2019 May France 3 June Golden Pop here RTL2 : Pop Rock Story here TF1 Quotidien : TF1 on 25 June 2019 PURE session Facebook live mini concert plus interview 26/06/2019 RADIO [ NRJ Belgique ] on 28 June 2019 Paper / Magazine / Web etc January Gala here February Le Monde here Le Parisien ( about The Voice ) here Ici Paris ( reprinted from the article by Le Monde ) here Le Point ( reprinted from the article by Le Monde ) here June 20 minutes -lausanne here August Madame Figaro here
  22. Maybe this will be the only mention of Mika in Spanish Press this year but I thought I had to open a thread for 2018 http://www.lavanguardia.com/cultura/20180607/443983129387/donde-esta-mika-grace-kelly.html ¿Dónde está Mika, el joven libanés que intentaba ser como Grace Kelly? Hace cerca de tres años que nada se sabe del artista en España. Sin embargo, está considerado casi un ‘ídolo nacional’ en Francia e Italia LARA GOMEZ RUIZ 07/06/2018 00:05 | Actualizado a 07/06/2018 10:28 Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. podría ser el nombre idóneo para el personaje de una novela. Sin embargo, corresponde al verdadero nombre de Mika, el cantante de origen libanés que cautivó al público con el tema Grace Kelly en 2007. Han pasado 11 años desde ese gran hit que le llevó hasta los puestos más altos de los rankings mundiales. Un éxito que muchos pensaron que le acompañaría de por vida. No obstante, hace un tiempo que poco se sabe de él, al menos en España. ¿Qué ha sido de Mika? En 2015 salió el que es, por el momento, su último trabajo: No Place in Heaven. El álbum marcó el regreso de Mika a los escenarios, sin embargo no logró cuajar lo que quería. Sus canciones más alegres y alocadas dieron paso a temas más elaborados y maduros. Pese a esta notable bajada en las ventas, el artista no ha perdido popularidad en otros países europeos, pues ha sido uno de los coach del programa The Voice en Francia y juez en la versión italiana de Factor X. Por el momento, el libanés está más centrado en su faceta de experto que en la de cantante. No obstante, siempre se ha mostrado abierto a producir nuevos temas en un futuro, algo que sus fans le piden a menudo a través de las redes sociales. Mientras, sus seguidores se tienen que conformar con saber de sus peripecias a través de su Instagram y Twitter, pues es un usuario de lo más activo. Pero vayamos al principio. ¿Cómo empezó todo y como se colaron las canciones de este desconocido en las radios de todo el mundo? Desde pequeño, Mika tenía claro que quería hacerse un nombre en el mundo del espectáculo. Por ello, fue componiendo temas y probando suerte en diferentes discográficas del Reino Unido, lugar en el que residía. Ninguna le devolvió nunca sus llamadas, exceptuando un productor que alegó que tenía buena voz, pero que insistió en que cambiara de estilo ya que, a su parecer, su música no era nada comercial y no podría llegar lejos. Harto de rechazos, pero lejos de frustrase, Mika decidió componer una canción en la que explicara su situación. Su propósito era el de burlarse de los músicos que intentan reinventarse a sí mismos para ser más populares. Nació así Grace Kelly. Si analizamos la letra, el artista dice que trató de ser como la famosa actriz, pero esto no acabó de convencer, y que entonces intentó parecerse a Freddie Mercury (“So I tried a little Freddie”, dice la canción), pues la crítica siempre ha comparado sus voces. Tras comprobar el poco caso que le hicieron las firmas de discos, el cantante decidió utilizar Internet como medio para dar a conocer su canción debut más emblemática. En poco tiempo, el tema fue número uno en las listas británicas, a pesar de que sólo estaba disponible a través de la descarga. Dicho logro acabó haciéndole merecedor de crear, ahora sí, su primer disco: Life in Cartoon Motion. Míticas también fueron los hits Lollipop, Love Today, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), We are Golden y Relax, take it easy, que llenaron de gloria al joven que hasta entonces sólo había recibido un ‘no’ como respuesta. Su incipiente fama le llevó a llenar estadios de diferentes partes de Europa, Sudamérica, Estados Unidos y Asia. Algo que no muchos logran en su debut musical. Luego llegó su segundo álbum, The boy who knew too much, con el tema Rain como máximo reclamo en las radios y que acabó de consolidar a Mika como uno de los más importantes artistas de principios de siglo. Pocos años después aterrizó su tercer disco, The Origin of Love. Sus ventas no fueron comparables con las de sus dos primeros trabajos, sin embargo, abarcó a público más diverso gracias a sus colaboraciones con Pharrell Williams, en Celebrate, y con Ariana Grande, en Popular Song . El videoclip de ésta última es, por el momento, el vídeo más visto del cantante en YouTube. Y, como se ha mencionado al principio de este artículo, luego llegó su cuarto trabajo, No place in Heaven, que le hizo bajar de aquel clímax que le acompañó en sus principios. No por ello, se devaluó su música, que continúa siendo un referente para muchos a día de hoy. Prueba de ello son sus colaboraciones como experto en diferentes programas de televisión. Pero si algo es y ha sido realmente importante para Mika, más allá de que sus CDs vendieran o no, es el transmitir libertad y felicidad en sus canciones. En eso, no se le puede negar que ha logrado la meta que se propuso. Un optimismo que sorprendía a muchos, especialmente después de que él mismo hiciera público que dejó de tener relación con gran parte de su familia porque no aceptaban su homosexualidad y la consideraban una ofensa. Cuando en 2012 hizo pública su condición sexual a través de una entrevista en la revista Instinct, muy pocos se sorprendieron, pues algunos de sus temas, como el propio Grace Kelly o Lollipop, ya fueron tachados de ambiguos en su día. De su vida personal, no obstante, siempre se ha negado a hablar. “Lo único importante es el trabajo bien hecho”, dijo en su momento. Y en esas sigue.
  23. In 2019, Mika works busy for "My Name Is Michael Holbrook" promotions. Here is a thread for Belgian press information ! June Chérie FM [ Le Réveil Chérie ] on 3 June 2019 RADIO [ NRJ Belgique ] on 28 June 2019 RADIO [ VivaCité - RTB Quoi de neuf? ] 28 June 2019 Nostalgie Belgique on 28 June 2019 July Radio Contact INTERVIEW on 5 July 2019 RTBF "Les Petits Papiers" 7 July 2019 September Cheri FM on 6 September 2019
  24. It's time to start a new thread, since the album is coming out SOON !!! Mika in US & Canadian Press - 2013/2014 Mika in US Press 2015 Mika in US press 2016 Mika in US Press 2017 / 2018 2019 !! 2019.02.16 Saturday Night Live 4147083 2019.02.17 CELEBHOOD 4147106 / Yahoo mikas-lollipop 2019.02.21 Billboard 4147317 2019.03.12 ATWOOD MAGAZINE 4148289 2019.05.21 Billboard 4153392
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