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  1. Has this been posted yet? Feel free to close this thread if it has. POP singer Mika is grooming his dog for the superstar lifestyle - by teaching her to fly. The flamboyant star is training his dog for the tiring star routine of constant touring by putting her on planes, trains and automobiles. Mika admitted to The Razz that he gets lonely on tour and needs his trusty golden retriever by his side. He said: "I'm working on my third record and also trying to train my dog. "The idea is the dog is going to come on tour with me so basically a friend of mine is putting her on planes and driving her around to get her used to the travelling. "Isn't that the most ridiculous thing ever? It's such a funny picture but that way she won't freak out when she goes on tour. "The idea is to have her on tour everywhere. I think I need a dog and it will make things better on the road." Mika has been touring the globe non-stop for nearly 18 months and plays Edinburgh's HMV Picture House on Monday. He said: "I've done Asia twice, pretty much all of Europe, America almost twice and even got South America in. By November, I'll have done every continent in the world. It's been my biggest tour ever. "The second record didn't sell as quickly or as aggressively as the first but touring has doubled so it has given me energy to plough into the third record. "I'm not exhausted. If anything, I'm energised by it all. It has inspired me and shown me things you never imagine. "You show up in Morocco and play to 45,000 people, then you sit there and say, 'How do these people know my music and why are they here?' "It's a surreal quality. I played arenas in Asia and you walk in to a huge room in Korea and ask, 'How did this happen?' Mika currently has some of his family members accompanying him on the road and he admits he sometimes feels like part of a travelling circus. But the singer behind hits Grace Kelly and We Are Golden says he employs his family because no one else wanted to help him when he first started out. He explained: "We travel separately but we see each other at shows. We work together but don't all live together. We've just became a strange circus family. "When I was starting out, I couldn't find anyone. I didn't have any money and nobody wanted to work with me. I hadn't even signed at that point so my family said they'd help and it just worked, so we kept it that way." Mika also spoke fondly of his favourite female artist Lady Gaga, despite saying earlier this week that her music had caused other artists to have "a personality crisis". He said: "It's a good thing. Her music is so strong that it has changed everything and I think it's brilliant. You couldn't have a better compliment than that." Mika also revealed he invited Gaga to his home after hearing she was a fan. He said: "I first met her at my house. I invited her around. She had come to a few of my shows in New York before she'd started off her thing and I had heard that she had talked about me in the press. "I was flattered and honoured. We arranged to meet up and that's how it started. I don't think we're musical soulmates. She's totally her own thing." He added: "When she comes round to your house, you just kind of... I don't know what you do... nothing, nothing at all. It was natural conversation with her but I don't think we'd collaborate. "We are very different. " http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/showbiz/music-news/2010/08/20/pop-star-mika-i-m-sending-my-dog-on-test-flights-so-she-can-come-on-tour-with-me-86908-22500377/
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