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Found 3 results

  1. Hello dear forum! I'm gonna prepare a demonstration for 8th March International Woman's Day in school. I'm the manager of demonstration, anyway I want to put some Mika things in the show but I don't know what to put. Do you guys any lyric or quotes of Mika about this or something else??? It would be so great. Also which song I can open for background?
  2. This is more like a help call more than anything, and let me tell you, I need whatever piece of interview you distinguished MFCers have of Mika, especially is he comments on his world view, or his lyrics. I have found out about him tho years ago and I'm in dire need of processed data on him commenting on his art. The essay is on his expression of the conflict between imdividual freedom and social expectations/traditions- so lyrics provide me for the larger part already but I know it won't be enough, thus I turn to the elders of this fandom for their archives. I need, and honestly I cannot express this enough, NEED the knowledge and catagorization you already have at hand. I have searched online for more than 24 hrs total with this essay on mind, but everytime I believe I have covered it all, I find new records and pieces scattered around here, and simply cannot calculate them all. Message me if you will, please. I could give you my email for the documents or whatever content you have. P.s.: English and pre-NPiH preferred, as much a complete display of artistry the album is too late on the timeline I can afford. You see I'll portray him as a British person and he has become more and more of an international figure for me to pull it off properly. Thanks in advance -enx
  3. Not quotes by famous people about MIKA, not quotes by MIKA, not quotes by YOU, but what people you know (or don't know) have said about MIKA. We've shared every other thing and I think this would be a totally interesting topic. When people say nice things about Mika in front of me for some reason I feel really happy. I even feel happy when people hear my Mika ringtone and say "Oh! That's Mika!" Anyway, I'm babbling. I'll start off with a few: "Mika is just very special. He has such a unique voice and even if you don't like his music and you're out in the shopping mall and hear a song by him you've never heard before, you think 'oh, that’s Mika,' and you just can't help but smile and roll your eyes a little." – my mum's friend "Mika! Oh yeah, he sings Grace Kelly. I heard it when my daughter had the music channel on TV. It's a piece of genius." -My maths teacher, upon seeing the collage of LICM artwork on my maths book "Awesome! I officially love that guy!" – my german friend when he heard MIKA start "stuck in the middle," on the LiveICM DVD with the german 1,2,3,4 "I think Mika deserves his own genre of music" – one of my friends "I cried when I heard I heard any other world. I don't know what it was written about but for some reason it brought up so many painful memories of my divorce." – my aunt "don't worry, she was just needing her mika fix." – my friend when I startled a whole lot of people by screaming when I heard love today on a camp with no cellphones/mp3 players etc allowed
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