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Found 7 results

  1. MFC upgraded its software on March 20, 2017. It was a big update, so you may have questions about how to use the new functions, or maybe you've found some bugs that need to be fixed. Is your avatar missing? Can't reach your PM box? Maybe you know someone who is having problems logging in? Use this thread for any technical OMG-MFC-is-broken type requests. We'll do our best to answer questions and help however we can!
  2. dcdeb


    Although we have the fabulous and exhaustive Mika Encyclopedia, courtesy of kreacher, we have had a number of requests for a shorter, quick FAQ on Mika... so we thought we'd give a try. If you have any suggestions for changes/additions, please let us know. We don't really want to make it any longer, but if we're missing something that you think is really frequently asked, please say so! MIKA FAQ What’s Mika’s real name? Mika's full legal name is Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. He was named after his father, but was called Mica because his mother wasn’t keen on the w
  3. Hey there? I'm looking for fans who could take a few minutes to answer my questionnaire which I conducted as part of my VWA which is part of the Austrian Matura. If you see this, please try to answer it, and send it to me via email (agnes.ludwig@gmx.at) or any other communication services. It means a lot to me. Also, if you happen to know other fans, please let them know, if it's not too much to ask... I'm counting on you : D love, A. mika questionnaire.docx
  4. Hi guys... I'm Jelena, I'm from Serbia as you can see and I'm 17. I'm a big Mika fan and I know all his songs by heart and I can't wait for July and Exit to finally go and see him perform live. Also, I'm a vampire fan. I love to read, listen to music, hang with my friends, write etc. xD If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
  5. Well, I'm Spanish and I want to know what people from other countries knows or thinks 'bout my country, Spain. (This is for a school project so please help me ) 1. Do you know any Spanish person? 2. Have you ever been in Spain? 3. What do you think about Spanish people? 4. Wich topics do you know about Spain? Thank you, if you comment you're making me a enormous favour
  6. I'm going to my first Mika concert in a couple of months and I absolutely LOVE his music. It's at the Hollywood Palladium and it can hold up too 4,000 standing people. so... I was just wondering How early should I arrive? Does Mika greet his fans before? afterwards? is there other stuff I should know? thanks!
  7. Hi I'm Amy... first got into Mika at hearing grace kelly... loved it... Not seen him live yet... I did win tickets for the T mobil gig but couldn't get there because of cancelled trains... there had been a lot of rain at the time I belive... The one time I wasn't too ill to go... Hopefully this year I love we are golden & Blue eyes... cant wait for the album. When I get paid in a week I'm pre ordering a signed copy Obviously mika is a passion. Other passions are Pink, Placebo & the Lion King SOOO Bombard me with questions...
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